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Chapter 2415: Qin Heng hospital

Qiaoke Pavilion See viceroy promised to punish those who break the law, this is the misconception that the viceroy agreed to punish Ning, contented with arbor retire.

On the way back, Qiao Keting said to Qiao Lin: “Wait for you to come to the hospital and visit Cai Ming and others.”

“By the way, I promised the chief governor to give them a head start and tell them that Yash Nics is about to be severely punished.”

“They are these few days.

I’m probably suffocating my breath. I’m very happy to know this.” Qiao Lin smiled and said, “Brother, I’ll tell them the news that you asked the Metropolitan to punish the murderer Yash Nics, lest they only appreciate the Metropolitan, not thank you. You.”

Qiao Keting gave Qiao Lin an approving look.

The arrogant generals, the soldiers are to be arrogant, will be used to come, if you do not protect your shortcomings on weekdays, then when something happens, which subordinate is willing to die?

Qiao Lin first drove Qiao Keting home, then took some of his men and prepared some gifts, and then went straight to the hospital to visit Cai Ming and others.

At this time, Yash Nics also came out of the Dudu’s Mansion and went to Qin’s house.

Qin Heng, Wang Yun and his wife have often called today and told him to eat over.

The Qin Heng couple’s biological son had long since passed away, and the niece who had recently been treated as a daughter also committed suicide.

The two old ages are also old, and naturally they feel lonely.

They always treat Yash Nics as a son, so when Yash Nics is in Beijing recently, they often prepare meals and ask Yash Nics to eat together.

But Yash Nics has been busy these days, and has turned down the invitation of the Qin family several times.

Today, he happened to be free, so he personally went to Qin’s house to greet the teacher and his wife.

He came to Qin’s house, only to find that Qin Heng was ill.

When Wang Yun saw Yash Nics, he hurriedly said: “Xiao Ning, you came just right. Your teacher has been sick in the past two days, but he refused to go to the hospital or agree to call a doctor to check him. You hurried to persuade him. ”

Qin Heng’s face was sick at this time, but his temper was very stubborn, and he said, “My gastrointestinal disease is already an old problem. Just take some medicine and see what doctor?”

Yash Nics quickly persuaded, “Teacher, body.” It’s capital, we can’t avoid

doctors !” “Why don’t I call the doctor from the Beijing Military Hospital and show you?”

Qin Heng shook his head, “Don’t don’t don’t, a little thing, it’s a waste of it. Military medical resources, specifically call a doctor to come to serve, don’t do it.”

Yash Nics said, “If you don’t specifically call a doctor to come, then I will accompany you. The illness will always be seen.”

Qin Heng had no choice but to agree: “Okay, okay, I I don’t think it’s a big deal. Why are you so nervous with your Aunt

Wang ?” Wang Yun said, “You shouldn’t be underestimated if you are healthy. No matter how small a disease is, it will become a serious one.”

Qin Heng smiled bitterly, “I’ll go to the hospital with you, it’s okay. Right.”

Yash Nics told Dianchu to prepare the vehicle, so that he and Wang Yun helped Qin Heng out, got in the vehicle, and went straight to the Beijing Military Hospital.

Beijing Military Hospital.

There are two doors, one is called Dongmen and the other is Ximen.

In the case of Dongmen, anyone can go in for medical treatment.

But Simon’s words are only open to soldiers.

Qin Heng was once the leader of the country and the highest commander in the army, so he was naturally qualified to go in to see a doctor through Ximen.

The doctor on duty is a female military doctor in her thirties. Her name is Chen Qinghong. She is brave and has the unique charm of a young woman.

Chen Qinghong was shocked when seeing the arrival of Qin Heng, the former lord of the country, and was so frightened that he hurriedly said that he would notify the hospital leader to come.

Yash Nics immediately said, “No, my teacher is here to see a doctor. You can treat him as an ordinary veteran. You can do whatever you want to see a doctor. Don’t be public. My teacher doesn’t like high-profile ostentation.”

Chen Qinghong said hurriedly: ” Yes, yes, the subordinates understand.”

After speaking, she checked Qin Heng seriously, and then said with a smile: “It is preliminarily determined that it should be an attack of gastroenteritis. The problem is not serious. I will help Mr. Qin prescribe some medicine for you. Taking a few days can slow down the condition.”

“But this disease is more difficult to cure. You need to pay more attention to rest and eat regularly. Don’t eat spicy food or cold things.”

Qin Heng laughed: ” Okay, thank you little doctor.”

Chen Qinghong said excitedly: “It is my honor to be able to serve Lao Qin.”

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