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Chapter 2336: I was her husband

Chu Beichen smiling and said:. “The beauty Hello, my name is Chu North Star, Yi Chau singer, is also an actor.”

“I just see a lot of mind If you live to interview you, you should be a celebrity like me.”

“You know, our celebrities are often harassed by some fans, so for our safety, the bodyguards will act a little rudely. Can you understand?”

Song Pingting said coldly: “I’m not a star!”

“Also, even a star doesn’t have any privileges. I hope you apologize to this girl.”


For Chu Beichen before, it was impossible to apologize.

But at this time, in order to make a good impression in front of the beautiful women, he immediately apologized to the female student who had been injured with a smile on his face.

The female student whispered it was okay.

When Song Pingting saw that Chu Beichen apologized, she was frivolous and not serious at all. She knew that this guy had not made a mistake, and was not sincerely apologizing.

But in any case, Chu Beichen always apologized, and the person involved also forgave her. She was not too good to be unreasonable and clung to it.

Seeing that she was all right, she was about to leave.

But Chu Beichen yelled to her: “Beauty wait, I have already told you my name, don’t you know me?”

Song Pingting really didn’t know this little Yizhou meat star, and said faintly:” Are you famous? Do I have to know you?”

Chu Beichen’s assistant Dong Zhuo yelled unwillingly: “We Chu Shao is the hottest male star in Yizhou this year. I don’t know how many awards we won. You said you didn’t know us. Young Master Chu, is this pretending to be noble?”

Chu Beichen also felt that Song Pingting was a little cold, but the more cold he was, the more he wanted to win.

He pretended to reprimand Dong Zhuo and said: “I am famous in Yizhou, it does not mean that I am famous in the inland. It is normal for other beautiful women not to know me. You are yelling, and you are not polite at all.”

He finished, and smiled to Song Ping. Ting said, “Beauty, I have already told you my name. Shouldn’t you be courteous and tell me your name too?”

Song Pingting said, “We meet in plain water, there is no need to exchange names.”

After that, She turned to leave.

However, the bodyguards around Chu Beichen blocked her way.

A bodyguard with a Chinese character face wearing sunglasses said coldly: “I’m sorry, my young master hasn’t finished talking to you yet. You can’t go.”

Chu Beichen handed the bodyguard a approving look, and he snarled. She moved her haircut and said to Song Pingting with a smile: “Beauty, I don’t want to talk secretly, I fell in love with you at first sight.”

“My album MV just lacks a heroine. If you want to be a beautiful woman, , I can invite you to act as the heroine of my MV, and promise that after the release of my new album, you will become popular in the entertainment industry.”

Song Pingting is about to coldly refuse.

But at this time Yash Nics had already walked over.

Yash Nics indifferently refused for Song Pingting: “She is not interested in your MV heroine, and you shouldn’t be in estrus when you see people like a male dog. Before I get angry, get out of here.”


Male dog!

Chu Beichen’s face instantly flushed and his face was full of anger.

In the presence of so many reporters on the scene, he was so verbally insulted by a strange man, there was no way he could hang on his face.

He glared at Yash Nics and said, “Your Excellency, are you the manager of this beautiful woman?”

Yash Nics said coldly, “I am her husband!”

Chu Beichen was stunned.

Immediately, he smirked and said defiantly: “Hehe, she is your wife, sir.”

“Then sir, can I ask your wife to be the heroine of my MV?”

Yash Nics said indifferently: “You are I have seen the most deadly person.”

“I will give you the last chance to take back what you just said, and kneel down to apologize.”

“Otherwise, you will be completely finished.”

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