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Chapter 2391: White Tiger master of the house


Huashan, Baijia.

For miles, the ancient buildings built against the mountain are magnificent and magnificent.

At this moment, an old man in black clothes was reading the ancient chess book in the library.

He is the current patriarch of the White Tiger family, Bai Qianshan.

In his life, Bai Qianshan had three good skills, good martial arts, good wine, and good chess.

At this time, he was looking through the ancient chess book, and a maid next to him was playing the guqin.

Just when he was looking attentively, suddenly there was a sound of fast footsteps outside, and Bai Yujing, the head of the Bai family, hurried in.

When Bai Yujing saw Bai Qianshan, he met his head and bowed: “Master…”

Bai Qianshan raised his hand to stop Bai Yujing from speaking, his eyes did not leave the ancient chess book, and he only said faintly: “Even if there is a big day. Let me talk about the matter after reading this chess record.”

Bai Yujing has nothing but respectful sleeves standing aside and waiting.

Half an hour passed!

Bai Qianshan finally finished reading the chess book. While putting down the ancient chess book, he sighed and said: “It’s amazing. The ancients’ chess layout is very poor, but the moderate game is extremely sharp. The ending is even more like the hand of God. Unbelievable.” After

he finished speaking, he looked up at Bai Yujing and said faintly: “Let’s talk, what’s the matter?”

Bai Yujing lowered his head and whispered: “Master, Master Long Fei is back from Beijing.”

Bai Qianshan A little surprised: “I came back so soon, let him represent our Bai family, congratulate General Qiao on the return of the king. He didn’t make any mistakes, didn’t do anything to provoke General Qiao’s dissatisfaction?”

Bai Yujing said: “No, Joe The general is very satisfied with the choice of our White Tiger family to support him.”


Bai Qianshan frowned: “But what?”

Bai Yujing whispered: “But Master Long Fei, he provoked another person in the capital and was interrupted by that person’s left foot. ”


Upon hearing this, Bai Qianshan stood up suddenly.


The maid next to her was also surprised and broke a string when she was playing the piano.

The sound of the piano stopped abruptly.

In the entire library, needles can be heard, and the atmosphere is depressing.

Bai Qianshan slowly said: “Our Bai family is a hidden family, not a declining family. In just a few decades, without any major actions, the world dares to forget our Bai family and dare to move our Bai family’s children?”

“Say, who is the one who injured my Long Fei?”

Bai Yujing didn’t dare to breathe, bit the bullet and said: “It’s Yash Nics, the former commander of the Northern Army, who is known as the god of war.”

Yash Nics?

Bai Qianshan frowned slightly when he heard Yash Nics’s name.

He had heard of Yash Nics. Although the Bai family was hidden from the world, the Bai family paid close attention to many major national events.

After hearing that the person who interrupted Bai Longfei was Yash Nics, Bai Qianshan was slightly less angry.

Although the Bai family is not afraid of Yash Nics, Yash Nics is not simple in the end, he was once a general guarding one side.

Although it is said that Yash Nics is now being left out in the cold, he is at home at leisure.

But Bai Qianshan felt that there was no need to offend a character like Yash Nics because of a junior.

He just wanted to say that he tried his best to bear with it and let it pass.

However, Bai Yujing said at this time: “Yash Nics not only wounded Master Long Fei, but he also said something else…”

Bai Qianshan frowned when he heard the words, and said displeased: “He hurt my grandson and bullied my Bai family. He was still talking, what did he say, let me listen to it?”

Bai Yu Jingdao: “Yash Nics said that Master Yunfei insulted Qin Xin, and he asked Master Yunfei to be in front of Qin Xin within three days.”

“If Master Yunfei fails to follow suit, he will catch up The Bai family, interrupted Young Master Yun Fei’s feet, dragged Young Master Yun Fei like a dead dog to Miss Qin to apologize. ”


In anger, Bai Qianshan shattered the small leaf red sandalwood coffee table in front of him with a palm.

He furiously said: “Little Yash Nics, dare to

speak wild words, so ignore my Bai family.” “Also, didn’t you say that Long Fei had a holiday with him?”

“Why does he ask Yun Fei to apologize?”

Bai Yujing lowered. The head said: “Master Yun Fei has traveled abroad for the past two years, and he has a good relationship with women. Miss Qin Jia had a relationship with Yun Fei for a while, but Yun Fei wanted to break up, and Miss Qin Jia refused to force her to death.

” In the end, it seemed that Miss Qin’s family entered the hospital, and the Qin family was very angry.”

“Yash Nics is a student of the Qin family. This time she was a student of the Qin family and asked Master Yun Fei to plead guilty to Jing.”

Bai Qianshan said angrily, “Men Huan. Female love, stay together when it fits, and separate when it doesn’t fit. It’s a normal thing.”

“The Qin family didn’t say anything about this. Yash Nics is an outsider, what qualifications does it have?”

“And who does he think he is? he is the main country or viceroy, had the audacity to bluster, we say fight on the white house? ” ”

Ok, I command you to come back immediately Yunfei, I’d like to see, after three days, he Ning Do you have the courage to call my Bai family?”

Bai Yujing said: “Yes, sir.”

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