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Chapter 2331: tigers


Yash Nics casually threw the corpse of the green dog Ono on the ground beside his feet.

The scene was deadly silent, so quiet that the needle drop could be heard.

Yamaguchi Ryuzo looked at Yash Nics in disbelief, and the three dogs were all killed by Yash Nics.


This is simply appalling.

Not only was Yamaguchi Ryuzo’s face extremely ugly at this time, but the other elite members of the Yamaguchi Group also looked at Yash Nics with horror.

The entire Yamaguchi Group, now because of Yash Nics, has become like an enemy.

Yamaguchi Ryuzo is the old world after all, and he is the first to come back to his senses.

He took a deep breath and forcibly calmed his mood.

He squinted his eyes and said: “You Huaxia have a saying, it’s not that the Raptors are not the river.”

“No wonder you dare to come to Baihutang. It turns out that you have the ability to reach the sky.”

“But there is another saying in your country, strong dragons do not suppress. Snake.”

“Your Excellency is a dragon today, so you have to keep it obediently!”

Yash Nics smiled nonchalantly, “Oh, isn’t it?”

Yamaguchi Ryusan turned his head and looked at the second tiger, who had been sitting firmly on the top two seats, also the white tiger. The two most powerful in the hall, Hidetora Tojo, and Tiger Nishida.

“Yinghu, Mahu, this guy is too tricky, I am afraid you need to take action by yourself.”

Yinghu and Mahu stood up at the same time, bowed to Yamaguchi Ryusan, and said in unison: ” I am willing to serve the team leader. “The

two said, turning around and looking at Yash Nics together, like two tigers, staring at their prey at the same time.

Yash Nics smiled and said: “It’s still the old rules. You two should go together.” Yinghu and Jianhu looked at each other.

They had already seen Yash Nics’s greatness just now. Now that Yash Nics is so big, then They are also not polite to Yash Nics.

“Since Mr. Yash, you are going to fight one against two, then we will make you perfect.”

Yinghu said, pulling out a sword from his waist.

Jian Hu also followed his men from his side and took his weapon, a very domineering Dongyingpu knife.

Yash Nics beckoned: “Come to fight.”

Jianhu’s figure suddenly moved, turning into an afterimage, and rushing towards Yash Nics like a ghost.

Before the person was near, Pu Dao slashed towards Yash Nics with a diagonal knife.

This knife, carrying a bad wind, was extremely scary.

Jian Hu wanted to cut Yash Nics in half with a single knife!

Almost at the same time, Yinghu appeared on the other side of Yash Nics at a speed that was almost flashing, and the sword turned into a stream of light, slashing towards Yash Nics’s neck.

Yash Nics reacted swiftly, taking two steps back and avoiding the two knives perfectly.


Jianhu’s Pudao cut through the air, but it cut a long crack on the ground.

Yinghu’s Taidao also cut through the air, but cut off a thick court pillar next to it.

Although both of their attacks failed, their movements did not stop in the slightest. They followed Yash Nics like a shadow, and jointly launched a stormy attack on Yash Nics.

Yamaguchi Ryuzo and his men were full of excitement at this time.

Yinghu and Jianhu are indeed top powerhouses. As soon as the two of them take action, they will set off a sky full of swords, and they will make people bloody when they look at them!

Ryuzo Yamaguchi had stood up at this time and watched the battle.

The rest of them were also too nervous to pant, for fear that their breathing a little louder would disturb the fighting person’s performance.


Yinghu once again slashed at Yash Nics fiercely.

Yash Nics didn’t even evade any more, protruding out his left hand like lightning, and directly grabbed the sword that Yinghu had struck.

Yinghu was shocked!

Yash Nics didn’t wait for the other party to react, so he used his hand slightly.


The sword was directly shattered by Yash Nics’s hand strength and turned into fragments in the sky.

Like picking flowers and twisting leaves, Yash Nics grabbed one of the fragments with his hands. The fragments disappeared in a flash, and a bunch of blood bloomed on Yinghu’s neck and fell.

Yamaguchi Ryuzo’s face changed drastically!

Yinghu held his throat, raised his head and fell down.

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