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Chapter 2411: drunk, then

the next day!

When Dian Chu woke up, he was shocked and angry when he learned that he had been attacked last night and that he had been taken down by the medicine.

However, fortunately, the young marshal responded promptly and solved the killer.

Dian Chu said angrily: “Young marshal, we must severely punish those behind the hired murderers.”

Yash Nics said calmly, “I have ordered Lu Shaocong to investigate this matter, and I believe there will be news soon.”

Tong Ke hesitated . “Brother-in-law, I wanted to stay a few more days before I go back, but now that you are so busy, I am afraid that staying will cause you trouble.”

“I thought about it. I will fly back to Mannity tomorrow morning.”

Yash Nics said: ” It’s good, I’ll cook some home-cooked dishes myself tonight, even if I’m going to do it for you. ”


Yash Nics actually asked the nanny to buy the ingredients and cook it himself.

He cooked a few delicate dishes and was preparing to eat with Tong Ke and Dian Chu, but Lu Shaocong was here.

It turned out that Lu Shaocong had mobilized a lot of manpower from last night to now to secretly investigate the master behind the assassination of Yash Nics by the old magic boy. Today finally got news, so he hurried to report to Yash Nics in person.

When he saw Yash Nics was about to eat dinner, he realized that the time was wrong.

He hurriedly said: “You have to eat first, young marshal, I’ll wait in the living room.”

Yash Nics smiled and said, “Don’t wait, I think you haven’t eaten yet, come and eat together!”

Lu Shaocong has been busy for a day, really. The number of meters has not entered.

Hearing Yash Nics’s words at this time, he felt hungry.

But Yash Nics is his top boss and the biggest leader of the military. Even if Yash Nics speaks, he still doesn’t dare to eat with Yash Nics, and quickly said: “No, no, I’m not hungry, you guys. Eat!” As

soon as he finished speaking, two protests came from his stomach.

Yash Nics and others smiled.

Lu Shaocong made a big blush.

Yash Nics smiled and said, “Mother Wang, give Lu Shaocong a pair of tableware.”

The nanny next to him immediately said: “Yes, Mr. Yash.”

Lu Shaocong had no choice but to sit down honestly.

Yash Nics smiled and said, “When I was in the Northern Army, didn’t I also often eat big pots of rice with your subordinates, so now you eat with me, don’t worry, just

treat it as your own home.” Treat yourself as family!

Both Dian Chu and Lu Shaocong couldn’t help being excited.

Yash Nics said again: “Actually, tonight is for my sister-in-law. She will return to Mannity tomorrow.”

Lu Shaocong said hastily: “That’s it, young handsome, there is wine in the trunk of my car, I’ll get it in now. ”

After speaking, Lu Shaocong immediately went out, and soon came in with a box of special wine for the army.

“Come on, I will respect the marshal, Miss Tong and Brother Dian.”

Lu Shaocong opened a bottle of wine and filled it up for everyone, first toast.

Everyone brought their cups together and had a drink.

When Dian Chu saw Lu Shaocong

toast Yash Nics , he couldn’t lag behind, so he filled the wine and said, “I also respect the Marshal and Miss Tong, and Brother Lu.” Yash Nics and others toasted again.

This time it was Tong Ke’s turn. She raised her glass to salute everyone.

Yash Nics saw that Tong Ke had drunk two glasses of white wine and Xiafei had both cheeks, and quickly blocked him: “Tong Ke, if you can’t drink it, you can replace the bar with tea?”

Tong Ke said unhappily, “How can tea be used instead of wine? Sincerity, okay, drink, if I am really drunk, then I will go back to the room to sleep.”

Dian Chu cheered together with Lu Shaocong, praising Tong Ke for his courage and not frowning.

Tong Ke triumphantly, raised his glass and looked at Yash Nics.

Yash Nics had no choice but to let her go.

This meal is over after two hours of eating and drinking.

When it was over, Tong Ke was already drunk.

Yash Nics wanted to order the two nanny to send Tong Ke back to the room on the second floor, but after being drunk, Tong Ke had a lot of energy. He pushed the two nanny aside, spitting alcohol, and muttering drunk: “I don’t want them to send me. Back to the room, I want brother-in-law to send it off. ”


For a time, the two babysitters looked at Yash Nics’s eyes, which were a little strange.

Dian Chu and Lu Shaocong were watching their noses and mouths without squinting, as if they hadn’t heard anything.

However, in fact, both of them were as shocked as the two babysitters.

Everyone was wondering at this moment: Is Mr. Yash ambiguous with Miss Tong?

Yash Nics was a little depressed, and scolded Tong Ke, “Don’t be mad, let Wang Ma help you back to the room to rest, you are drunk.”

Yash Nics didn’t say Tong Ke was drunk, but said Tong Ke was drunk. , Tong Ke immediately drunk and said loudly and dimly: “I’m not drunk, I am awake, I know everything, I also know that brother-in-law, you untied my dress last night…”


Yash Nics almost fell down when he heard this.

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