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Chapter 2302: You have a dead man the

underground boxing arena.

Yash Nics and the others were waiting, and suddenly they heard a pleasant cheer: “Boss Fujiwara is back.” After

that, I saw Tetsuo Fujiwara and others coming in from outside.

Yash Nics and Ye Tianxing immediately noticed that there was a burly monk beside Fujiwara Tetsuo.

The monk was tall and hideous. He walked with eagle eyes and looked awkward. He was obviously a top expert.

Yash Nics was a little surprised, and said lightly: “It seems that although Dongying is small, the folks are also Crouching Tigers, Hidden Dragons, and there are such masters in the small underground boxing arena. It really surprised me.”

Yash Nics saw at a glance, this monk. , I am afraid that the strength is not below Dian Chu and Qin Que.

When Ye Tianxing saw this monk, she couldn’t help but be slightly surprised, and whispered: “Master, this flower monk is called Zen Master Kong Zhao, who is greedy for money and lust, but he is the number one in Kyoto, and his strength is very powerful.”

Dian Chu and Qin Que Both squinted their eyes, they both had fighting spirits, and both wanted to compete with this empty photo.

“Hahaha, Mr. Yash, you have been waiting for a long time.”

At this time , Tie Nan changed his descent, his face was red and full of energy, and his speech became full of breath.

As if for the next game, the winning ticket is in hand.

Yash Nics smiled: “Your Excellency is full of joy, you must have invited the strongest master in your mind?”

Tie Nan said triumphantly: “Yes, I invite Zen Master Kongzhao to play here. I don’t know Mr. Yash. Who do you send to fight?”

Dian Chu, Qin Que, and Ye Tianxing all looked at Yash Nics together. They all knew that the air photo was very powerful, but they also wanted to compete with the air photo. After all, they defeated someone with their own strength. The opponent is the one who has the most confidence.

However, Yash Nics did not order any of the three of them.

Yash Nics saw that the aerial photo strength was in the same position as Dianchu, and felt that there was no need for Dianchu to risk injury.

He smiled and said: “I heard that this Zen Master Kongzhao is the No. 1 powerhouse in Kyoto, so let me go off the court personally and learn about the style of the No. 1 powerhouse in Kyoto.”

Yash Nics’s words were uttered, and there was an uproar at the scene.

Even the Iron Man was full of disbelief. He rolled his eyes twice and asked slyly, “Mr. Yash, are you joking or serious?”

Yash Nics said, “Do you think I am the kind of person who likes to joke? ”

Tie Nan hehe said: “Mr. Yash wants to go off in person, naturally, it is okay, but I reminded in advance that he will have to sign life and death in the end. When he was killed in the cage, I can only blame myself for not being good at learning skills, no wonder Anyone.” After

Tie Nan finished speaking,

he turned his head and looked at Kong Zhao: “Master, your opponent is Mr. Yash.” Since Kong Zhao appeared, he stared at Song Pingting with surprise, and muttered in his mouth. He muttered to himself: “Beautiful, so beautiful… wonderful, wonderful!”

At this moment, he heard Tie Nan talking to him, and he came back to his senses and looked at Yash Nics next to Song Pingting with a grinning smile. He said: “Boy, your woman is good. I declare that after tonight, she is mine.”

Yash Nics’s eyes are as indifferent as a butcher treats the animals to be slaughtered, and calmly said: “You are already a dead person in my eyes. Now. ”


What an arrogant Chinese people!

I really don’t know the so-called, I don’t know how to live or die.

In Kongzhao’s eyes, anger was rapidly condensing.

An invisible murderous aura spread from him, sweeping the audience, and the temperature at the scene seemed to drop a lot.

Everyone at the scene was enveloped by the murderous air of the aerial photos, and they all felt as if they were in an ice cave with cold hands and feet, and everyone looked at the aerial photos in horror.

Kong Zhao stared at Yash Nics: “No one has ever dared to talk to me like this, boy, from your words, I will ask you to survive and not die.”

Yash Nics was too lazy to talk nonsense with the other party.

He walked straight to the ring, his movements seemed to be slow and fast, and he blinked his eyes and stood on the ring.

Yash Nics beckoned: “Come on!”

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