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Chapter 2367: The Hero Returns

Alcatraz Island airport!

Two planes are waiting to fly.

After saying goodbye to Max with eight ace agents, Marshall boarded the first plane well-trained, and the plane quickly soared into the sky.

Marshall’s mission this time was to enter China and behead Yash Nics in Jiangnan Province in China and retaliate with teeth.

Marshall’s plane disappeared into the sky, and Max looked back.

He turned his head and looked at his side, he had already cleaned up, shaved off his beard, and straightened his hair, looking elegant Qiao Keting.

Max knew that Ruya was just the appearance of Qiao Keting, and this guy had a terrifying destructive power like a scourge in his bones, and he was hailed as China’s peerless powerhouse once in a century.

“Mr. Joe, Marshall is already one step ahead, and you should also set off for China.”

“After Marshall completes his mission in Jiangnan Province, he will join you in the capital and work for you.”

“If you need any help, Yes, you can also tell him that he will tell me your request, and I will try my best to meet your request.”

Qiao Keting said indifferently: “Goodbye!”

After saying that, he lifted his foot and boarded slowly . airplane.

Before long, the plane took off and went straight to the east.

China, Jiangnan Province, Mannity City.

Today, Yash Nics had a video conference with the subordinates of the Dudufu Mansion as usual, and arranged some daily work, when the meeting was about to end.

Lu Shaocong, Director of the Office of the Governor’s Office, suddenly reported to Yash Nics: “The Governor, there is one thing that must be reported to you.”

Yash Nics said flatly: “What’s the matter?”

Lu Shaocong couldn’t hide his excitement: “You are the Chinese God of War of this generation. Before you, the previous generation of God of War dates back more than 20 years. The gentleman who was born and shocked the world is Qiao Keting.”

“Qiao Keting and his family. Traveling abroad was besieged by a large number of mysterious strong

men .” “It is rumored that Qiao Keting’s last family died.”

Yash Nics said: “I have heard of this, and there has always been a saying in the military that if it was not Qiao Keting’s accidental death that year, then China is going to be stronger now.”

Lu Shaocong said excitedly: “Recently, I got news that General Qiao was not dead, and that he will return to China soon, and Qiao Warshen is back.”

Most of the people in the video conference are in their 40s or 50s. Over the age of, everyone basically knows that Qiao Keting was great back then. At this time, I heard that Qiao Warshen was not dead, and he returned to the country immediately. Everyone was overjoyed.

Yash Nics was a little surprised: “What’s the matter?”

Lu Shaocong said excitedly: “It is said that Qiao Keting’s family was attacked by a mysterious master on a cruise ship. Qiao Warshen’s family members were all dead, and Qiao Keting was also seriously injured and fell into the sea.”

“Everyone thought that God of War Qiao was dead.”

“But recently we learned that God of War Qiao was not dead, and he is coming back.”

“According to God of War Qiao, he was rescued by a fisherman on a remote beach after he fell into the sea that year. He got up, but his head injury caused amnesia, and he could not remember his identity.”

“He has lived in a fisherman’s house . He recently went out to sea with fishermen to go fishing. In the stormy weather, under the thunder and lightning, his memory suddenly awakened. , Remembered his identity and the past.”

“So he announced his return to the motherland.”

Yash Nics heard the words: “If I remember correctly, when Qiao Warshen disappeared, he was already the rank of lieutenant general.”

“He once stood. Although the heroic military exploits have disappeared for 20 years, we must receive the heroes back now.”

“By the way, when will General Qiao come back?”

Lu Shaocong said: “It is said that God of War Qiao has a grandma, and now lives in Dongying. He came back from the west this time, and first visited his grandma in Dongying. After three days in Dongying, he will be real. Return to China and return to the capital.”

Yash Nics nodded: “Well, three days later, the military will hold a grand welcoming ceremony to welcome the heroes home. I will also be there to welcome the return of General Qiao with everyone.”

Lu Shaocong and others said together: “Yes!” After the

work video conference was over, Yash Nics came out of the office at home.

He called Dianchu and said: “You arrange it, I need to go back to Beijing in two days.”

Dianchu said: “Yes!”

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