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Chapter 2364: This look is your punishment

Ning sailed asked: “That woman is going to use the children married in it?”

Zhangbo Tang said: “She wants to host Without success, the child was lost again, and finally became mentally ill, and passed away every two years. ”

Song Pingting’s biological mother is dead!

Yash Nics said coldly: “You

scumbag .” Zhang Botang smiled miserably: “Yes, I am a scumbag. The family arranged everything for me, and also arranged for me a marriage. Everyone is the right lady.”

“But. I still fall in love with other women, but it’s a pity that I can’t give her anything, and in the end

I lost her life.” “There are also my children and her children, who are also living outside. I owe them their mother and daughter.”

Yash Nics said coldly: “So the way you choose to compensate your daughter is to do everything possible to take possession of her company, unite outsiders to deal with her, and even kill her husband and children?”

Zhang Botang’s face flushed and his mouth was dumb. Word.

Yash Nics said indifferently: “I planned to kill you with a single shot.”

“But I was afraid that my wife would forgive you in the future. When I wanted to see you, I found that you were killed by me.”

“So it depends on my wife. For good reason, I keep your dog’s life.”

“But you remember, if I want to kill you, I can appear in front of you anytime and kill you as easily as a dog.”

“Understand? “”

Zhang Botang sweated profusely, and said with a trembling: “Yes, I understand.”

Yash Nics picked up the pistol and stood up, and said coldly: “Remember, you will not be allowed to step into China in the future, you People with your Zhang family must not show up in front of my wife.”

“Unless my wife wants to see you, otherwise you will never see him.”

Zhang Botang said: “Yes, I know.”

Yash Nics raised his hand, and the butt of the pistol hit Zhang Botang’s face severely.

With a snap, Zhang Botang’s face was covered with blood, and he fell down with a miserable hum.

“This is the punishment for your kidnapping my daughter.”

Yash Nics finished speaking, took out a handkerchief and wiped the blood on the handle of the gun, turned and left, and soon disappeared into the darkness.

Before long, the bodyguards and servants who heard the abnormal noise hurried over.

When everyone saw Mr. Zhang’s door open, they rushed in, only to find Mr. Zhang lying on the ground with blood on his face.

Everyone panicked and helped Zhang Botang up and asked in horror: “Mr. Zhang, what’s the matter?” Zhang

Botang clutched his blood-filled face, shook his head with difficulty and said it was all right, then glanced at the family and his men around him, slowly. Said: “Order to go down, our Zhang family shall not embarrass Ting Ting anymore…”

Everyone looked at each other.

Two days later, a passenger plane landed slowly at Mannity Airport.

Yash Nics hugged her daughter, took Dianchu and others, and got off the plane.

As soon as I walked out of the airport, I saw Song Pingting, Tong Ke, Song Zhongbin, Ma Xiaoli, and Song Qingsong from a distance.


Seeing her husband returning safely with her daughter, Song Pingting couldn’t help crying with joy and rushed up.


During the period when Song Qingqing was kidnapped, he was worried. At this time, seeing his mother again, she couldn’t help but get excited, broke free from Yash Nics’s arms, and ran towards her mother.

Song Pingting held her daughter tightly, choked with sobs: “Good dear, mom is scared to death!”

Song Qingqing chuckled and said, “With my dad here, I knew I would be fine. My dad came and rescued me.”

Song Pingting wiped her tears when she heard the words, looked up at her husband, eyes full of tenderness.

Yash Nics smiled and said, “It’s okay.”

Song Pingting asked in a low voice, “Is everything resolved?”

Yash Nics smiled and said, “Li Peisi has been punished, and as for Zhang Botang, he also knew that he was wrong. , I promise that I will not disturb our lives in the future.”

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