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Chapter 2297: knife will

decide Ning made, no one can change.

Ye Tianxing didn’t know anything, and could only do as Yash Nics said.

However, Ye Tianxing did not allow Yash Nics to live in Zhanlongtang. After all, his current status was shameful, and Yash Nics was the God of War of China and lived in a place like Zhanlongtang. If it was spread out, it would affect Yash Nics’s reputation.

Ye Tianxing arranged for Yash Nics to stay at the Kyoto Hotel near Zhanlongtang.

However, although Yash Nics stayed at the Kyoto Hotel, he did not let Ye Tianxing go. He called Ye Tianxing for dinner and tea, and asked Ye Tianxing to report to him every day.

He wanted to prove that Ye Tianxing also saw that the so-called lone star of the evil spirits was nothing but nothing.

He wanted to untie Ye Tianxing’s heart knot and let Ye Tianxing return to the army.

After eating, Yash Nics asked Ye Tianxing: “You are familiar with Kyoto here, what are the more interesting places nearby, take us for a walk?”

Ye Tianxing introduced a few more conventional tourist attractions and found that Yash Nics seemed interested. Not big, he said: “Dongying has always done better than our China in fighting events. There are many high-quality fighting games

here .” “And the underground boxing matches here are even more powerful.”

“Today. In the evening at Kiyomizu Temple, there is a top-level underground boxing match. I don’t know if you are going to see the young master?”

Since Yash Nics’s request, Ye Tianxing now calls Yash Nics the young master, not Yash Nics the young marshal.

Yash Nics is also curious about the strength of Dongying’s private powerhouses, what level is it, and how does it compare with China?

He smiled and said: “Okay, then go to see the quality of Dongying’s underground boxing competitions. It is good to know yourself and your opponents, and to know more about our potential opponents.”

Yash Nics and Song Pingting, together with the code to Chu Qin Que, in Ye Accompanied by Tianxing, he soon drove to the famous Kiyomizu Temple.

Kiyomizu Temple is a famous attraction, but it is also a famous underground boxing arena. It’s just that most people in underground boxing are not led by insiders, so you can’t find it and you can’t get in.

Yash Nics and his party just appeared at Kiyomizu Temple.

A group of Dongying men in black appeared immediately and blocked their way.

A ruthless man with dyed silver hair and earrings stared at Ye Tianxing coldly, and shouted in unfluent Chinese: “Tiansha Lone Star, you are not staying in your place, and we will come again. What is the site for?”

“You want to hit the site again?”

It turned out that this area belongs to another underground organization, the site of the Xiaodaohui.

Moreover, listening to the voice of these people, Ye Tianxing seemed to have been smashed by Ye Tianxing.

Yash Nics looked at Ye Tianxing.

Ye Xing Road indifferent to silver-haired male earrings: “Amu, last time I stand up to your boxing ring, challenging fate upright, upright boxer beat you, walk away with a one hundred million Tetsuo your boss.”

“This How can it be regarded as a smashing place?”

“If I want to smash your place, there will be no such organization in Kyoto from now on.”

Ye Tianxing’s voice fell.

There was a low voice immediately: “Arrogant!”

I saw a group of men in samurai uniforms, carrying samurai swords and wearing wooden clogs, trotting all the way, and then separated the two sides.

Next, a tall and thin man, also wearing a samurai uniform, clogs, a ponytail, a slender figure, and a long horse face from Toei, is the boss of the Knife Club, Fujiwara Tetsuo.

Tie Nan looked at Yash Nics and Ye Tianxing and his party, and said coldly: “What are you doing here?”

Ye Tianxing said faintly: “This is my young master, come here to watch the fighting match, the boss of the iron man who organizes the underground boxing match, wouldn’t you not even welcome anyone to watch the match?”

Young master?

Tie Nan was a little surprised when he heard this. In his memory, Ye Tianxing was arrogant and weird. He never saw any relatives or friends around him, and he never even got close to anyone.

Even his subordinates, Ye Tianxing always looked indifferent and majestic.

When did Ye Tianxing have a young master?

And it seems that Ye Tianxing is very respectful to this young master.

Tie Nan sneered: “Ye Tianxing, you won me 100 million Dongying coins before, I still remember it now.”

“Since you are still coming, I naturally welcome, and I will let you win from me. Spit out the benefits.”

Ye Tianxing said faintly: “My young master has money, I’m afraid you don’t have the ability to win.”

Hearing this, Tie Nan couldn’t help but look at Yash Nics more and thought: So this is Ye. The gold master of Tianxing, it is probably the son of a certain consortium, who spent money to raise Ye Tianxing as a thug!

Very good, let this young man make some money tonight!

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