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Chapter 2360: raid

in the sight of the gun two or three, these are well in line with Security Code Chu tied the knot.

Yash Nics ordered the two tiger guards to stay in the security room and notify everyone to evacuate if there is an emergency.

Then, Yash Nics said to Dianchu and Zhao Yun: “You split up and must find my daughter in the shortest possible time.”

“Also, after you find it, take her to evacuate as soon as possible.”

Dianchu and Zhao Yun said together: ” Yes!”

Soon, Dianchu and Zhao Yun took their men and went separately.

Yash Nics walked out of the guard room and his eyes fell on the tallest skyscraper in the distance. He knew that this was the headquarters of the Noah Group, and Li Peisi was there.

He squinted his eyes and quickly walked towards the skyscraper.

Although Yash Nics tried to avoid as much as possible while walking on the streets of the small town, he still encountered some passersby.

Surprisingly, these passers-by didn’t feel surprised when they saw him, and they just passed him by.

It turns out that the employees of Noah Group come from all over the world. There are people of all skin colors here, and of course there are Asian faces.

in addition!

Li Peisi has many subordinates. These subordinates are masters from all over the world. For example, Wendi Deng is a typical Asian face.

Therefore, when people here saw Yash Nics, they didn’t think elsewhere.

Yash Nics had just walked to the door of Noah Building. With the wireless earphones in his ears, Dian Chu’s voice came from: “Marshal, we quickly searched the eastern half, and there is no trace of the young lady.” He

followed, Zhao Yun’s voice came from the earphone again: “Young Marshal, we searched the western half, but we didn’t find the little lady. I guess the little lady is in Noah’s office building.”

Yash Nics frowned slightly and said coldly: “Cooperate with me and force them to let go.”

Yash Nics’s words just fell!

A group of people quickly trot out of the Noah Building.

The head is a blond and blue-eyed man, this guy is burly, two meters tall.

He is Li Peisi’s capable man, Lion King Roddy.

It turned out that a camera captured Yash Nics’s face, which could not be recognized in the employee system, and an alarm was issued.

Roddy knew that someone had broken in, so he hurried out with a group of men to check.

Unexpectedly, as soon as I left the door, I ran into Yash Nics.

Others don’t know Yash Nics, but Roddy has read Yash Nics’s information.

He recognized Yash Nics at a glance. He was surprised and delighted. He said in his not fluent Chinese: “Good guy, I said who broke in, it turned out to be you!”

“Our boss thought you would be able to catch up tomorrow. Here, I didn’t expect you to have come so soon.” I

heard that this is Yash Nics. The dozen or so subordinates behind Roddy drew their guns together and pointed at Yash Nics.

Yash Nics seemed to turn a blind eye to the pistols in front of him, and said indifferently: “Since you know it is me, immediately let go, I can still save your life.”

Roddy grinned and said: “Hehe, Yash Nics, you probably don’t know, we The boss has ordered us to kill you as soon as you show up. From the moment you show up in front of my eyes, your life is no longer yours.”

Roddy finished speaking, raised his right hand, and waved to order. gun.

However, at the moment he raised his right hand.

There was a bang of a sniper rifle in the distance, and Roddy’s right hand just raised was directly shattered by the bullet.

It was no one else who fired the gun, it was Dian Chu who had just arrived nearby.

Dian Chu saw that Yash Nics was in danger, and did not hesitate to use a sniper rifle to knock out Roddy’s right hand.

Roddy looked at his right arm, only half of his left arm, his face was full of pain, his eyes opened wide in horror, and the screams were about to be heard.

But at this time, Dian Chu had already fired a second shot quickly.


This shot directly knocked Roddy off half of his head.

The men behind Roddy were all stupid seeing the tragic death of the captain.

They recovered after a while. Some raised their pistols angrily and wanted to shoot at Yash Nics; others screamed and turned and ran away…

But, Dian Chu and Bahuwei’s The sniper rifle has been sounded continuously…

Bang Bang Bang…

The few guys who raised their pistols and wanted to shoot Yash Nics were killed in the first place.

The rest of the guys who turned and screamed and fled, did not run a few steps, and were all knocked down by bullets…

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