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Chapter 2362: This is the boss of your grievances with Mr. Yash


Li Peisi smashed a teacup to the ground and smashed it to pieces. He angrily said to the black mamba: “Gather all the subordinates, tactics of crowds, and direct charges. No matter how heavy the price is, Yash Nics must be destroyed. They.”

Hei Mamba stood there still with a face full of embarrassment.

Li Peisi’s eyes widened: “Black Mamba, don’t you even dare to listen to me?” Hey

Mamba persuaded embarrassedly: “The people who were killed and wounded were heavy. Everyone knows that the people Yash Nics brought are all sharpshooters. No one wants to risk a mortal result…”

Li Peisi opened the drawer, took out a desert eagle, pointed to the bald head of the black mamba, and said coldly: “The subordinates are not willing to risk

Deadly charge, then you will take the lead yourself!” Hei Mamba opened his eyes wide and looked at Li Peisi in disbelief.

Li Peisi has a hideous face and cruel eyes. He looks like a crazy and inhuman beast.

Black Mamba knew that if he dared to say a word, his head would bloom on the spot.

He lowered his head and whispered: “Yes!”

Li Peisi said coldly: “Get out!”

Black Mamba left.

Li Peisi sat back in the chair and put the Desert Eagle on the desk.

He glanced at the tearful Song Qingqing beside him, and smiled grimly: “Don’t worry, my men are ready to come out and crush your father. Soon you will be able to see your father. It’s just a corpse, ha. Haha…”

However, to Li Peisi’s surprise, he hasn’t heard the rush of gunshots for a long time.

He was surprised to find the black mamba and ask what was going on?

But at this moment, the office door was pushed open, and the black mamba walked in.

But before he could speak, the Black Mamba stepped aside and respectfully made a please gesture outside the door.

Immediately afterwards, an unbelievable scene happened to Li Peisi.

A man wearing a Chinese camouflage uniform with a tall stature, handsome face and cold eyes, stepped on his army boots and walked in unhurriedly.

It turned out to be Yash Nics!

For a moment, Li Peisi was stunned.

Song Qingqing couldn’t help but shouted excitedly: “Dad!”

Li Peisi heard Song Qingqing’s voice and immediately recovered, subconsciously wanting to pick up the pistol on the table.

But Yash Nics said

indifferently : “If I were you, I wouldn’t dare to be that way!” Li Peisi was startled, but he still reached out for a gun like lightning.


At the moment his finger touched the Desert Eagle, Yash Nics had pulled out the gun from his waist and pulled the trigger.

The bullet hit Li Peisi and stretched out the palm of the right hand of the Desert Eagle, directly hitting Li Peisi’s right hand to bloody flesh.


Li Peisi snorted, clutching his injured right hand, and fell back into the chair.


Song Qingqing took the opportunity to run towards Yash Nics.

Yash Nics picked up his daughter with one hand, still holding the gun with his right hand, and the pistol still pointed at Li Peisi.

The black mamba next to him turned a blind eye.

Li Peisi was shocked and angry. He clutched his injured right hand and glared at the black mamba: “How dare you betray me?”

Hei Mamba watched his nose and mouth, and replied blankly: “The brothers outside think that this is a personal grievance between you and Mr. Yash, the boss. You shouldn’t let so many brothers blame you for your personal grievances.

Go to death.” Hei Mamba said here and glanced at Li Peisi: “And I think so too, so I chose to invite Mr. Yash to come up, let Mr. Yash and the boss, alone resolve your grievances.”

Li Peisi almost heard the word . Furious.

However, he knew very well that it was not Black Mamba who was killing him now, but Yash Nics.

He trembled to Yash Nics and begged for mercy: “Yash Nics, please let me go. I will never trouble you anymore. I will never call your Ningda company’s attention anymore. I will never dare anymore. Kidnapped your daughter…”

Yash Nics said lightly: “It’s late, I told you a long time ago, you will regret it when I come.”

Yash Nics finished speaking, and pressed her daughter’s head with her left hand . Into her arms, forcing her daughter to be invisible, and then the pistol in his right hand fired with a bang.

There was a blood hole on Li Peisi’s forehead, and he leaned back on the boss’s chair, staring at him, as if he couldn’t believe the moment he died, that he would die under Yash Nics’s hand.

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