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Chapter 2306: plot

Ye stars from small to large, friends and relatives around one by one passed away, he Tianshaguxing set of argument, is convinced.

Although he admires Yash Nics very much, Yash Nics’s few words are not enough to change his concept.

At this time, he was still reluctant to go back with Yash Nics, gritted his teeth and said: “Master, we have agreed that you will not be in any danger for these few days. It proves that I really will not overcome the people around me, so I considered going back with you. ”

Yash Nics said lightly: “Don’t think too much, you are ready to sell the property, and go back with me.”

Dian Chu also smiled: “Come on, Ye Tianxing, sit down and have two drinks.”

Ye Tianxing before. He also drank with his comrades, but those comrades who had drunk with him successively sacrificed on the battlefield.

So he never drinks with friends.

He shook his head to Dianchu: “No, you can drink, I have something to deal with, and I have to go out first.”

“Young master, young lady, you drink slowly, call me if you have something to do.”

After that, he just said. left.

Ye Tianxing came out of the izakaya.

A Rolls Royce appeared in front of him, and a younger brother ran over and respectfully helped him open the door.

He got into the car blankly and sat down in the back seat of the car.

The little brother sat down in the position of the co-pilot obediently.

The driver turned around and asked: “Brother Ye, where are we going now?”

Ye Tianxing calmly said: ” Go back to the Dragon Hall!”

“Yes, Brother Ye.”

Rolls-Royce drove unhurriedly on a quiet street in the middle of the night. Go up and drive towards Zhanlongtang.

After passing an unmanned cross street.

Suddenly, a black off-road vehicle rushed forward and slammed into the side of Rolls-Royce.


There was a loud noise.

The Rolls-Royce was hit and overturned in the middle of the road.

The off-road vehicle stopped not far from Rolls Royce.

The car door opened, and the monk and the priest got out of the car, one on the left and the other on the right.

At the same time, a Lexus also appeared not far away.

Lexus’s back seat window fell, and it was Chris and Tetsuo sitting in the back seat.

Chris and Tetsuo were smoking cigars.

Tie Nan couldn’t help smiling triumphantly when he saw Ye Tianxing’s car crashed.

Chris faintly said: “The show is about to

appear .” The Rolls-Royce that was knocked over, the driver and the co-pilot’s little brother, both crawled out of the car with blood on their heads and faces.

But the two had just climbed out, and the driver was hit by the monk’s foot.

And the younger brother was also kicked off the neck by the priest.

Both were killed on the spot.

The monk and the priest both solved the driver and the younger brother as if squeezing dead ants, but their eyes never left the overturned Rolls Royce.

The monk slowly said: “Your Excellency, have you come out and die?” The

priest also said: “Huaxia people are all turtles with shrunken heads?” The

two of them just finished speaking .

With a loud bang, the door of the Rolls-Royce was kicked directly from inside.

Then I saw Ye Tianxing sullenly out of the Rolls-Royce car.

The black suit on Ye Tianxing’s body had a few more breaches, and there were faint blood stains.

However, for a master of his level, it was only skin wounds.

He took off his suit jacket casually, and tore the white shirt on his body, revealing the upper body with extremely hardcover and full body tattoos.

He moved his neck, squinted his eyes, and said coldly: “Where did the dog stuff dare to count me?” The

monk did not answer Ye Tianxing’s words, but looked at the priest and said faintly: “Are you coming? I’m here?” The

priest stepped back and smiled: “It’s up to you to do these rough jobs!” The

monk snorted coldly and walked towards Ye Tianxing with a calm face. He didn’t take a step, on the hard ground. Just one more footprint.

Is a top master!

Ye Tianxing was startled, his eyes became solemn, and his hand touched the soft sword around his waist.

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