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Chapter 2401: Dragon Lord Who fate

Ning Bai Changsheng also shocked by the strength of these years he met so many strong, when the number of Bai Changsheng currently the strongest.

I thought he would have a big fight with Bai Changsheng.

Unexpectedly, Bai Changsheng kept his promise and directly handed over the junior who made the mistake.

Yash Nics’s admiration for Bai Changsheng was born spontaneously, and

she said solemnly : “Lao Bai understands the righteousness and is so eloquent , and the younger generations admire it.” Bai Changsheng didn’t say anything, but turned around and asked Bai Qianshan: “Which bully is it? Disaster, let him come out.”

Bai Qianshan bit his scalp and said: “Yun Fei of the Yunzi generation.”

“Yun Fei, don’t you get out, admit your mistakes to your ancestors and accept punishment?”

Bai Yunfei’s face was pale. Staggering out of the queue, he came to Bai Changsheng, just about to kneel down and beg for mercy.

But his begging for mercy has not been said yet.

Bai Changsheng had already waved his sleeve coldly, two leaves flew out, hissing twice, Bai Yunfei’s hamstrings were cut off, and he knelt down on the spot.

Bai Changsheng Zhuantouwangxiang Ning: “Chen, I have destroyed this Niexu feet, people you take it away.”

Ning nodded: “Well, the people I took, say good-bye.”

Then, Turned and left.

Dian Chu stepped forward and picked up Bai Yunfei, whose feet had been abolished, and quickly followed Yash Nics.


The master servant of Yash Nics left the White Tiger family with Bai Yunfei grandiosely.

Bai Yunfei watched Yash Nics’s figure disappear, only then withdrew his gaze.

However, his face was extremely cold, he looked around Bai Qianshan and others who were kneeling around, and slowly said: “Our Bai family, one of the five hidden families, has been passed down for thousands of years, and the reputation is not degraded, but today we let you I lost all my reputation.”

Bai Qianshan climbed on the ground and said with a trembling voice: “The ancestors are all incompetent. They have not been able to preserve the reputation of the family. I ask the ancestors to punish them.”

“Please ancestors to punish them. ”

Thousands of Bai family children knelt down on the ground, saying in unison.

Bai Changsheng said coldly: “Punishment? Of course we must be punished!”

“If you don’t get punished, I guess the Bai family will not be as simple as being humiliated next time, but will be destroyed.”

Bai Qianshan and others dare not speak.

Bai Changsheng said indifferently: “Although I don’t go out of the mountain, I know your every move, including Qianshan’s recent decision to place a heavy bet on Qiao Keting.”

Bai Qianshan raised his head in surprise, then lowered his head again.

Bai Changsheng said slowly: “I don’t allow you to do this!”

Bai Qianshan was anxious when he heard the words, and quickly said: “Old ancestors, our Bai family placed a heavy bet on Qiao Keting. We are also optimistic about him. He is likely to be in the future. The chief governor of China, even the head of the country. Our family can only be

prosperous and wealthy in the future only if we invest in him…” Bai Changsheng coldly interrupted: “Our Bai family is not rich enough now, is it not expensive enough? ”

Don’t forget the purpose of our hermit family, in the prosperous age, practice behind closed doors, and go down the mountain to save the country in troubled times.”

“If we compete for fame and fortune, and pursue power, like the wealthy families outside, then we are still a hidden family. Just call the birth family!”

Bai Qianshan whispered: “It’s not our Bai family who did it like this. The other big hidden families are also optimistic about Qiao Keting…”

Bai Changsheng said indifferently: “That’s them. Things, we adhere to our principles.”

“Moreover, in my opinion, Qiao Keting does not have the fate of a dragon master, nor even a soldier.”

“Not only does he have no chance to be the lord of the country, he is also wishful thinking to be the chief governor.”


Bai Qianshan and others were all shocked.

The ancestors were not only proficient in ancient martial arts, but also treacherously broke into the Book of Changes.

And the results calculated by the ancestors are basically not wrong.

Bai Qianshan looked at Bai Changsheng in shock, and said in a trembling voice: “Old ancestor, since Qiao Keting does not have the fate of a dragon master, who has it?”

Bai Changsheng looked at the direction of Yash Nics’s disappearance, and said faintly: “Who has not important that we, as a family hidden world, flourishing in respect of a good retreat, with no side eagle. ” ”

from now begin to close the gate, shall go out in the Bai Jiazi brother three years, a good practice it at home behind closed doors. ”

white Qianshan and others said together: “Yes, ancestors!”

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