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Chapter 2372: Schedule plainly

after he learned that the end of the line of people, turned out to be the top leader of the education system, he scared almost fainted on the spot.

He couldn’t help shaking his hand holding the phone.

His words became uncomfortable, and he became trembling: “Originally… it turned out to be Minister Ge, hello, Minister Ge…”

Ge Weimin said solemnly, “Which are you?”

Ke Wencong trembled Speakingly, he told the other party that he was Ke Wencong, the vice president of Jiangnan Medical University.

Ge Weimin is still wondering who is such a tiger, who is so tugging to talk to himself?

Unexpectedly, it was just the vice president of a university.

His tone became more and more serious in an instant: “Vice President Ke, how many fake wines have you drunk, dare you call me for five or six drinks?”

“Do you have any leaders in your mind?”

“And you are ? How did you get my emergency contact number?”

Ke Wencong was frightened with cold hands and feet when he heard this.

He heard Ge Weimin’s last words, and he was very excited, and quickly said: “Minister Ge, I’m sorry, I really don’t know this is your mobile phone number, I was completely fooled.”

“This mobile phone number is a phone number. ……” When

Ke Wencong said this, he suddenly realized that he still doesn’t know the name of this kid in front of him?

Yash Nics smiled and said: “Yash Nics!”

Ke Wencong heard what Yash Nics said, and immediately said to Ge Weimin in the phone: “Yash Nics, yes, this kid said he was called Yash Nics.”

“He not only destroys our friendship .” Activities, they insulted me as a Muyang dog and beat my black international students.”

“I said I was looking for his leadership theory, but I didn’t expect this kid to fool me and gave Minister Ge your mobile phone number to me…”

Ge Weimin heard Yash Nics’s name, and the sky was already rolling in his heart.

Yash Nics is the secret of the general governor. Although it is still a secret, the senior officials of China have basically known this secret since Xiang Lao’s accident.

As the Minister of Education, Ge Weimin naturally knows this secret.

When he heard that this incident involved the chief governor, his scalp was already numb.

He didn’t wait for Ke Wencong to finish, and said in anger: “Shut up.”

Ke Wencong was dumbfounded when he heard the words: “Minister Ge?”

“Don’t call me!”

Ge Weimin was already shaking with anger at this time, and he said angrily: “We A big country, thousands of years of civilization, did not give you any cultural self-confidence.”

“As an educator, you are actually a foreign dog in the current period.”

“Now you apologize to the chief governor and then apologize to me. The organization confessed its mistakes and accepted the punishment!”

Ge Weimin was furious and accidentally exploded the secret of Yash Nics’s identity.

The three words “Dadu Du” sounded like thunder in Ke Wencong’s ears.

He trembled all over, and the phone could not be held firmly, and he fell to the ground with a snap, and fell to pieces.

Everyone on the scene looked at Yash Nics with horror. The man in front of him turned out to be an extremely mysterious and powerful governor?

Ke Wencong knelt directly in front of Yash Nics with a soft foot and a plop.


Dadu Governor!” Yash Nics frowned slightly. He didn’t expect Ge Weimin to explode his identity in anger.

He looked at Ke

Wencong who was kneeling in front of him coldly, and said indifferently: “Now that I know who I am, do you want me to lose my job?” Dong Dong Dong…

Ke Wencong squatted his head desperately in fright. Cried and said: “The Governor, I was wrong. I don’t know Taishan. I beg the Governor to give me a chance…”

Yash Nics said coldly, “Your fault is really wrong. Don’t you know me?”

“Your real fault is that you fawn on foreigners, betray your female compatriots to please foreigners, and that you have lost our face in China.”

Yash Nics looked at Ke Wencong indifferently. To Tan Yanhong, coldly said: “You go back to prepare, I will arrange for you two to teach in Africa.”

“If your performance is satisfactory, you can show our Chinese style in front of foreigners and earn one for us. Put your face away, then you can return to your country when that time comes.”

“Otherwise, you will stay there forever!” It’s


Ke Wencong and Tan Yanhong had this desperate thought in their minds at the same time, and both of them went black and passed out on the spot.

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