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Chapter 2353: It seems that there is no any last words

Ning Dong Tianbao had to act very angry, but the time just came to see Dong Tianbao better to die would not betray him.

Seeing Dong Tianbao’s blood and dying appearance again at this moment, the mood at this moment can only be described by hating iron and steel.

He walked in with a calm face, looked around the scene, his eyes fell on Wendi Deng.

“It’s you clowns hiding behind your back and making ghosts?” When

Wendi Deng saw Yash Nics, his expression was very surprised. He had no idea that Yash Nics would come to Tai O and be here.

However, he quickly recovered.

He regained his composure and smiled and said, “Hehe, I wanted to solve you with the least cost, but I didn’t expect you to come to the door.”

“If that’s the case, then I don’t bother to be so troublesome. I still use a simple and rude way. Solve it.”

Yash Nics said indifferently: “Is there any last words?”

Wendi Deng sneered: “Hehe, I have heard that Yash Nics is crazy, but I didn’t expect you to be crazy than the rumors. Today, no one will die. You know!”

Yash Nics said: “It seems that there are no last words.”

“Take them down!”

“Yes, Master!”

Dian Chu and the eight tiger guards moved suddenly.

Wendi Deng snapped his fingers and said coldly: “Send them on the road.”

Dozens of elite men on the scene immediately rushed out to meet Dian Chu and the Eight Tigers.

The two sides fought each other, and the battle broke out instantly.

Deng Wendi saw his men fighting together with the Dianchu Eight Tiger Guards, and immediately said to the five tigers around him: “You five go together, and no one should hide their own personalities. Take out their skills at the bottom of the box and take down Yash Nics. . ” ”

Yes, master! ‘

wearing brass knuckles of Juling Shen, handheld Tieguai lame, ghostly national division knife Takuhatsu, the scholar sword, five almost simultaneous move, Feng Chi Zhi Glide towards Yash Nics.

The giant spirit god is like an angry rhino, charging at the forefront. He raised his hand to face Yash Nics with a punch, and roared: “Death!”

Yash Nics snorted coldly, and raised his hand with a punch.


Yash Nics’s fist violently collided with the huge fist of the giant spirit god wearing a finger tiger.


The fingers of the giant spirit god shattered directly.

Immediately afterwards, his palm bones were completely shattered, and the back of his hand was swollen into buns.


He let out a muffled grunt with pain on his face.

Yash Nics flew with an elbow, and his knee hit the giant spirit god’s chest fiercely.


Like being hit by a train, the giant spirit god flew out with a distorted figure, and fell to the ground with a bang.

At this moment, the national teacher had already been killed, and his hands were so phantom that he slapped Yash Nics’s chest with three consecutive palms.

With his skill, even if Yash Nics was a big rock, these three palms would be crushed.

However, his three palms slapped Yash Nics’s body, as if hitting steel. Yash Nics’s figure stood still. Instead, his own palms shook and his arms were numb.

The national teacher was horrified and looked up at Yash Nics in disbelief.

Yash Nics slapped his hand up!


Yash Nics slapped Yash Nics firmly on the face of the national teacher.

This slap is so cruel.

It directly smashed the left cheek bone of the national teacher and flew out diagonally.


National Division was hit as Thunder Monkey, fall to the ground when the feet have been straight ……

Yash Nics Ganggang spike National Division, ears weapons piercing whistling sound, turned out to be a cross Takuhatsu The sword and the scholar’s sword are here.

Yash Nics stepped back slightly, avoiding the scholar’s sword, and then buckled the scholar’s wrist like lightning, controlled the scholar’s long sword, and used the scholar’s sword grid to block the sword of Toutuo.


Yash Nics grabbed the scholar’s wrist and threw Lightning at the knife of Tuo Tuo, and then seized the opportunity to pierce Tuo’s throat with a sword.

When Yash Nics pierced through Toutuo’s throat, he backhanded the scholar an elbow.


The scholar spouted a mouthful of blood, stepped back a few steps, and fell with his head up.

Yash Nics’s movements were smooth and flowing. In this moment, four of the five tigers under Deng Wendi’s commander had been killed by Yash Nics.

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