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Chapter 2369: Let go!

At this moment, I saw a middle-aged and well-dressed man in a white suit with a slightly bald head appeared in front of everyone.

This middle-aged man is Ke Wencong.

When everyone saw President Ke coming, they immediately surrounded Ke Wencong, and the stars surrounded Ke Wencong like a moon, and kept saying hello.

Ke Wencong smiled and greeted everyone. When his eyes fell on one of the tall black men, he hurried to greet them and said with a smile: “Johnny, your group of overseas students just came to our China. Are you still used to these days in college?”

Johnny smiled in fluent Chinese: “Principal, we are used to listening here. The only thing we are not used to is that you are more conservative. It is difficult for us international students to find girlfriends. ”

Johnny’s words fell, and the black men on the scene all started booing, their wretched appearances were like a group of orangutans in heat.

The female alumni at the scene had different expressions. Some looked at these strong black men with interest, and some, such as Tong Kezhi, showed expressions of disgust.

Ke Wencong smiled and comforted Johnny and said: “Haha, Johnny, what you said is that our side is more traditional and reserved.”

“But don’t worry, I will hold alumni party this time and find so many outstanding female alumni.

Here , in fact, I want to solve the problem that you don’t have a girlfriend.” “You know, many of our beautiful female alumni have successful careers, but have never had a boyfriend.”

“Johnny, you excellent men, just happen to be with you They match, hahaha.”

Johnny and the others couldn’t help but look at the female alumni on the scene. They saw Tong Ke and others all look very beautiful, and all of them were squinted. Look.

Tong Ke came to participate in the alumni association enthusiastically, but what she never expected was that Principal Ke’s idea was that she wanted to match them up and fall in love with these black international students.

She was frightened and angry, and was about to say goodbye euphemistically.

But at this moment, Ke Wencong walked towards her and smiled and said to her: “Tong Ke, I remember you, you were the school flower of our school at the beginning. I heard that you worked for the Ningda Group after graduation? ”

Tong Ke nodded: “Yes!”

Ke Wencong smiled: “Tong Ke is a small classmate, but I heard that you seem to be single.”

“What’s the matter, haven’t you met a suitable man?

” Let the principal introduce one to you. This is Johnny from the Urala country in Africa. He is now an international student in our school. He is strong and very man. It is just right to be your boyfriend.”

Johnny had noticed Tong Ke a long time ago. Hearing what the principal said at this time, he couldn’t help grinning at Tong Ke.

Tong Ke’s face changed in an instant, flushed with anger, and refused: “No, I don’t need the principal to worry about my love…”

However, Tong Ke’s angry blush was seen in the eyes of Ke Wencong and Johnny and others. Here, it is a shy performance.

Ke Wencong’s female assistant Tan Yanhong smiled like an old bustard and said: “Tong Ke, everyone is an adult, so don’t be so shy and reserved.”

“The figure of Johnny is really strong and great. A woman can bear it. I can’t

help but feel my heart.” “If you don’t believe me, you can reach out and touch his strong pectoral muscles…”

Tan Yanhong said, coming over and grabbing Tong Ke’s hand and pressing it on Johnny’s chest!

Johnny raised his chest triumphantly, waiting for Tong Ke’s soft little hand to fall on his chest.

Tong Ke’s face changed drastically, struggling to shrink her hands.

But Tan Yanhong firmly grasped Tong Ke’s hand, and kept saying: “Just feel it, feel it, and you won’t get pregnant if you touch it. Why are you panicking…”

At this time, Yash Nics said coldly: “Stop it!”

“Old bustard, you let me go of her hand.”

Yash Nics’s cold mouth , the audience was silent for an instant, and the needle drop was audible.

Everyone looked at Yash Nics with different expressions.

Tan Yanhong’s eyes widened even more, and her face was full of disbelief.

Tong Ke took the opportunity to break free of Tan Yanhong’s hand and ran back behind Yash Nics.

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