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Chapter 2330: Three Dog

Yamaguchi dragon three coldly looking at Ning line, laugh: “Oh, Ning, you really dare to come to it?”

Ning faint He said: “do you think we Chinese people say although much will punish, joking right?”

although much will punish!

Yamaguchi Ryuzo’s face sank.

He said indifferently: “I want to see today, how can you endure me.” After

he said, he looked at the three dogs of the two tigers and three dogs, namely the yellow dog Ishikawa, the black dog Xiaolin, and the green dog Xiaoye.

“Three of you, who wants to take action and take

care of these Chinese people ?” Three dogs, looking at each other, it seems that they don’t want to take action. They think it’s just a trick to clean up a few Chinese people and let them take action. Dirty their hands.

Just when the three dogs wanted to reject each other.

Yash Nics said faintly: “Three dogs?”

“Mr. Yamaguchi, this is planning to let dogs bite me!”

“But it doesn’t matter, since I came here, naturally I won’t put your dogs, cats and cats in my eyes. . ” ”

so do not waste time, let your dog on the three with it! ”




Yash Nics’s words caused an uproar in the Yamaguchi Group.

Not only did Yamaguchi Ryuzo become angry with Yash Nics’s arrogance, but the three dogs under his command were angered by everyone.

The three dogs, who didn’t bother to shoot, are now rushing to kill Yash Nics.

The yellow dog Ishikawa first said angrily: “Bold madman, you a little Chinese man, in our Dongying site, at our Yamaguchi Group headquarters, you dare to speak madly, I will send you on the road.” The

black dog Kobayashi also stood. He got up and said murderously: “Ishikawa, this guy is still arrogant, I’ll kill him.”

Ono, the green dog, also argued: “Ishikawa, Kobayashi, let me give me the task of killing this kid.”

Yash Nics chuckled: “You don’t have to fight, let’s go together, I lose if I can’t help it.”

San Dog was completely angry this time.

They all wanted to squeeze Yash Nics, a madman, with their hands, but the yellow dog Ishikawa moved the fastest.


The ground at the feet of the yellow dog Ishikawa collapsed, and his whole body was like a cannonball, shooting at Yash Nics, and then hitting him with a punch.

Yash Nics raised his left arm and forcibly took the fist of the yellow dog.


The fist of the yellow dog originally carried the strength of the thunderbolt, but this fist, hitting Yash Nics’s left arm, was like a mud bull like a sea, disappearing without a trace.

He was shocked. There are not many people in Dongying who can catch his punch so easily!

While Yash Nics caught the yellow dog’s strongest blow, his right fist hit the yellow dog’s face with a punch.


Yash Nics’s fist hit the door of the yellow dog Ishikawa, like a big axe smashing a tree, and like a sledgehammer smashing a rock, directly hitting the yellow dog Ishikawa’s face bones, blood splashing, and the whole face deeply sunken.

The yellow dog Ishikawa didn’t even have time to scream, so he raised his head and fell down.

Everyone at the scene has not had time to exclaim.

Xiao Lin, the black dog, had already killed Yash Nics. He flew a kick and swept towards Yash Nics’s head fiercely.

This kick is as fast as lightning and fierce as a thunder.

Xiao Lin believes that as long as Yash Nics’s head is swept with this kick, even if Yash Nics’s head is made of stone, he will be kicked to pieces.

However, Yash Nics reacted swiftly.

Yash Nics grabbed Xiao Lin’s ankle with a grasp of his left hand, and firmly grasped Xiao Lin’s right foot.

At the same time, Yash Nics raised his right hand and hit Xiaolin’s foot with an elbow, just like smashing sugarcane, breaking Xiaolin’s foot with a click.

“Ah!” As

soon as Xiao Lin’s scream sounded, Yash Nics had already made another punch and hit Xiao Lin in the chest.

Xiao Lin’s chest bones were all broken, and he spouted a mouthful of blood mixed with visceral fragments, flying upside down like a broken kite, falling to the ground like a dead dog, no longer moving.

“Give me to die!” The

green dog Ono roared and rushed closer, hitting Yash Nics’s chest with a punch.

Yash Nics bent down steadily, but in the next instant, Yash Nics suddenly straightened his chest.

A terrifying rebound force bounced from Yash Nics’s chest back to the fist of the green dog Ono.

Kaka Kaka Kaka…The

bones of the right arm of Ono, the green dog, were directly shattered by the rebound force, and the whole arm was hanging down like cooked noodles, and could not be lifted anymore.

Ono snorted miserably and wanted to retire in shock.

But Yash Nics moved faster. Yash Nics reached out with his left hand, grabbed Ono’s neck, and with a click, he broke Ono’s neck.

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