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Chapter 2396: a generation Jiminggoudao

Bailong as heard his face upheaval.

At the same time, Yash Nics raised his right hand with a punch.

This fist was unremarkable, but it had an overwhelmingly terrifying power.

The white dragon elephant screamed, desperately trying to resist.

But Yash Nics’s fist still hit him in the chest like lightning.


The chest of the white dragon elephant was like the ground bombed by missiles, and his entire chest sank instantly. He spouted a mouthful of blood, and his whole body flew upside down and fell heavily in front of Bai Qianshan and the others.

Yash Nics said flatly: “I said three days ago that if Bai Yunfei didn’t take the initiative to kneel in front of Miss Qin to admit his mistakes and ask for forgiveness, I would personally come and interrupt his feet.”

“Now, Bai Yunfei is here. Where?”

Bai Yunfei, who was standing next to Bai Qianshan, saw Yash Nics’s skill, and then heard Yash Nics’s words, his face turned pale in fright, and he subconsciously leaned against his grandfather Bai Qianshan.

Bai Qianshan is still full of indifference. He stood on the steps, looking down at Yash Nics condescendingly, and snorted coldly: “My grandson is by my side. Why, you really want to interrupt his feet in front of me. ? ”

Ning shook his head:” no! ”

white Qianshan, who heard surprised a moment, Ning even denied.

Could it be that Yash Nics finally realized the power of the Bai family and started to retreat?

Just when Bai Qianshan and others thought so.

Yash Nics has already continued: “Originally, I only planned to interrupt his feet and carry him to Qin’s house to apologize.”

“But yesterday, he made a phone call to Miss Qin.”

“The call was full of insults, and she abruptly destroyed the woman who had loved him so much and gave her body to him.”

“Miss Qin committed suicide by jumping off the building last night.”

“It’s no longer a lesson or an apology .” It’s that simple. I think it would be more accurate to use revenge to describe my purpose of coming here today. ”


Qin Xin is dead!

Yash Nics is not here to ask Bai Yunfei to apologize, but to take revenge on behalf of the Qin family.

Bai Qianshan’s face changed slightly.

After all, Qin Xin died, and his nature changed.

But Qin Xin is only Qin Heng’s niece, not Qin Heng’s daughter.

Besides, Qin Heng also retired, and his days were declining.

Bai Qianshan wasn’t scared. Besides, the Bai family had recently placed a heavy bet on Qiao Keting and approached the big tree Qiao Keting.

In the future, Qiao Keting will become the governor of the governor or even the head of the country, so the Bai family will be a minister from the dragon, and there is no need to be afraid of the Qin family.

Besides, Qiao Keting would not watch the Qin family deal with the Bai family.

Bai Qianshan felt that the interests of the family were the most important, and the Qin family would have trouble at best, and would not really fight with the Bai family.

Otherwise, the Qin family would not just send Yash Nics.

Bai Qianshan said coldly at this time: “Yash Nics, Miss Qin is dead, and I feel sorry.”

“But it’s no wonder my grandson!”

“Male and female couples, stay together if they fit, and separate if they don’t fit.

” You keep saying that you want my grandson to apologize and interrupt his feet. It’s normal for him to call Ms. Qin a few words.”

“As for Ms. Qin who jumped off the building, it was because of her psychological defect, her own problems, and she couldn’t blame others.”

Ning indifferent said: “! You shameless White House more than I imagined.”

“What hidden world family, closed-door practice what Prime troubled times down national salvation, you alone with it”?

“A Jiminggoudao generation!”

Ning this When the words were spoken, everyone in the Bai family was angry.

Ning cold:. “I now give you one last chance, handing over Bai Yunfei, I interrupted his feet, made him kneel repentance month szsdwmr grave mistake”

“If a month after he

If he is alive, it is his good fortune.” “If he is dead, even if it is not for him!”

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