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Chapter 2328: The first lot captain

Kitahara Cang-mediated voice had just fallen.

Ye Tianxing beside Yash Nics had already said coldly: “I want to kill a chicken with a sledgehammer. It takes my young master to do it against you. I will take your dog’s life.”

Ye Tianxing had already strode towards Beiyuan Cangjie.

Beiyuan Cangsuke recognized Ye Tianxing, and laughed: “Tiansha Lone Star, didn’t you mean that you were scared by our team leader to sell your business, dismiss your subordinates, and plan to run away? Why would you dare to run here and try to do it?”

Ye Tianxing stepped forward. Going faster and faster: “You are not qualified to frighten me to escape because of you rats.”

Kitahara Cangsuke furiously said: “You are

looking for death!” After finishing speaking, he drew his sword as fast as he could.


As soon as his sword was pulled out, there was already a crisp sound of pulling a sword in his ears.

Ye Tianxing had already pulled out the soft sword one step quickly, and a sword broke through the air.

Kitahara Cangsuke’s pupils suddenly enlarged, his face panicked.

He subconsciously wanted to dodge, but Ye Tianxing’s sword came so fast that he couldn’t hide at all.


Ye Tianxing’s soft sword pierced Beiyuan Cangsuke’s throat like lightning.

Ye Tianxing succeeded with a sword and shook the soft sword coolly, shaking off a ray of blood on the blade.

Kitahara Cangsuke’s corpse plopped down, still holding the half-drawn sword in his hand tightly, his eyes widened, and it was obvious that he couldn’t squint.

The people in the Yamaguchi Group around, seeing the captain of the ninth division, were killed by Yash Nics’s hand with a sword, and all of them were shocked.

Ye Tianxing took the sword, returned to Yash Nics, and said respectfully: “Master, the dog has been killed, Master, please.”

Yash Nics slightly nodded, leading Song Pingting and others, and walked towards Baihutang.

But he didn’t go far, and was stopped by another person.

This time, it was a woman who was wearing the costume of Nunnin, with a three-character written on the back of her dress, holding a big sword in her hand, showing a strong murderous aura.

She is the captain of the third team of the Yamaguchi Group, Hua Qianshu.

Hua Qianshu said coldly: “The dignified fellow of the ninth division actually died under your hands. It is more than guilty.”

“But your good fortune today ends here. If you want to see our team leader, ask me first.

I do n’t agree with this Taidao in my hand.” Ye Tianxing frowned and said: “I don’t kill women.”

Dianchu also said: “I don’t want to kill either.”

Qin Que pulled out the three-row army thorn he was wearing, and walked forward, faintly Said: “I will meet this woman.”

Hua Qianshu coldly snorted: “Then you go and die first.” After

she finished speaking, like a ghost like a charm, like a wind like electricity, she shoots at Qin Que. , Taidao turned into a streamer, and slashed towards Qin Que.

Qin Que lifted the Triangular Army Spike and struck out lightning.


The army stab and Taito collided with each other, and there was a clear sound of weapon clashing.

Hanaki’s right arm was numbed like an electric shock.

She was shocked!

In the next instant, Qin Que had already taken a kick.


With this kick, Qin Que hit Huaqianshu in the chest and kicked Huaqianshu upside down, vomiting a mouthful of blood.

Qin Que said lightly: “You lose, get out of the way.”

Hua Qianshu’s face was green and white. Although she was not convinced, her internal organs were all smashed. She was too weak to fight again, so she could only watch Yash Nics and others pass by her.

Came to the door of Baihutang.

There are more members of the Yamaguchi Group around.

A strong man like an iron tower stood at the door with his arms folded.

On his back clothes, there was a big word written on it.

He is the first captain of the twelfth division of the Yamaguchi Group, the black monkey.

The corner of the black monkey’s left eye has a slanting scar, which makes him look domineering.

His mouth slightly higher: “Dude, could have defeated nine time of team captain with the San Francisco, no wonder dare to come here presumptuous.”

“You are the number one strong, and unfortunately I ran into today.”

He said. Then, he ticked his finger: “Which one of you will die first?

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