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Chapter 2318: Are you finished

Yamaguchi Red Red with Ahu not know is that, at this moment, EGL Kyoto’s most famous underground hacker group “mysterious turtle” all members, all fell in a pool of blood In it.

Dian Chu was carrying a gasoline can, coldly pouring gasoline on the corpses of these notorious hackers, and at the same time pouring all the equipment of the hacker’s studio.

Then he took out the metal lighter, lit the cigarette in his mouth with a slap, and threw the flaming lighter on the ground.


The hacker studio instantly turned into a sea of ​​flames.

Dian Chu destroyed the hacker’s corpse and the hacker’s equipment, turned and left, took out his mobile phone, and gave cold instructions.

“I told Honker, eye for an eye person in his body, such as Yamaguchi Red Red stage presentation, she put those black historical information, all released on the big screen.”

“Yes, sir, sir!”

Award Ceremony on site.

Although Yamaguchi Wanwan was wondering which part of the problem went wrong, the hacker did not follow her instructions to broadcast Song Pingting’s dark history?

But at this time it was her turn to give a speech, and she didn’t care how much, and hurriedly walked towards the front desk.

It happened to meet Song Pingting, who had just finished her speech.

Song Pingting was accompanied by Yash Nics and Qin Que.

Yash Nics said with a faint smile: “You’re done.”

Yamaguchi Wanwan was shocked and suspicious when she heard the words. She didn’t quite understand what Yash Nics meant by saying this.

With a sense of anxiety, she stepped onto the podium.

The reporters immediately snapped a photo, and the audience applauded.

However, a reporter found that Wanwan Yamaguchi’s cheeks were swollen, and immediately asked out loud what’s going on?

Wanwan Yamaguchi smiled and said, “I accidentally fell a foot backstage just now, but there is nothing serious, and everyone is worried.”

Everyone believed it was true.

After Yamaguchi Wanwan finished speaking, she officially began to speak.

Her communication skills are still very good, and her speech also made her speak witty words, which attracted constant applause from the audience.

However, it was when she was most proud of her speech.

Suddenly, the big screen behind her started playing a video without warning.

In the video, Wanwan Yamaguchi is telling her subordinate Ahu: “Xia Xi, who is a bitch, grab me the limelight twice. Ahu, you send someone to kidnap her and kill her. I don’t want to see her again.”

“Yes, Yamaguchi. Miss.”

“Remember to clean your hands and feet!”

” Yes , Ms. Yamaguchi.”


The audience at the awards ceremony, especially the Dongying people, were all in an uproar when they saw this video on the big screen. .

Xia Xi is a more famous female star in Dongying. The police announced her disappearance a month ago.

Everyone is wondering where Xiaxi has gone?

Only now did I know that Xia Xi was killed by Yamaguchi Wanwan and his body was destroyed!

What a vicious woman!

The audience at the scene looked angrily at Yamaguchi Wanwan on the podium.

Yamaguchi Wanwan was also dumbfounded.

After a while, she reacted and screamed: “Whoever played it, turn it off, staff, I will ask you to turn off the screen immediately.”

However, the screen continues to play, and it is playing other video materials.

There are chaotic scenes of Yamaguchi Wanwan participating in a multiplayer sports party; there are evidences that Yamaguchi Wanwan bribed high-ranking officials, etc…

The reporters at the scene were here to broadcast the grand ceremony of the World Peace Awards.

Unexpectedly, there would be such an eye-catching news.

They were all excited. With the long guns and short cannons in their hands, facing Yamaguchi Wanwan, facing the big screen on the scene, it was a burst of crazy photos. It must not be long before Yamaguchi Wanwan will be on the headlines of the world’s major media.

Wanwan Yamaguchi was pale and desperate.

She knelt on the ground thumpingly, and muttered to herself: “Turn it off…I told you to turn it off…” There

was only one thought left in her mind, that is, she was on stage. Before the speech, Yash Nics said to her: You are done!

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