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Chapter 2395: I bodacious three decades of



A large number of members of the large white house, flying to, in front of Ning master and servant.

Not long after, there were more than a thousand disciples and grandchildren of the White Tiger family, who surrounded Yash Nics’s master and servants.

Immediately afterwards, the elders of the White Tiger family, the deacons of the various houses, and peerless masters such as the Seventy-two Dongzhu, all appeared.

It can be described as a gathering of heroes and a full house of heroes.

These people either squinted and scorned Yash Nics, or stared at Yash Nics fiercely.

According to thousands of husbands, die without sickness.

If Yash Nics is an ordinary person, it is estimated that he will be scared to death by the battle in front of him.

However, Yash Nics was still full of calmness at this time, and it seemed that he did not pay attention to the heroes of the White Tiger family at all, as if in his eyes, these people were flowers and trees.

“Here is the patriarch!”

As the chief executive Bai Yujing yelled, everyone on the scene stepped aside to make way for a road.

Immediately afterwards, I saw an old man dressed in white cloth, immortal, like an outsider, with a large number of subordinates, and appeared unhurriedly.

It was Bai Qianshan, the current head of the Bai family, who came.

Behind Bai Qianshan was a group of close men and descendants, among which Bai Yunfei was with him.

“See the patriarch!”

Everyone on the scene, Qi Qi saluted towards Bai Qianshan.

Bai Qianshan didn’t look at everyone, but stared at Yash Nics’s master and servant.

He was slightly surprised when he saw Yash Nics brought only one servant with him, and he dared to kill the Bai family.

He squinted his eyes and said: “Are you Yash Nics?”

Yash Nics was also calmly looking at Bai Qianshan, and asked faintly: “You are Bai Qianshan?” The

voice just fell off.

A scar-faced man on the scene shouted angrily: “Yash Nics, you are so bold, dare to call our patriarch’s name directly!”

Yash Nics smiled and said: “I have been bold enough for more than 30 years, and the name is not used to give people. Is it called?” The

big scared man said angrily: “Funatic, dare to be rampant in front of our White Tiger family, I, the White Dragon Elephant, will teach you a lesson, and let you know that there is a sky outside of the sky.”

After speaking, he strode out.

This white dragon elephant is the outstanding one among the Bai family’s children, and has already reached the point of perfection in his kung fu.

I saw him stride towards Yash Nics, seemingly slow but fast, and every time he took a step, the earth seemed to tremble at it.

When Dian Chu saw that the White Dragon Elephant was about to attack Yash Nics, he wanted to ask for a fight: “Master, let me teach this fellow…”

Yash Nics said indifferently, “No, this time it is to help. The teacher’s family is in the early stages, and I will do it myself.”

Dian Chu heard the words, without saying more, obediently standing behind Yash Nics.

The White Dragon Elephant approached Yash Nics, grinning and said, “Boy, you can catch me with ten strokes.”

After finishing speaking, he raised his hand and slammed at Yash Nics.

As soon as a master makes a move, he will know if there is any.

The white dragon elephant blasted out with this fist, and there was a slight crackling electric light explosion in the air, which was terrifying.

Even the masters of the Baijia 72 Dongzhu and other masters at the scene couldn’t help but nod their heads and applaud: “Bailongxiang, the thunderbolt fist, has already begun to take shape, and given time, he can compete with us. “The

white dragon elephant’s fist, carrying the wind and thunder, fell towards Yash Nics.

Yash Nics stood still, not moving.

Everyone at the scene was a bit surprised.

Could it be that Yash Nics was frightened by the fist of the white dragon elephant, forgot to resist, and forgot to dodge?

Bai Yunfei and the others couldn’t help but sneer. Even at this point, they dared to go to the Bai family to make trouble. It’s really a secret confession on the table of the King of Hades and death!

Seeing this punch, it was about to hit Yash Nics’s face like a cannonball.

But at this critical moment, Yash Nics shot.

Yash Nics raised his left hand and easily caught the punch of Bai Longxiang.


The white dragon elephant’s pupils dilated, his mouth opened slightly, and his face looked at Yash Nics in horror.

At the scene, the Bai family’s cheers for the white dragon elephant also stopped abruptly, and they all looked at Yash Nics with incredible expressions.

Even Bai Qianshan frowned slightly.

Yash Nics caught Bai Longxiang’s fist and said faintly: “I will not take you ten moves, I will only take you one, and if you can hold my one, you will be considered a winner.”

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