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Chapter 2289: What do you say is impossible?

Xiao Haiming said, picking up his mobile phone, he was about to call the governor.

Zhang Ziqing hardened his scalp and risked completely offending Xiao Haiming. He stepped forward to accompany him carefully and persuaded: “Xiao Vice-Province, if you have something to say, and if you have something to discuss, why

bother to the general governor?” Xiao Haiming accepted. The benefits of Zhang Botang and Chris are still a little imaginary.

He stopped making the call at this time, glanced at Yash Nics deliberately, and then said to Zhang Ziqing: “Lao Zhang, you are also my subordinate. It’s not that I don’t give you face, but that he is too arrogant. ”

It’s useless to persuade me. You have to persuade him.”

“If he is willing to apologize to me and ask his subordinates to apologize to my bodyguard and pay for medical expenses, then I can give up reporting him.”

“Otherwise, it’s even a trouble When I go to the

Metropolitan Governor’s Mansion , even if we make trouble at the Metropolitan Governor’s, I will ask for justice!” Zhang Ziqing saw Xiao Haiming let go, he quickly turned to look at Yash Nics, and said weakly: “Marshal?”

Yash Nics sat in a chair Going up, his face was still calm and unhurried, with a smile that seemed like nothing on his face.

He smiled and said: “Lao Zhang, I understand your kindness.”

“But there is no room for dealing with this matter. I have made my attitude very clear to him just now.”

“Since he refuses to confess, Then let him continue to jump!”

Xiao Haiming said angrily: “Yash Nics, you asked for it yourself.”

After speaking, he directly dialed the phone number of the governor who was just about to arrive.

Zhang Ziqing shook his head when he saw this, feeling that he had tried his best.

Xiao Haiming dialed the phone number of the chief governor, and soon there was a beep — beep — from the phone, but no one answered the phone.

He frowned and muttered: “Hey, why is there no one to answer the phone, is it possible that the chief governor is busy?” The

corners of Yash Nics’s mouth rose slightly, and the corners of his mouth smile thicker.

No one noticed that Yash Nics placed a mute phone on the desktop, and the phone screen was silently prompting that there was an incoming phone call.

Xiao Haiming noticed Yash Nics’s smile, he was even more furious, and said angrily: “Don’t think that if the governor does not answer the phone, you will be proud. I continue to call. When the governor answers the phone, you are unlucky.

Let’s start!” After he finished speaking, he immediately called the Metropolitan Governor for the second time.

Still no one answered.

“The phone number is not wrong. Why is there no one to answer the phone? This is impossible!” After

Xiao Haiming confirmed that the phone number was correct, he muttered and dialed the phone number of the governor for the third time.

This time, Yash Nics finally couldn’t stand it anymore.

He calmly pressed the phone on the desktop and unmute the phone.

Xiao Haiming was anxiously calling the general governor, but the general governor still did not answer the phone.

When he was impatient, a cell phone rang at the scene.

He said annoyed: “Whose phone immediately turned the hand off. Didn’t you see that I was calling the general governor?”

Yash Nics smiled and

said : “Okay!” Yash Nics said, picking up the phone in front of Xiao Haiming. Turn off the phone.

That’s weird!

Yash Nics’s cell phone was just turned off, and Xiao Haiming’s cell phone also sent a prompt: “Hello, the phone you dialed is turned off…”


Xiao Haiming shuddered like an electric shock. He looked at Yash Nics and Yash Nics’s mobile phone in surprise.

In the bottom of his heart, a bad feeling arose inexplicably.

It stands to reason that there is no such a coincidence?


impossible , Yash Nics is… Xiao Haiming thought of this, and quickly stopped thinking, did not dare to think about it, shook his head repeatedly, and muttered to himself: “Impossible, absolutely impossible… …”

Zhang Ziqing, Lin Daorong and others at the scene also had weird faces and surprised expressions.

Yash Nics looked at Xiao Haiming with a panic face and asked with a smile: “What did you say is impossible?”

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