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Chapter 2309: out of the way and die

in the eastern suburbs!

Abandoned power station.

Chris was sitting in a chair, smoking a cigarette with a lazy expression.

The monk and the priest stood blankly behind him, standing with their hands down.

Not far away, there was a cage. Inside the cage was a blood-stained person, Ye Tianxing.

Next to the cage, there were many men from the East with fierce faces, and these guys were all helpers found by Tetsuo Fujiwara.

These guys are wiping guns or katana.

Tie Nan urged: “Don’t be stunned here, hurry out and lie in ambush. When Yash Nics appears, you will just look at me and act. If I let you shoot, you will shoot, and I will let you draw your sword and rush at you. . ” ”

Yes, Mr. Fujiwara! ”

scene people have replied, holding their weapons, in place of.

After Tie Nan arranged these thousand men, he glanced triumphantly at Ye Tianxing, who was dying in the iron cage, and sneered: “Tiansha Lone Star, your master is probably coming soon.”

“Don’t worry. , I will send him on the road first, and then kill you.”

“Your master and servant will go down to the Yellow Spring together. You are not alone on the road, hahaha.” After the

iron man said, he walked towards Chris, Christine Respectfully said: “Mr. Chris, everything is ready. I arranged for my subordinates to prepare a hundred guns and nine hundred katana.”

“In addition, Mr. Chris, your two Titans, this time Chen It’s better to come, and he will tell him to come and go.”

Chris nodded in satisfaction: “Very good!”

The monks and priests behind Chris were a bit disapproving. In their opinion, they were competent enough to deal with a small Yash Nics. It would be unnecessary to find so many people to help.

Time passed by every minute and every second.

Yash Nics did not appear for a long time.

Chris is also a little unconfident. Is it possible that Yash Nics is really not here?

Tetsuo Fujiwara frowned and said, “Could it be Yash Nics who knew that there would be no good fruit to come here alone, so he simply gave up to save Ye Tianxing and dare not come to see us?”

Chris said nothing.

The priest sneered: “If he had a brain, he wouldn’t dare to come.” The

monk said: “Yes, he might be afraid to come.” The

voice just fell off!

Suddenly there was a cold voice: “Who said I didn’t dare to come?”

This voice was not very loud, but it was audible in the audience.

Then, under the surprised gaze of Chris and the others, a tall and slender figure walked in from the outside without hurries.

The person here is handsome and looks like a star. It is Yash Nics.

As Yash Nics appeared, countless figures appeared immediately around him.

One by one Dongying men holding samurai swords appeared from the dark, staring at Yash Nics like a pack of wolves, ready to attack Yash Nics at any time.

In addition, in the dark, there were a hundred gunmen holding their guns and aiming at Yash Nics. Only when Tie Nan gave an order, they shot Yash Nics collectively.

Chris threw the cigarette butt on the ground, raised his right foot in leather shoes, and crushed the cigarette butt.

He squinted at Yash Nics and said with a sneer: “Haha, Yash Nics, we meet again.”

However, Yash Nics didn’t look at Chris, but looked around, his eyes fell on Ye Tianxing, who was imprisoned in the iron cage, covered in blood and dying.

Yash Nics frowned: “Xiaoye, can you hold on?”

Ye Tianxing smiled weakly, and said weakly: “Master, I told you earlier that I am the lone star of the gods and will bring you Doom, you don’t believe it.”

“They have arranged thousands of people here, nine hundred knives, and one hundred guns. Master, you shouldn’t have come.”

Yash Nics said flatly: “In my Northern Army, from the habit did not abandon his comrades. ” ”

you have something I have to! ” ”

and I finally told you again, you call shit Tianshaguxing, grams of dead people, but I gram die. ” ”

you give me obediently Lie down, I’ll save you later.” The

monk and the priest appeared in front of Yash Nics and blocked Yash Nics’s path.

The monk took out a pair of halberds, gestured, and grinned and said: “I want to take him away, have you asked if we agree?” The

priest was playing a tarot card in his hand, looking at Yash Nics with a smile. .

Yash Nics said coldly: “Those who stand in the way, die!”

After speaking, Yash Nics walked over without hesitation.

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