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Chapter 2408: Laomo child

after addition to just accidentally stepped on the yard of a small dry twigs emit a slight abnormal sound, no longer come up with any sound, this guy is like the night of the bat , Quietly, quieter than a cat.

Just when Yash Nics realized that a very powerful expert had sneaked in.

Suddenly, the wind from the air-conditioning outlet in the room changed slightly.

It seems that there is a scent that seems like nothing in the air.

Yash Nics’s face changed and immediately held his breath.

This infiltrator was not only terribly powerful, but also very cunning. He even used the ventilation system to administer medicine in an attempt to kill the people in the house.

Yash Nics just inhaled a little smell and recognized that it was a coma-causing gas. It was not fatal. He did not react in a hurry, but continued to lie quietly on the bed, waiting for the intruder to throw himself into the trap.

After a few minutes of quiet!

The shadow of the tree outside the window swayed, and then a figure flashed in through the window like a ghost like a charm, and fell to the ground lightly, then half-kneeled on the ground, staring at Yash Nics on the bed, motionless.

When the man floated in at the window, Yash Nics had already seen the guy’s appearance by the moonlight.

Turned out to be a hunched thin man.

This guy looks very old. The skin on his hands and feet is no different from that of the old man, but his face is as young as a teenager.

The body of the hunched old man, the face of the young man, combined with the strange eyes of this guy, looked very strange.

Yash Nics closed his eyes and pretended to sleep in the bed after seeing the other’s face clearly.

He quickly searched in his mind for the information he could match with this weird person in front of him?

Soon, a name came to his mind.

Old devil boy!

A legendary character, an evil master who practices ancient martial arts.

It is said that the old demon boy is more than eighty years old and his body is crippled, but he looks like a young man. Rumor has it that this guy has reached the highest level of martial arts, and has the problem of drinking the blood of the strong.

This guy specializes in killing people, but generally kills top powerhouses.

But he usually doesn’t make a shot every few years!

Yash Nics did not expect that this legendary old devil boy would come to him.

He has no grievances with the old devil boy, and the old devil boy must have been hired by someone to appear here.

Yash Nics couldn’t help but think of Qiao Keting!

I sneered in my heart: Ha ha, Qiao Ke Ting, you really have a problem, probably I gave you Marshall’s cell phone, which frightened you, eager to get rid of me, right?

at this time!

The old magic boy found that Yash Nics was not moving, thinking that Yash Nics had been poured by the gas medicine.

There was a sneer at the corner of his mouth, and Jie Jie muttered to himself: “I am going to add the name of a peerless power to my list of dead souls.” As

he said, his figure flashed and he appeared beside the bed.

Looking at Yash Nics, who was lying quietly on the bed and “sleeping” with his eyes closed, he raised his right hand, his five fingers with sharp nails, and carefully slashed towards Yash Nics’s neck aorta.

Anyone who is cut through the main artery of the neck can’t live.

The old demon boy seemed to have seen the bloody scene of Yash Nics’s blood pouring out of his aorta, and even licked his lips excitedly.

However, just when his sharp nails were about to fall on Yash Nics’s neck, Yash Nics, who had been sleeping quietly, suddenly opened his eyes.

The old demon boy and Yash Nics looked at each other, their movements froze instantly, and his heart jumped like an electric shock.

Yash Nics smiled and said: “Well, you are not happy?” The old

magic boy had already recovered from the shock at this time. There were five blood holes in Ning’s neck.

However, his fingers had not touched Yash Nics’s neck.

Yash Nics raised his right hand, and a white light flashed through his sleeve.

Sleeve Shirayuki!

The old demon boy only felt his right hand light, then his wrist wet, and then he saw his right hand, which was cut off by Yash Nicsqi’s wrist.

After his right hand fell, he felt a sharp pain.

“Ah -”

He screamed, his figure retreated sharply, jumped directly out of the window, fell from a height of more than ten meters, landed in the yard, and then ran for his life frantically.

“Since it’s here, what are you doing in a hurry!”

Yash Nics’s voice came from behind.

The old demon boy was so frightened that he used up all his original skills and drove his speed to the extreme.

Yash Nics chased after three streets and three miles, in a back alley, blocking the path of the old demon boy.

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