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Chapter 2292: Noah Group

across the Atlantic, rice country.

Headquarters of Noah Group.

Noah’s corporate headquarters is as big as a small town. Inside the corporate headquarters, buildings are like forests, restaurants and bars are readily available, and it is a small, lively private kingdom.

Among them, the headquarters building, the 88-story skyscraper, is the most eye-catching building of Noah’s headquarters.

At this time, the door to the headquarters slowly opened, and an extended Lincoln, with a few Rolls-Royce, drove into Noah’s headquarters from outside.

Lengthening the back seat of Lincoln, Chris and Zhang Botang were holding red wine, drinking and chatting while watching the scenery outside the car window.

Zhang Botang is well-informed, but when he saw the security guards wearing black suits and submachine guns outside the car window, he couldn’t help showing a shocked expression and exclaimed: “Your Noah headquarters is really magnificent, and the defense is strong. . ” ”

now look, even compared to the White House, not much better ah! ”

Chris smiled and said:.” we Noah headquarters, nicknamed little White House called ”

Zhangbo Tang said:” To be honest, I am still with you Noah’s chairman Mr. Li Peisi meets for the first time!”

“Chris, I don’t know what kind of person your boss Li Peisi is?”

Chris is the president of Noah, and he usually feels very domineering and powerful.

But at this time, when he mentioned his boss Li Peisi, he subconsciously showed awe and said deeply: “Mr. Zhang Botang, our boss’s personality is like the 3,000-meter deep Pacific Ocean, elusive.”

“He is a gentleman, yes. A nobleman, a businessman, a scholar, a king, and a butcher…”

“He can greet you with a cordial handshake, or he can cut your meat with a smile and use your blood to serve.”

“Those of us who work for him, we have to be cautious when we see him on weekdays.

If you feel a little dissatisfied with the twelve points, you may not see the sun tomorrow.” “So I have to remind Mr. Zhang Botang of you. Even if you are a world-renowned rich man, but when you meet our boss, you’d better always be polite and respect him. This is related to your life.”

Zhang Botang was a little surprised when he heard this, he even regretted I agreed to Li Peisi’s request and came here to meet and discuss cooperation.

At this time, the team has arrived in front of the Noah Building.

A security guard trot over to help open the car door.

Chris and Zhang Botang took their men and got out of the car.

A bald man wearing a housekeeper uniform said blankly: “President Chris, Mr. Zhang Botang, our boss has been waiting for you for a long time. Please take the VIP elevator to the rooftop to see him!” The


Zhang Botang was a little surprised, wondering how to meet guests on the rooftop?

With doubts, he took the elevator with Chris and others to the roof of the building.

It was only when I arrived at the rooftop that I discovered that the rooftop turned out to be a huge open-air entertainment venue.

There are swimming pools, gardens, and even a small golf course!

Li Peisi, the owner of the world’s largest pharmaceutical group, is now playing golf in a casual suit, a peaked cap, and a golf club.

Next to Li Peisi, stood a beautiful caddie wearing a bikini, and there were many burly bodyguards with sharp eyes around him.

Chris stepped forward and accompanied him carefully and said: “Boss, Mr. Zhang is here. He is here to talk to you about the cooperation between the two parties, how to eradicate Yash Nics, get the Ningda Company, and then become stronger in the cancer drug project. Big…”

Li Peisi raised a finger: “Shh!”

Chris shut up.

Only then did he and Zhang Botang discover that a few tens of meters away, there was a man kneeling on the ground, his mouth was still taped, and his eyes were struggling with horror.

Chris and Zhang Botang haven’t figured out what’s going on yet?

Lipace had already swung his club suddenly, and with a snap, the golf ball on the ground roared out like a cannonball.


The man who was tied up in the middle of the golf ball was instantly headshot, and red and white things splashed all over the floor.

Li Peisi was very satisfied with the result of this shot. He threw the golf club to the girl in bikini next to him. Then, with a sunny smile on his face, he walked towards Zhang Botang with open arms and said with a hearty smile in fluent Chinese: “Haha , Mr. Tang, welcome your visit .”

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