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Chapter 2299: double death

scene of the audience, many people are still immersed in the joy of victory in the Nine-Tailed Fox champion.

In the game just now, except for a few people who like to take risks with high odds, most of them are betting on the nine-tailed fox to win.

So most of the audience just won money. Although the odds are low, winning is always good.

While winning money, everyone is also talking about boxing champion Jiuweihu. The new boxing champion who is currently on the show has won 21 consecutive victories and killed his opponent on the spot 14 times.

This record can only be described as guarding the sky!

Just when everyone was excited and cheered towards the nine-tailed fox in the octagonal cage.


A beautiful emcee in a kimono, holding a microphone, appeared in front of everyone.

Probably to respect Yash Nics, who was gambling with 100 million Chinese currency and Fujiwara Tetsuo, this beautiful emcee, in fluent Chinese, announced with a smile: “Temporary decision, Mr. Yash from China, and our boss, Mr. Fujiwara, yes. Bet one hundred million.”

“Mr. Yash will send his subordinate Qin Que to challenge our boxing champion Nine-Tailed Fox.”

The guests who could understand Chinese were dumbfounded.

People who don’t understand Chinese are confused.

The beauty emcee immediately followed and said it again in Eastern language.

Those audiences who don’t understand Chinese know what’s going on?

I heard that Mr. Yash from China is going to send a female bodyguard to a duel with the 21-game winning boxing champion Nine-Tailed Fox. Everyone couldn’t help but burst into laughter.

Laughing Yash Nics can’t help it!

Amidst the ridicule of the crowd, Qin Que left Yash Nics’s side under the joking gaze of the crowd, unhurriedly boarded the ring, and walked into the octagonal cage.

Dongying boxing champion Nine-Tailed Fox, he just defeated his opponent and waved and interacted with the audience at the scene. He was going back to the backstage to rest.

Unexpectedly, someone suddenly challenged him!

And it’s still a Chinese!

And she’s still a girl!

The Nine-Tailed Fox, like many Dongying people, looks down on Chinese people in their bones, and always thinks that Chinese people are sick men, and their Dongying warriors are the most brave men in the world!

Now a Chinese woman ran out to challenge him, and even he heard that Qin Que had just said something and could defeat him with one move.

He was even more angry, staring at Qin Que like a wild wolf, and sneered: “You ignorant Chinese sick man, if a man didn’t have the courage to challenge me, he sent a lady to fight me. This is absolutely right. My biggest insult.”

“Girl, don’t worry, I won’t beat you with a single move.”

“I’ll take it slow. I’ll tear up your clothes little by little, and then put you down.”

“I.” I want you to know, you Chinese women, you only deserve to lie down in front of me!”

Like the nine-tailed fox who doesn’t want to see the Chinese people, Qin Que also doesn’t want to see the Dongying people.

She heard the yelling of the nine-tailed fox, her eyes flashed with cold light, her pretty face was already calm, her voice was mechanically without a trace of emotion, and she said coldly: “Have you finished your nonsense?”


The nine-tailed fox came up with an angry heart. He wanted to let Qin Que know how terrible he was, and let Qin Que know that he was not intimidating.

At this moment, the beauty emcee has announced the start of the game loudly.

At the same time, the bell for the start of the game rang.

At the moment when the game bell rang, the nine-tailed fox’s figure suddenly moved, and the speed was reaching the extreme. The body brought out a superimposed afterimage, and shot towards Qin Que.

He had all his strength when he shot, so he had to show Qin Que a little bit of color first.

“Yo Xi!”

Tie Nan saw the nine-tailed fox make a move, his blood was boiling, and he couldn’t help applauding on the spot.

His subordinates, Amu and others, were also heartbroken.

Many Dongying audiences at the scene also cheered for the nine-tailed fox.

However, Yash Nics’s face was light and breezy, like watching the moon and flowers, watching the game with a smile, as if not at all moved by the strength of the nine-tailed fox, nor was he worried about Qin Que at all.

Seeing that the nine-tailed fox was approaching Qin Que, Qin Que moved instantly.

And it’s faster!

The nine-tailed fox was rushing towards Qin Que. Suddenly, there was a flower in front of him. Qin Que’s figure disappeared out of thin air. In the next instant, Qin Que had appeared in front of him.

He was shocked!

The moment Qin Que and Nine-Tailed Fox passed by, they shot like lightning and snapped the Nine-Tailed Fox’s neck with a click.

On the edge of the ring, Qin Que stopped and stabilized.

Behind her, a face of the nine-tailed fox whose neck had been twisted off, fell to the ground in a daze, his expression remained unbelievable after death, obviously unsatisfied.

The audience cheering for the nine-tailed fox at the scene saw Qin Que kill the nine-tailed fox with a single move, and fell silent for an instant. All of them had their eyes round and their mouths open, and they looked at the body of the nine-tailed fox in disbelief.

The 21-game winning streak nine-tailed fox was killed by this Chinese woman with a single move?

The scene was deadly silent, and it was so quiet that the needle drop could be heard.

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