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Chapter 2419: Nothing wrong, you are the one who caught it.

“Second Lord!”

Several of the Qiao family’s men all screamed together, rushing towards Qiao Lin, hurriedly helping Qiao Lin.

Qiao Lin felt Yash Nics slap over him, and his head was taken away.

He finally became sober, raised his hand to touch the swollen left cheek, and tremblingly said: “Is my head still there?”

Everyone at the scene stared at each other!

Knowing that his head is still there, confirm that he is still alive.

Qiao Lin recovered slowly, and only then began to feel the pain in his left face that had been numb just now.

Raised his hand and touched it.

He grinned in pain, and touched the blood on his hand.

Qiao Lin is so angry!

This guy Yash Nics is really unsafe to play cards at all, and his shots are too ruthless.

He gritted his teeth and glared at Yash Nics: “Good boy, you really dare to do it.”

“You are finished, you are completely finished!”

Yash Nics said lightly: “You said that Cai Ming made several mistakes, and you are also responsible.

” And you came to ask me to teach you a lesson, why didn’t I dare to do it?”

Qiao Lin was trembling with anger after hearing it, and he had a murderous heart.

At this moment, there was the sound of footsteps again in the corridor outside the VIP ward.

There was only a sound of neat and powerful army boots and footsteps, followed by a majestic major general with a large number of guards armed with guns and live ammunition.

This major general is surprisingly the head of the office of the Metropolitan Government, Lu Shaocong.

Qiao Lin Ning positive wanted to kill it, this time to see Lu Shaocong with a large number of soldiers appeared, like to see the ruler, his eyes shining, excited exclaimed:. “Aha, that you can count them land General of the”

finished , He pushed away the men who were supporting him, and quickly walked up to Lu Shaocong.

Cai Ming, who was dying at the scene, and Ye Feng, Pang Tianci, and Xie Tianlong who were kneeling on the ground, all showed excitement when they saw this scene.

The Qiao family’s reinforcements are finally here!

Yash Nics’s arrogance has finally come to an end!

For a while, not only Cai Ming struggled to get up from the ground, but the three people, Ye Feng, who were kneeling on the ground, instantly gained confidence and stood up directly.

Dr. Chen Qinghong and several female nurses at the scene changed drastically and became worried for Yash Nics.

When Lu Shaocong saw Qiao Lin, he was a little surprised and frowned, “Why are you here?”

Qiao Lin didn’t realize that Lu Shaocong’s tone was wrong. He said, “General Lu, you know, Cai Ming is my brother’s old man. My subordinates, some of them were injured by Yash Nics. I came to the hospital to visit them today.”

“Unexpectedly, I just came here when I saw Yash Nics bullying people.”

“Yash Nics not only injured people again .” Cai Ming also forced Ye Feng to kneel.”

“Even I myself was beaten severely. Look at General Lu, this is the evidence.”

Qiao Lin said, pointing to his swollen left cheek as if showing off.

Lu Shaocong said in an official manner: “I came here today under the order of the governor to investigate the Cai Ming incident.”

Qiao Lin said, “I know I knew that at the time the governor gave the order, I was also there.”

“General Lu, murder. The person is here, you can

catch him quickly!” Lu Shaocong nodded, “Okay!”

After speaking, he waved his hand and told the soldiers behind him: “Grab it.”

Immediately, a large number of soldiers with guns strode out.

Qiao Lin couldn’t help smiling triumphantly.

Cai Ming, Ye Feng and others also looked at Yash Nics gleefully. Their expressions seemed to say: Boy, are you still crazy now?

Chen Qinghong and others were anxious, and just wanted to step forward to speak for Yash Nics.

However, what happened before them stunned them.

I saw eight soldiers in groups of two, walking in front of Cai Ming, Ye Feng, Pang Tianci, and Xie Tianlong.

Before Cai Ming and the four of them could react, the four soldiers were handcuffed to their hands with a clean click.


Cai Ming opened his eyes wide and looked shocked, like a bulging toad.

This, this, what’s going on?

Several Cai Ming were horrified.

Qiao Lin was also dumbfounded on the spot. He hurriedly said: “General Lu, your subordinates, are you making a mistake?”

“You handcuffed the wrong person, right?”

“You should arrest Yash Nics, right?”

Cai Ming’s four, and all of them. They all looked at Lu Shaocong eagerly, thinking this joke was a bit big.

Lu Shaocong’s face was serious, and he said solemnly: “That’s right, the four of them were handcuffed!”

Cai Ming’s four were completely stupid when they heard this.

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