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Chapter 2407: sneak

Ning Ke with children for a place to eat after a meal, he and Ke Tong, Dian Chu came to a villa in a quiet way.

This villa originally belonged to the Qin family!

However, no one in the Qin family lives here, and it has been vacant. The two babysitters are also responsible for cleaning and sanitation on weekdays.

Qin Heng gave Yash Nics the key to the villa, saying that Yash Nics could live here.

Yash Nics usually lives in the Dudu Mansion, but his identity is still a secret, and sometimes some relatives are not suitable to live in the Dudu Mansion, such as Tong Ke.

Because many people didn’t know that Yash Nics was the chief governor, the last time Song Pingting lived in the governor’s mansion, there were various versions of rumors.

So this time Yash Nics learned a lesson and chose to let Tong Ke live in the villa of Qin’s family.

“Wow, the decoration here is very elegant. When did brother-in-law bought the house in Beijing?” When

Tong Ke entered the house, he looked around with interest.

Yash Nics said lightly: “My teacher’s house, no one lives here, so he gave me the key and let me have a private residence in Beijing.”

Tong Ke nodded, “Oh!”

Yash Nics “There are a few rooms on the first floor. The nanny and Dianchu live in. I live in the master room on the third floor. There are many rooms on the second floor. You can live in whichever room you like.”

Tong Ke heard the words, Going upstairs to choose a bedroom enthusiastically.

The two maids hurriedly helped Tong Ke carry luggage.

In the next two days, when Yash Nics is not in office, he will accompany Tong Ke to various famous scenic spots in Beijing.

Tong Ke went to visit scenic spots with Yash Nics during the day, and asked Yash Nics to take her to taste the Beijing delicacies in the evening. These two days had a good time.

This evening, at 11 o’clock in the evening, Yash Nics, Tong Ke, and Dian Chu returned to the villa.

Yash Nics felt tired too, and said to Tong Ke: “Well, I have been playing with you for two or three days when I come to Beijing. From tomorrow on, I will work slower, so I won’t be able to accompany you. You can play for a few days. Just go back to Mannity obediently.”

Tong Ke said: “Okay, you know, you accompany me out to play, but the phone keeps streaming videos with my sister. I don’t know if you are playing with me, or if you are going to introduce the scenic spots live to my sister. ? ” ”

you’re not with me, I stay for another two days, I went back. ”

Ning Ke Tong going to hear over the 2nd back, secretly relieved, faint:” well, returned to their rooms to take a bath Let’s rest. I guess everyone is tired from climbing today.”

After speaking, Yash Nics went back to the room.

Tong Ke, Dianchu, and the two babysitters at home also went back to their rooms to rest.

Yash Nics went back to the room, took a shower and changed clothes in the private bathroom, then turned off the lights and fell asleep.

In the daze, I don’t know how long I slept, and suddenly there was an almost inaudible anomaly outside the window.

It was a slight sound like a civet cat stepping on a small dry branch on the ground in the yard.

For ordinary people, this sound is almost unnoticeable.

But when he stopped in Yash Nics’s ears, it was like thunder. Yash Nics, who was asleep, opened his eyes all of a sudden.

As an important figure in the Chinese Army, he has been one of the assassination targets with the highest bounty on the world killer list all year round.

Assassinations are commonplace for him.

He is therefore extremely sensitive, especially to those unnatural noises, as sensitive as a shark to blood.

Someone sneaked into the yard!

Yash Nics did not rush out to get up, but continued to lie on the bed, with his eyes open in the dark, listening carefully to the movement of the intruder.

However, apart from the slight abnormal noise just now, it seemed that he could not catch any abnormal movement.

As if Yash Nics had heard it wrong just now!

Yash Nics frowned involuntarily. He was convinced that he didn’t have hallucinations just now, but he did hear the abnormal noise from the yard.

But even if someone sneaked in, why couldn’t he catch any other movement by himself?

There is only one explanation, and that is that this infiltrator is too powerful.

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