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Chapter 2398: today for you to make an exception

when the small, white tiger family seventy-two the main hole, have all fell to the ground.

All the members of the White Tiger family’s complexion changed completely.

Yash Nics brushed his sleeves and asked coldly: “Now I’m going to fly away with Bai Yun, does

anyone have any comments?” Everyone in the Bai family was angry.

Children of all generations, knowing that they are not as strong as the 72 Dongzhu, knowing that they are definitely not Yash Nics’s opponent, but in order to defend the family honor, they risked their lives to apply for the battle.


Bai Qianshan’s voice resounded like a muffled thunder.

Everyone in the Bai family calmed down.

Everyone’s eyes fell on the patriarch Bai Qianshan.

Bai Qianshan’s face was calm, not angry but mighty.

He stared at Yash Nics indifferently: “Bai hasn’t taken any action personally for more than twenty years.

I am willing to make an exception for you today.” “If you want to take people from my Bai family, beat me first.”

Yash Nics’s face was calm. He looked at Bai Qianshan and said indifferently: “Please enlighten me.”

“Okay!” After

Bai Qianshan finished speaking, a powerful and unmatched murderous intent rushed out of him, and his clothes went without wind.

Bai Qianshan raised his foot and took a step. Everyone felt a trance in front of them, as if the world trembled.

Bai Qianshan took another step, and everyone was in a trance.

The closer the person stands, the greater the invisible pressure they will endure. The Bai family children standing at the forefront feel as if they are crushed by a large stone in their heart, and they can’t breathe.

When Bai Qianshan took the third step, there were already a few of the Bai family juniors standing in front, unable to withstand the pressure of the patriarch, their eyes went dark, they fell on the spot and passed out into a coma.

The patriarch is so powerful and powerful.

Even Dian Chu felt an extremely powerful oppressive force, overwhelming the sky.

His heart shook wildly, and the feeling was like walking in the dense forest of a forest and suddenly bumping into an ancient behemoth, and being stared at by the ancient behemoth, his breathing became unsmooth.

Dian Chu was secretly frightened: This old man is so strong, it is estimated that I may not have made ten moves under his hand.

Dian Chu felt that from the fighting spirit and momentum displayed by Bai Qianshan, Bai Qianshan’s combat effectiveness should be stronger than the first batch of biochemical fighters in the United States.

It seems that China Land is really Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon.

Dian Chu hadn’t seen a peerless master of this intensity for several years, and for the first time he became worried for Yash Nics.

Bai Qianshan took eighteen steps, and finally stopped at a distance of five meters from Yash Nics.

The two looked at each other like thunder and fire.

Bai Qianshan said solemnly: “Are you ready?”

Yash Nics said: “Coming to fight.”

Bai Qianshan’s figure suddenly moved, like an immortal descending, raising his palm to take a picture of Yash Nics Tianling Gai.

Yash Nics didn’t evade and did not evade. He held Bai Qianshan’s palm with his left hand, and fisted Bai Qianshan’s chest with his right hand.

Bai Qianshan dodged slightly, avoiding Yash Nics’s fierce punch just right, and at the same time twisted his body and shook his elbow, thrusting his elbow into Yash Nics’s armpit.

Yash Nics took refuge calmly, flew a kick, and swept Bai Qianshan’s head with a whip.

Bai Qianshan hurriedly avoided, Yash Nics kicked the head of a stone beast next to the town courtyard to shatter.

The speed of the two is very fast, the people around can’t even catch the fists and feet of the two of them in the fight, only two blurred figures can be seen, suddenly merged, and at the same time the trees, stone carvings or the ground are paved around them. All of the bluestone bricks have suffered.

Wherever the two fists went, there was a mess.

Blinking, there are already more than twenty tricks between the two.

Everyone in the Bai family was trembling with fear.

Bai Qianshan himself became more and more frightened by the Vietnam War. Yash Nics’s strength was beyond his expectation.

He forced Yash Nics back with one move, then raised his right hand and shouted loudly: “Purple Qi

Donglai palm!” As he exhaled, his right hand seemed to be the rising sun, and the palm of his hand seemed to burst out with thousands of rays of light.

When the voice fell, he had already transformed into a flowing shadow, swept towards Yash Nics, and patted Yash Nics with his right hand.

Seeing Bai Qianshan’s assassin’s trick, Yash Nics made a lightly funny sound, stepped forward, and threw a punch.

Jundao domineering!


Fist and palm strikes, like a meteorite hitting the earth, made a loud noise, and at the same time produced a powerful and incomparable air current shock wave.

Dian Chu was rushed abruptly by the shock wave and slid back seven or eight meters away.

Many children from the Bai family were thrown into the air, and then fell heavily to the ground…

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