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Chapter 2400: Your strength is rare in the world.

In the eyes of the Bai family, Bai Changsheng was not only the elders, not only the ancestors, but also the god in their minds.

Seeing the appearance of the ancestor, Bai Qianshan quickly brought a group of men to meet him, and then he bowed: “The ancestor, Qianshan is incompetent, cannot be inferior to foreign enemies, and cannot protect the family. Today the family is insulted, in desperation, I had to send someone to ask the ancestors to come out of the mountain…”

Bai Changsheng didn’t wait for Bai Qianshan to finish speaking. He already raised his left hand and signaled Bai Qianshan to stop.

Bai Qianshan hurriedly stopped, not daring to say one more word.

Bai Changsheng’s clothes are fluttering, like a fairy coming to the world. He looked at Yash Nics up and down, and slowly said: “Are you the Chinese God of War Yash Nics?”

Yash Nics said

softly : “Junior Yash Nics, I have seen Old Bai.” Bai Changsheng this year At the age of one hundred and sixty-five, even if Yash Nics’s grandfather is still alive, he is still a junior in front of him.

He looked at Yash Nics, who was neither humble nor humble, and became more interested.

“It’s you who hit our Bai family and asked to take away our Bai family juniors?”

Yash Nics said

flatly : “Yes!” Bai Changsheng asked again: “It’s you, hurting the seventy-two cave masters of my Bai family?”

Yash Nics said. “Yes!”

Bai Changsheng said again: “It’s you, hurt Qianshan?”

Yash Nics still said: “Yes!”

Bai Changsheng’s voice was abruptly serious: “Who gave you the courage to dare to be wild in front of our White Tiger family? ? ”

Yash Nicsang first standing, the sound loud and strong:” justice, justice is, is right “! ”

mistakes will be punished! ” ”

your junior Bai Yunfei white house made a mistake, and I will bring him back to accept the punishment. ”

Bai Changsheng said faintly: “What if I disagree?”

Yash Nics said calmly: “Then Chen will only be offended. Chen once took the enemy’s first rank among the army, and today took away Bai Yunfei from the Bai family. , This confidence is still there.”

Bai Changsheng said loudly: “Crazy enough, but I don’t know if there is any strength to match it!”

“Yash Nics boy, I only have one move. If you can take it, you can You have the final say.”

“If you can’t catch it and die on the spot, how about your fate?”

Yash Nics laughed loudly: “Okay, I’ll

learn about the strength of a hidden world powerhouse .” Bai Changsheng

Said : “Very good, look at the move.” Bai Changsheng’s voice fell, and his aura changed sharply.

An extremely powerful aura spread from him and swept the audience.

Bai Changsheng raised his right palm.

Behind him, there unexpectedly appeared a huge phantom like the lips of a sea city.

A few meters wide and ten meters high, the angry-eyed heavenly king stood behind Bai Changsheng like a patron saint.

Bai Changsheng patted Yash Nics with a palm.

Behind him, the huge, angry-eyed Heavenly King that looked like a sea-city lipstick, with a grim face, raised a huge and incomparable fist and slammed it at Yash Nics.

When Bai Qianshan and others saw this scene, their faces were full of excitement, like seeing a god in the day.

Even Dian Chu was frightened for a while.

He couldn’t tell whether the huge angry king behind Bai Changsheng was an illusion of Haishi’s Lip Tower, or a real thing that really existed?

At this moment, his mind was blank, and there was only one thought left: How could the young handsome mortal body compete with the gods?

Yash Nics did face as usual, and even closed his eyes directly.

Bai Qianshan and others thought Yash Nics was frightened and gave up resistance.

Seeing that Bai Changsheng was about to slap Yash Nics with a palm.

Yash Nics opened his eyes abruptly, his eyes full of fighting spirit, as if there was war in his eyes.


Yash Nics roared, strode forward and blasted out a punch.

Fist hand to hand.


There was a loud noise.

The ground cracks and the earth moves.

The phantom of the angry king behind Bai Changsheng was shattered like glass and disappeared immediately.

Yash Nics retreated seven steps in a row.

Bai Changsheng couldn’t control his figure, and moved directly back more than ten meters away.

Bai Qianshan and others were all stupid by this scene.

Dian Chu was stunned for a moment, and then saw Yash Nics retreat three or four meters away, but Bai Changsheng was shaken back more than ten meters away. This is obviously Yash Nics having the upper hand!

He immediately showed ecstasy, excited beyond words, and shouted with excitement in his heart: The mortal body cannot compete with the immortals, but the marshal is not a mortal, and the marshal is the god of war!

The God of War is stronger than this old immortal, and the marshal is stronger than the ancestor of the Bai family!

Sure enough, Bai Changsheng looked at Yash Nics with complicated eyes, and slowly said: “Your excellency is rare in the world, and the old will also bow down to the wind.”

“I lost this battle.”

“Your Majesty Warriors belongs to my family. Unfortunately, it is the blessing of our country.”

“The Bai family is a hidden family, practicing behind closed doors in the prosperous age, and going down the mountain to save the country in troubled times.”

“Nowadays, there are figures like Your Excellency in the national army. This is what Bai Changsheng likes to see.”

“My Bai family is willing to hand over the evil grandson to your disposal!”

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