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Chapter 2324: the city to kill

Yamaguchi Group headquarters, Baihu Tang.

The decoration of Baihutang is antique and it has the architectural charm of the Chinese and Tang dynasties.

In the huge hall of the Baihutang hall, a huge picture of the white tiger descending from the mountain hung on the wall.

Yamaguchi Ryuzo was wearing a black cloth, sitting blankly on a chair under the white tiger picture, surrounded by a large number of expert bodyguards standing with hands down.

His powerful confidant Ken Suzuki was standing in front of him respectfully.

Yamaguchi Ryuzo calmly said, “Then Yash Nics is really so powerful, and Yaqi and the five ghosts are all folded in his hands?”

Suzuki Ken accompanied carefully and replied, “Yes!”

“The subordinates are already. After checking, the guy named Yash Nics once served as the commander-in-chief of the North China Army and is known as the God of War. Now he is no longer in the army and is at home.”

“He is accompanying his wife Song Pioting to Dongying this time .” Participating in the World Peace Prize award ceremony.”

Yamaguchi Ryuzo sneered: “It turned out to be the God of War in the Chinese Army. I said no wonder

he can fight so.” “But whether he is a god or a fairy, in my turf, I will let him die. He can’t live.”

Yamaguchi Ryuzo really doesn’t take the so-called God of War seriously.

Before, there was a God of War in the Eastern Army, who also came back from the military and offended the Yamaguchi Group.

In the end, the Dongying God of War, who slaughtered all quarters on the battlefield, came out of an izakaya on a rainy night and was stabbed to death in a small alley by a few young gangsters. He was only discovered the next day.

So Yamaguchi Ryuzo didn’t even bother with these so-called war gods in the army.

Even if you are on the battlefield, you will suffer a chopper.

Yamaguchi Ryuzo asked again, “Where is Yash Nics now?”

Suzuki Kendo: “Yash Nics has offended our Yamaguchi Group, and now there are no hotels and restaurants in Kyoto who dare to receive them.”

“So Yash Nics is staying at Zhanlongtang for the time being !”

Yamaguchi Ryuzo said coldly after hearing this: “You tell me something Give Ye Tianxing and tell him that I am very angry.”

“I only give him two days to become a seller and run away!”

“Two days later, if he stays in Dongying, it will be his death.”

Suzuki said: ” Yes!”

Yamaguchi Ryusan’s warning was quickly conveyed to Ye Tianxing.

Yamaguchi Ryusan believed that Ye Tianxing would not give in easily, at least he would try to struggle or bargain.

After all, it was not easy for Ye Tianxing to break through a piece of heaven and earth in Dongying. Being driven away by Shankou Longsan in one sentence was a bit unacceptable.

But what surprised Yamaguchi Ryusan was that in the next two days, Ye Tianxing was actually selling off the industry, and even started to send money to his men to dismiss Zhan Longtang’s men.

Yamaguchi Ryuzo got the news and called Suzuki Ken immediately.

He asked: “Ye Tianxing really sold the property cheaply, dismissed his subordinates according to my order, and prepared to get out of Dongying?”

Suzuki Jian was also very surprised, because as far as he knew, Ye Tianxing had a more stubborn personality.

Unexpectedly, this time Mr. Yamaguchi’s warning would scare Ye Tianxing into selling the industry and preparing to run away.

Kenichi Suzuki compliment with a smile and said: “? Leader, who does not know the EGL would rather offend the emperor, nor your ultimate leader”

. “There are offended Emperor Paul allowed to stay alive, you offend leader will die,”

“estimates Ye Tianxing also knew this very well, so he sold the industry honestly and was ready to go back to China in a desperate way.”

Yamaguchi Ryuzo couldn’t help but smiled triumphantly.

He squinted his eyes and said with a sneer: “Since Ye Tianxing is so knowledgeable, then give him a way to survive and allow him to go back to China.”

“But Yash Nics and others can’t let them live back to China.”

“I want them to live forever .” Stay here.”

Suzuki said with a smile: “Team leader, don’t worry, I just ordered our Yamaguchi Group’s grassroots staff to let them come out and chase Yash Nics and his party all over the city. I think there will be good news soon. Coming.”

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