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Chapter 2338: revenge-day

Dian Chu anger still lingers, toward the North Star with Chu Dong They walked past.

Chu Beichen was full of fear.

Dong Zhuo also waved the phone in his hand, threatening with a trembling voice: “You, you, you, don’t come over, I have already called the police, you just wait to go to jail.”


Dian Chu raised his hand and slapped Dong Zhuo directly.

Then he picked up Chu Beichen like a chicken, mentioned Yash Nics and Song Pingting, and threw it to the ground.


Chu Beichen fell in front of Yash Nics, fell into a dog chewing posture, embarrassed.

He struggled to stand up.

Dianchu’s icy voice sounded in his ears: “Don’t move, kneel honestly, dare to stand up, your legs will be gone.”

Chu Beichen trembled after hearing the words, as a last resort, he knelt on Yash Nics with shame on his face. before.

Yash Nics said indifferently: “Look up!”

Chu Beichen subconsciously wanted to resist, but thinking about the terrifying methods of the man next to Yash Nics, he finally didn’t dare to refuse and raised his pale face.

Ning coldly said: “Now you have to presumptuous, but also insulted my wife it?”

Chu Beichen face extremely ugly: “I ……”

Ning coldly: “! Speak”

Chu North Star a bite, bitterly said: “boy, I planted today, I think, but you do not get too complacent, we do not change green Castle Peak Flows, we then take another day afterwards.”


As soon as Chu Beichen’s voice fell, he slapped Dianchu.

Dian Chu cursed: “Why don’t the green hills change the long green waters, what else the day will be settled? Our young master didn’t make it clear with you today, so you just want to change the day?”

Yash Nics looked aggrieved and angry. Chu Beichen smiled and said, “I’m different from you. I prefer to stay overnight for revenge, and to report my grudges in person.”

At this time!

Several police cars screamed, and a middle-aged man with an extremely majestic Chinese character face, with more than a dozen of his men, got out of the car.

It turned out that Wang Zhixing, the chief of the Mannity police, came!

When Chu Beichen saw Wang Zhixing, he cried out sadly, “Wang Ju, help me!” As if seeing Wang Zhixing,

Chu family was also worried that Chu Beichen would encounter trouble in the inland. It happened that the Chu family and Wang were in trouble. Zhixing knew each other, so the Chu family greeted Wang Zhixing, the chief of Mannity police, and asked Wang Zhixing to take care of Chu Beichen.

Chu Beichen didn’t expect that it would really come in handy.

He struggled to stand up at this time, ran to Wang Zhixing quickly, crying for help.

Wang Zhixing’s face was stunned, and it was only after a while before he recognized that the bloated-faced fellow in front of him was Chu Shao from the Chu family in Yizhou.

Wang Zhixing frowned and said, “Mr. Chu, what did you do?”

Chu Beichen immediately told the story, and then accused Yash Nics, “Wang Ju, this servant beats people and hurts my assistant and Bodyguard, you hurt me like this. Please take it seriously.”

Wang Zhixing had already decided to go to Yash Nics, Song Pingting and the others.

He is calm on the surface, but waves in his heart have long been turbulent.

He thought angrily: You little Yizhou stars can really mess up, and this time you directly provoke the young marshal. I think you are really tired of life.

Wang Zhixing said calmly: “Okay, I will deal with it fairly and seriously.”

When Chu Beichen heard the words, his face was smug, and he looked at Yash Nics provocatively.

The expression seemed to say: boy, you are going to be unlucky.

In Chu Beichen’s expectant gaze, Wang Zhixing calmly instructed his men next to him: “Come here, take all these guys who are suspected of provoking troubles and quarreling, all of them will be brought back to me.”

“Yes!” The

two police officers stepped forward for the first time. , Grabbed Chu Beichen, twisted his hands back, and then handcuffed Chu Beichen directly with a click.

Chu Beichen, who was still full of pride just now, was stunned on the spot.

After a while, he recovered and called out angrily: “The handcuffs are wrong, the handcuffs are wrong, Wang Ju let you handcuffs not me, it is the kid who is right…”

Chu Beichen said nothing. Finished.

Wang Zhixing had already walked up to him and interrupted coldly: “Don’t call me, you are the one who handcuffed you.”

“On the way I came, I already knew what was going on.”

“Now you and your people are suspected of provoking trouble. , Endangering public safety, I formally declare to arrest you. ”


Chu Beichen was dumbfounded.

He didn’t understand. Mingming Chu family and the entertainment company he worked for had greeted all aspects of Mannity City before they came, especially Wang Zhixing of the police, so that Wang Zhixing would take care of it.

While on the phone at the time, Wang Zhixing also agreed with a smile.

Why now, Wang Zhixing didn’t help him at all, instead handcuffed him directly?

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