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Chapter 2402: beware Qiao Ke Ting

Ning Bai Yunfei took back to the capital.

It just so happened that Qin Bing had just finished his funeral.

Yash Nics ordered Bai Yunfei to kneel in front of Qin Bing’s grave and repent, and said, “You kneel here for a month, and you are still alive a month later, then the sky won’t accept you.” The

Qin family next to them all Staring at Bai Yunfei with hatred, he could not wait to kill Bai Yunfei himself.

In the end, Qin Heng slowly said, “It has been too long for a month. He injured his feet, and he was basically dead after kneeling for a month.”

Yash Nics respectfully said: “Then how should I be punished according to the teacher’s will?”

Qin Heng said: “Just let him kneel here to confess for seven days.

If he is hungry, he will eat the fruit offered at the grave, and if he is thirsty, he will drink the tea offered at the grave.” If you are willing to accept him, then he will live by nature in the future!”

Yash Nics nodded: “Just follow the teacher’s instructions.”

Bai Yunfei is happy and sad. The happy thing is that if he only kneels for seven days, then he He should not be able to die; the sad thing is that he has not been treated for seven days, and he has to kneel here. His feet are useless, and he will be useless in the future.

After the Qin family sent someone to guard Bai Yunfei, Qin Heng and others left with Yash Nics and returned to the city.

On the road, Qin Heng and Wang Yun rode in the same car with Yash Nics.

Qin Heng thanked Yash Nics for seeking justice for the Qin family, and then casually mentioned Qiao Keting, who had just returned to China.

Qin Heng asked: “Yash Nics, I heard that the boss will arrange for Qiao Keting to be the deputy governor. How do you think of Qiao Keting?”

Yash Nics said with a smile: “I don’t know much about General Qiao, I only heard that he was 20 years ago. It is the God of War in the army, known as the God of War of Gentlemen, and it is said that he is righteous, and he has also made great military exploits in the army.”

Qin Heng said: “Qiao Keting looks refined, but he is actually strong, and he is extremely arrogant and passionate about power.”

“However, his military talent is indeed very good. His military power was the world’s top 20 years ago.”

“I can’t. Evaluating him in simple terms of good and bad is too one-sided, but as a teacher, I have to remind you to protect him a little.”

Yash Nics asked intentionally or unintentionally, “Did the teacher get any news?”

Qin Heng said indifferently. “Forget it, I heard that Qiao Keting has just returned. Many wealthy consortia, and even major hidden families, have contacted him,

turned to him, and placed heavy bets on him.” Yash Nics was surprised: ” Have a big bet?”

Qin Heng said, “Everyone is optimistic about Qiao Keting. They bet in advance that Qiao Keting will be the next Lord of the Kingdom!”

Yash Nics sneered: “The Lord has only been in power for a year. Are these people thinking about the future?”

Qin Heng laughed. “Aristocratic family, definitely plan ahead, think farther!”

“And now it’s to give charcoal in the snow to take refuge in Qiao Keting. In the future, when Qiao Keting really wants to become the lord of the country, it will be icing on the cake and the effect will be different.”

Having said that, Qin Heng returned to the topic just now, saying: “Qiao Keting is ambitious, and so many people support him now, so I remind you to pay attention. It doesn’t matter if he wants to be in the upper position, I’m afraid he will pull you down and step on. You are in the position.”

Yash Nics said with a smile: “If he is really capable, I can sit on him as the chief governor.”

Qin Heng said depressedly: “You guy… forget it, I Don’t say anything, you can do it yourself!”

At this moment.

Qiao Family Courtyard.

Qiao Keting is in the study room, watching every previous military newspaper. He wants to read all the military newspapers of the last 20 years. He wants to understand the developments in the military in the last 20 years in his own way.

At this moment, Qiao Lin hurried in: “Brother, it’s not good.”

Qiao Keting raised his head and said faintly: “What’s the matter?”

Qiao Lin said depressedly: “The White Tiger family, one of the five hidden families. The Bai family, because they offended Yash Nics for a small matter, was beaten by Yash Nics.”

“Yash Nics defeated many of the Bai family’s masters by one person.”

“The ancestor of the Bai family, Bai Changsheng, personally came forward and made a gesture with Yash Nics.”

Qiao Keting said: “The current generation of the Baihu family is mediocre, but their ancestor Bai Changsheng is definitely a peerless powerhouse, and even I have to be afraid of three points.”

“Can Yash Nics catch Bai Changsheng’s move? ? ”

Qiao Lin said:.” Bai Changsheng said to be the pre-war let it be only out of a move, even if access is maintained Ning Ning good fortune ”

.” I did not expect Ning really caught ” ”

So Bai Jiaxin promises, the junior Ning disposal to make mistakes, the white house also announced that immediately closed doors thank-three years, three years any disciple must not go out. ”

arbor here, smile:” it also means that we promised to seek refuge under the door before the white tiger family, as Let’s give up our commitment to work.”

Qiao Keting was a little angry when he heard the words: “Yash Nics, this guy, even caught Bai Changsheng’s trick, and also caused me to lose a group of supporters. Damn it!”

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