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Chapter 2341: ask ask to have the attitude of

ginger Taihang intentionally or unintentionally asked: “Old Song, Song Ping Ting do not know your granddaughter with grandson Ning where are you?”

Song Qingsong quickly the To Yash Nics and Song Pingting, who were sitting next to him, introduced: “This is my granddaughter Song Pingting, and this is my grandson-in-law Yash Nics.”

Jiang Taihang was actually affected by his friend Chu Tiankuo from Yizhou this time . For the trust, come to be a lobbyist.

So before he came, he had briefly investigated the information of Yash Nics and Song Pingting.

As far as he knows, Yash Nics used to be the commander-in-chief of the Northern Army before, but now he is in a state of despair and is at home.

Song Pingting is the chairman of Ningda Group, the goddess of the business world, with a net worth of several hundred billion.

He also learned that Song Pingting had just recently received the World Peace Prize from the United Nations.

Therefore, he was relatively polite to Song Pingting, and said with a smile: “I read the news the day before yesterday that Miss Song won the World Peace Prize. When I see it now, it is true that the women will not let the eyebrows be shaved!”

Song Pingting said modestly: ” Mr. Jiang is too acclaimed!”

“There is no reputation, no reputation.” Jiang Taihang said, his eyes fell on Yash Nics next to Song Pingting, and said with a smile, “Miss Song, you are the phoenix among people, but you This husband is much

worse .” Yash Nics frowned slightly, wondering in his heart, is this guy looking for something?

Song Pingting has a kind personality. No matter what others say or do, she will be very patient, except that she can’t accept that her husband is not good.

She heard Jiang Taihang say that Yash Nics was awful, and her complexion suddenly changed, and she was about to have an attack.

Song Qingsong looked bad, and hurriedly spoke first, and said roundly: “My granddaughter and grandson-in-law are actually very good, at least much better than my old stuff. I am proud of them both.”

“By the way, Mr. Jiang, you just told me that you have something to order. What is it?”

Jiang Taihang narrowed his eyes and said slowly: “In fact, it’s not a big deal.”

“Yesterday at the airport, your granddaughter and grandson-in-law, There was a little conflict with my friend’s son.”

“In the end, my friend’s son was arrested by the police.”

“I came here as a lobbyist for this reason.”

Song Qingsong and others, at this time, finally Understand Jiang Taihang’s purpose.

Song Qingsong said: “It turns out that Mr. Jiang came for this matter. Then Chu Beichen has been arrested by the police. What do you want from Mr.

Jiang ?” Jiang Taihang said lightly: “The police said they would prosecute Chu Beichen. If this is the case, It is estimated that Chu Beichen will be sentenced to jail.”

“I’m here because you want your Song family to issue a letter of understanding. In addition, you take the initiative to contact the police so that the police will not hold Chu Shao to be held accountable.”

Song Pingting and others heard the words. Frowning, Chu Beichen deliberately provoked the matter, and he should have been punished by law. Why should the Song family take the initiative to ask the police not to hold Chu Beichen accountable?

Song Qingsong also felt that it was a bit embarrassing to do so, and he stubbornly said: “Lao Jiang, what about this…”

Jiang Taixing narrowed his eyes and said, “Lao Song, when I was the vice-governor, You don’t deserve to even give me shoes in front of me.”

“I went to the door personally today . You have to give me this face anyway.”

Song Qingsong flushed.

When Jiang Taihang was still a vice-minister, and was called the emperor of Jiangnan, Song Qingsong really didn’t look enough.

But today is different!

Song Qingsong felt that his granddaughter was the boss of a top Chinese company, and his grandson-in-law was the commander-in-chief of the Northern Territory Army. The Song family is now a family with quite a status. How could Jiang Taihang be so disrespectful? He bluntly said that he was not qualified to carry shoes back then. Woolen cloth?

It’s too much to ask others to humiliate people so much.

Song Qingsong hasn’t spoken yet.

Yash Nics, who was sitting there, finally couldn’t stand it anymore, and said coldly, “I thought you were here to beg for help.”

“But no one has taught you. Do you have to ask for help? “

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