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Chapter 2312: I am out of a dollar

Chris kowtow more urgent: “He is mercy, mercy Chen, I really no longer afraid, I beg you to put me on a horse, no matter I’m willing to do anything you want me to do!” When

he said this, he lowered his head, his eyes wandered around, and he didn’t dare to look at Yash Nics.

Yash Nics could tell at a glance that this guy was trying to get away, and he could say anything. Looking back, he estimated that he would still be an enemy of himself, and he might even get worse next time.

However, Yash Nics did not pierce the opponent, and only said indifferently: “You said your boss sent you?”

Chris said quickly: “Yes, my boss is optimistic about the prospects of the pharmaceutical industry, and he firmly believes that. Whoever overcomes the treatment of cancer will control the biggest cash cow in the future of the pharmaceutical industry.”

“In this regard, your Ningda Group has achieved unprecedented breakthroughs and achievements.”

“We Noah want to catch up is beyond the reach .”

“So our boss and follow. Mr. Zhang Botang reached a cooperation agreement. My boss helped you solve you by kidnapping Song Pingting and returning to Zhang’s family. After Zhang Botang opened up the Ning big company, the two sides will start comprehensive cooperation in the pharmaceutical industry.”

Yash Nics said coldly: “Hehe, we Ning Big trees, you bandits are thinking about picking fruits all day long. How can there be such a good thing in the world.”

“Now call me to your boss!”

Chris said, “Yes, yes!”

He finished. , Immediately dialed the phone of his boss Li Peisi.

At this moment, Li Peisi is swimming in the swimming pool.

I heard that there is a phone call.

He swiftly climbed up from the swimming pool, and immediately a few blonde beauties came over to wait on him with towels and bathrobes.

In addition, a tall and mighty bodyguard handed him a mobile phone respectfully.

He lit a cigar and sat down slowly on the beach chair.

Holding the mobile phone, he said arrogantly: “Chris, how is the matter going?”

Yash Nics said

flatly : “He didn’t do well, he screwed it up.” Li Peisi couldn’t help but froze when he heard the strange voice. live.

Immediately, he squinted his eyes and said lightly: “Yash Nics?”

Yash Nics said: “It’s me!”

Li Peisi changed his sitting position, squinted, and said with a smile, “Chris are they in your hands now?”

Yash Nics said

indifferently : “There is only one Chris left!” Li Peisi knew that the two powerful men of the monk and the priest had died.

A faint anger flashed in his eyes, but his face was still calm, and his tone was flat: “Yash Nics, you are stronger than I thought, but you are still nothing in front of me.”

“I have nothing to irritate you. The good is only the bad.”

“Actually, I can give you a way to survive, and we can even cooperate.”

Yash Nics

raised his brows: “Oh?” Li Peisi said, “Ning Da Company is now in the hands of your husband and wife. I started with I just wanted to cooperate with your husband and wife. You refused me, so I retreated and cooperated with Zhang Botang.”

“No matter who I cooperate with, the purpose is your Ningda company.”

“If you are willing to agree to me now If you want to sell Ningda Company to me cheaply, I can spare your life.”

“And I promised that I will not interfere with your grievances with the overseas Zhang family, how about it?”

Yash Nics laughed and said , ” Sold Ningda Company. Sell ​​it to you cheaply?”

“Hehe, why don’t you sell me your Noah company cheaply, and I will pay…a dollar.”

Li Peisi’s eyes were cold: “What are you kidding?”

Yash Nics laughed: “You made the joke with me first!”

Li Peisi said coldly, “Then there is nothing to talk about?”

Yash Nics said lightly. “You have to talk about it, otherwise I won’t call you.”

“You must publicly apologize to me and my wife for what you did.”

“And, compensation for all the losses caused has been borne. Related responsibilities, I will let you go.”

“Otherwise, I will personally come to your Noah headquarters and take off your head personally.”

Li Peisi’s face was pale: “Let’s take a look!”

After speaking, he hung up directly. The phone was disconnected.

Chris saw that his boss had talked with Yash Nics at this time. He looked strange and stared at Yash Nics and said, “Mr. Yash, I did everything you want me to do. You should spare me, right?”

Yash Nics nodded. “Okay, I’ll spare you!”

Chris heard a flash of joy in his eyes, as long as he escaped here and returned to the United States, and then tried to retaliate against Yash Nics.

He said thank you, and then he wanted to leave.

But at this moment, Ye Tianxing had already made a ghostly move.

Ye Tianxing stretched out his left hand like lightning, grabbed Chris’ neck, and lifted Chris off the ground with one hand.

Chris’ eyes widened, his mouth opened, his suspended feet jumped wildly, and there was a loud noise in his throat, as if he was begging Yash Nics for mercy.

Yash Nics said lightly: “I forgave you, but my brother didn’t promise to forgive you.”

Chris, his eyes were full of despair.

Ye Tianxing tightened his five fingers, squeezed Chris’ neck with a click, and then threw the corpse on the ground.

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