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Chapter 2392: White House branded

the capital!

At the Dudu’s Mansion, Yash Nics is correcting official documents.

Dian Chu and Lu Shaocong are on the sidelines, listening to the news at any time.

While correcting the official document, Yash Nics asked Lu Shaocong faintly: “Didn’t the Lord say that he wants to appoint Qiao Keting as deputy governor? When will Qiao Keting report to the governor’s

office ?” Lu Shaocong quickly said: “I just got the news. Come back, give Qiao Keting half a month to reunite with his family.”

“It is said that after half a month, on the first day of October, Qiao Keting will report to the Dudu’s Mansion and assume the post of deputy governor.”

Yash Nics nodded, “Okay!”

Yash Nics put down the approved document and let Lu Shaocong take it.

Then, he looked at Dian Chu and asked calmly: “I asked you to pass the word to the Bai family in the West, let Bai Yun fly to apologize to Miss Qin, and ask for Ms. Qin’s forgiveness. How did the Bai family express its position? Bai Yun flew to bear Jing apologized. it “?

Dian Chu said:” Bai Yunfei did not come “! ”

In addition, it is said Qianshan Changbai white family let it be said that you kind of just let the young master to Xijing Mountain, to the white house to try. ”

Ning slight frown:” I thought it was the juniors of the Bai family who were out there, and the elders didn’t know it.”

“Now I understand that the reason why the juniors are outside or acting wrong is entirely because the family elders are indulging them!”

Dian Chu just wanted to ask. Would you like to arrange a trip to Huashan in the west?

But at this moment, the phone on Yash Nics’s desk rang.

Yash Nics picked up the phone, but Qin Heng’s old and sad voice came from the phone: “Xiao Ning, it’s me.”

Yash Nics was surprised: “Teacher, what’s the matter, why did you call me personally?”

Qin Heng said sadly: “My niece Qin Xin, who was regarded as a daughter, just took advantage of the care of her relatives and jumped off the roof of the inpatient department and died.”

Yash Nics lost his voice: “What?”

Qin Heng said: ” Ever since Qin Xin found out that Bai Yunfei was a scumbag, she tried to find Bai Yunfei to be kicked and miscarried, and she was stopped for several suicides.”

“Last night, it seemed that Bai Yunfei called her. ”

Bai Yunfei misunderstood that she was looking for someone to retaliate against him, so she said something awkward.”

“Qin Xin’s silly girl, today took advantage of the caretaker’s attention and committed suicide by jumping off the building.”


Yash Nics was both frightened and angry, and at the same time he blamed himself.

“Teacher, I blamed me for not handling this matter.”

Qin Heng sighed, “No wonder you, that girl Qin Xin has a bad life. She has been very serious about everything since she was a child, and love is the same.

” I haven’t been in love since I grew up. The first time I fell in love, I fell in love to death. It was completely overkill, and finally took my own life.”

Yash Nics was silent, self-blaming and sad, and also very angry.

Qin Heng said: “I just called to tell you. I am very angry. It is absolutely not enough for Bai Yunfei to apologize for this matter.”

Yash Nics said slowly, “Teacher, I understand.”

Qin Heng said, “Okay .” I was tired, so I wanted to go to the funeral home under the Qin heart one last time, do you figure it out. ”

Ning said:” good! ”

hang up the phone, Ning very ugly face.

He spoke coldly, with a murderous voice: “Dian Chu, get ready, I’m going to the Western Realm in person and hit the Bai family.”

Dian Chu said in a deep voice, “Yes!”

Dian Chu hesitated a little, and then asked cautiously: “General Governor, do you want to gather three thousand soldiers from the Tiger and Cardiac Army, or mobilize the troops of the Western Military Region?”

Yash Nics said indifferently, “You don’t need to waste military resources. This is my personal matter, and Clean up the white house, our master and servant are more than enough.”

Dian Chu said: “Yes!”

That night, a military plane roared into the air from the base of the garrison troops in Beijing and flew directly to the west…

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