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Chapter 2316: the fine tradition

Kenichi Suzuki had just left not long, ready to begin the awards ceremony.

The award ceremony was full of VIPs from different countries.

Around the podium, the media reporters from all over the world were even more surrounded. The reporters set up long guns and short cannons to report today’s grand occasion with excitement.

A group of judges on the judges seat have also been seated.

Just wait for the ceremony to begin.

Song Pingting’s several candidates for this year’s World Peace Prize are all waiting in the backstage lounge for their debut.

Soon, I heard that the host at the front desk had announced the start of the ceremony, and then the leaders, already important guests, took turns to give speeches on stage.

Song Pingting and Yamaguchi Wanwan will take turns to study the candidates later, but it is not yet their turn to appear.

Listening to the front desk speech drew a burst of enthusiastic noise from the audience.

Wanwan Yamaguchi looked at the time, there was still a while before she gave a speech.

She couldn’t help but cast her gaze on Song Pingting who was not far away, her eyes rolled twice, and then suddenly stood up, brought a few entourages, and walked towards Song Pingting.

“Tsk tusk, is this the Chinese medicine girl Song Pingting?”

Song Pingting was silently rehearsing what she was going to give a speech in her mind.

Suddenly hearing Yamaguchi Wanwan’s voice, she involuntarily raised her head, and then she saw Yamaguchi Wanwan in a kimono.

“It turned out to be Ms. Wanwan Yamaguchi, don’t you know any advice?”

Although Song Pingting noticed the ridicule and hostility in Wanwan Yamaguchi’s words, she still responded generously.

Wanwan Yamaguchi looked at Song Pingting up and down, and said with a sneer: “I can’t talk about advice, I just want to come over and see, what qualifications do you have to grab the peace prize from me?”

Song Pingting heard this with a pretty face. , Said coldly: “Miss Yamaguchi, please speak cleanly and keep your basic politeness.”

Wanwan Yamaguchi sneered and said: “What kind of politeness do you have to say to you such a lousy thing, you are such a charming little bitch. I’ve seen a lot. It’s useless except for hooking up with men. It’s estimated that your company can grow bigger. It’s the result of selling meat and showing up to the leaders, right?”

Song Pingting was full of anger: “You!”

Yamaguchi Wanwan smiled triumphantly. “What are you, you, look at your angry look, do you want to hit me?”

“Come on, I’ll put my face in front of you, and you try to hit me?” Wanwan

Yamaguchi yelled, yet Really put her face in front of Song Pingting.

She really doesn’t believe that anyone dares to move her!

Song Pingting was angry and angry, Yash Nics went to the bathroom, and Qin Que went to pour her water.

Now she is alone, and if she is asked to beat someone, she really can’t do it.

Wanwan Yamaguchi was even more proud of seeing Song Pingting not daring to beat her, and shouted, “Come on, hit me, why don’t you dare to fight?”

“Hehe, do you know that my dad is the leader of Yamaguchi,” If you dare to touch my hair, my dad will throw you into the darkest kiln as a prostitute…” Wanwan

Yamaguchi’s yelling voice did not fall.

Suddenly, there was a flower in front of her, and a tall man appeared in front of him.

It was Yash Nics who had just returned from the bathroom.

Yash Nics had heard Yamaguchi Wanwan’s insulting Song Pingting just now. At this moment, his face was gloomy, and he slapped his hand up and drew it toward Yamaguchi Wanwan.

Yamaguchi Wanwan didn’t expect that someone would dare to beat her, so she went silly on the spot, and even forgot to dodge.


Yash Nics slapped Yamaguchi Wanwan’s face firmly with a slap.

It directly caused Yamaguchi Wanwan’s half of her face to become a pig’s head, and the whole person flew out at an angle, and fell heavily to the ground.

Several of Yamaguchi Wanwan’s entourage panicked, and they all screamed and ran over to help Yamaguchi Wanwan.

Yamaguchi Wanwan was holding half of her face swollen like a pig’s head, and looked at Yash Nics incredulously: “You dare to hit me?”

Yash Nics said coldly, “Aren’t you looking for smoke?”

“I am satisfied with you. It’s just a wish. Being helpful is the fine tradition of our Huaxia people.”

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