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Chapter 2352: close call

Wendi Here, stood up, walked in front of Dong Tianbao squat, hand grabbing Dong Tianbao hair, forcing his face with his blood Dong Tianbao four items on See.

“Dong Tianbao, Yash Nics will not spare you.”

“Cooperating with me is your only chance to stand up!”

“You help me deal with Yash Nics, you find a chance to secretly follow my instructions in Yash Nics’s diet Yash Nics will soon die suddenly, and the doctors can’t find out the real cause of death.”

“After it’s done, you won’t have to repay the gambling debts you owed, and I will reward you with another 3 billion.

” How?”

Dong Tianbao laughed.

Wendi Deng smiled when he saw this.

However, Dong Tianbao suddenly changed his face and spit out a mouthful of bloody sputum on Wendi Deng’s face.

“Dog stuff, I just know now. It turns out that you and Chen Jinxiong’s bastard are in the same group. You have already set up a game to calculate me.”

“I was so calculated by you and lost so much money.”

“But there is. something you counted wrong, I Dong Tianbao even death, would never betray Marshal, you kind of kill me now, or I despise you. ”


Deng Wendi slapped Dong Tianbao with a slap, took out his handkerchief and wiped the bloody sputum on his face.

The national teacher among the five tiger generals behind him suggested: “Master, this guy is like a pit stone, smelly and hard.”

“Since he refuses to cooperate, I think we still don’t bother to waste time on him. “The

giant spirit god also said with an anger: “Yes, master, I just stomped on this guy to death, let’s go directly to Yash Nics.”

Wendi Deng shook his head and said, “No, he must submit!”

After speaking, Wendi Deng beckoned, and one of his men immediately brought a syringe with white liquid in it.

Wendi Deng took the syringe and said to Dong Tianbao with a sneer: “I have seen countless hard bones like you, but they were all placed on this thing in the end.”

Seeing Dong Tianbao’s uncertain eyes, Deng Wendi smiled more and more proudly. Said: “You are wondering what is in this syringe, but it is actually a very common thing. It can make you addicted to drugs and become a drug addict.”

Dong Tianbao’s expression completely changed.

Seeing that Dong Tianbao was scared, Deng Wendi laughed triumphantly: “Hahaha, are you scared?”

“When you become addicted to drugs and become addicts, you will kneel and beg me every time you have a drug addiction. At that time, don’t say that I let you kill Yash Nics, even if I let you kill your parents, after your drug addiction, you will do the same.”

Dong Tianbao heard the words, full of horror.

He sprang up suddenly and slammed into the wall next to him. He would rather commit suicide.

However, he hasn’t hit the wall yet, and the national division next to him has moved.

With a flash of figure, the national teacher had already stopped in front of Dong Tianbao, raised his hand to pinch Dong Tianbao’s neck, and lifted Dong Tianbao up with one hand.

“Jiejie, my master forbids you to die. Even death is an extravagant hope. Obediently accept the reality.”

Wendi Deng handed the syringe to the giant spirit god next to him and said, “Come on, give him a shot.”

The Giant Spirit God took the syringe, walked up to Dong Tianbao grinningly, raised his hand and pierced the syringe toward Dong Tianbao’s chest.

Dong Tianbao was controlled by the national teacher. He struggled desperately and couldn’t get rid of the slightest. He could only watch the needles keep approaching. He couldn’t help but close his eyes in despair…

Just in the midst of this moment, suddenly A little red light, lasing came.


The syringe in the hands of the giant spirit god was directly shattered by the red dots coming from the lasing.

The giant spirit god was taken aback.

Everyone at the scene was also taken aback.

The giant spirit god threw away the half of the syringe in his hand and lowered his head to find that the thing that had just flown was a cigarette butt.


Using a cigarette butt to smash the syringe in his hand?

He looked in the direction where the cigarettes came from

, and shouted angrily : “Who?” Deng Wendi and others also looked in the direction of the giant spirit god.

Then he was shocked to find that a man with a tall figure and a star-like star, with nine of his men, walked in from the outside unhurriedly.

This star-eyed man is Yash Nics.

When Dian Chu saw Yash Nics, his whole body trembled, and he lost his voice: “Young handsome…”

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