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Chapter 2421: Ning can not stay

arbor is black and blue, his face Xiufen got home.

Everyone in Qiao’s family was shocked to see Er Ye come back in such embarrassment, but no one dared to ask what happened?

In the study!

Qiao Keting was wiping a war knife, and his eyes looked at this war knife as gentle as looking at a lover.

In fact!

This sword was given to him by his beloved woman.

That year, he and her were promoted to major general at the same time, and both were hailed as rising stars in the army.

The two are not only rivals in competition, but also helpful friends who spur each other.

Not long after they were promoted to major general at the same time, the two were together.

Unfortunately, it didn’t take long before she was found to be terminally ill, and she died soon.

She gave him this battle knife named Arowana.

Qiao Keting still remembered what she said at the time!

“I thought I could fight side by side with you and stay with you for a lifetime, but I didn’t expect bad news from the sky.”

“I will not be able to accompany you anymore.”

“This sword will be given to you. It will represent me and accompany you.” I want you to go on forever and create a

worldless martial arts.” Qiao Keting stroked the sword in front of him, the sword is still extremely sharp, but the Yiren has returned to the netherworld long ago.

Just as Qiao Keting was immersed in his thoughts, suddenly the door of the study was opened, and Qiao Lin rushed in with an aggrieved face.


Qiao Keting retracted the knife and scabbed it back and said with a cold expression: “Didn’t I have instructed you to knock on the door to greet you when you enter and exit? How come you don’t have any etiquette? How proper is it?”

Qiao Lin

lowered his head and whispered: “Brother, I was wrong.” Qiao Keting glanced at his younger brother and said indifferently: “Looking at your face is ugly, has something happened again?”

Qiao Lin said angrily: ” It’s not that Yash Nics!”

He said, explaining to his brother what happened in the 15th and 10th General Hospital.

Finally, he said with an aggrieved face: “Brother, Lu Shaocong didn’t arrest Yash Nics, but instead arrested all of Cai Ming, saying that he was going to be severely punished.”

“Most Governor clearly asked him to arrest Yash Nics. He actually arrested our people, do you think Lu Shaocong is making trouble?”

Qiao Keting was also shocked when he heard this.

His face also became slightly solemn.

“Lu Shaocong didn’t have the instructions of the chief governor. He didn’t dare to do it like this.”

Qiao Lin’s face changed slightly when he heard this . People from the army

do it?” “Why did the chief governor do this?”

Qiao Keting said coldly: “Because he is the chief governor, I am the deputy governor who is about to take office.”

“He had the final say in the military department. But when I took office, although many things were still decided by him, he still had to discuss with me to decide on major issues. The absence of the military department was his own words.”

“I thought he was very open and upright, but I didn’t expect him to be angry at all and I divided his power. . ” ”

he told me this is estimated at demonstrators, deliberately beat me in it. ”

arbor bitterly:” this viceroy too outrageous! ”

Qiao Ke Ting faint:” Why do the big captaincy, Now the military department is still in charge.”

“I’m still a deputy now, so let him be prestigious for two years.”

Qiao Lin nodded and said: “Yes, let’s bear it for a while, wait until you have a firm foothold in the military department, then boil the frog in warm water, and pull him off the horse. After two years, wait for you to become the chief governor, and then settle accounts with him. ”

Qiao Keting said: “The general governor should not provoke him!”

“But Yash Nics, this person must not stay, he must be removed, and he must be fast.” After

Qiao Keting finished, he glanced at the desk subconsciously. A humble mobile phone.

This mobile phone was the meeting gift that Yash Nics gave him before.

He has privately contacted Max, the five-star general of the United States, and confirmed that the mobile phone sent by Yash Nics is Marshall’s mobile phone.

Yash Nics must suspect that he is a spy in the United States.

Yash Nics is a hidden danger and must be eliminated as soon as possible.

Qiao Lin didn’t know that his brother was a spy from the United States. He thought that his brother hated Yash Nics for antagonizing the Qiao family twice.

He smiled and said:. “Brother, do not worry ‘ .”

Few days is your birthday, ” ”

hidden among the world family of five, in addition to white tiger Bai Jiaming indeed represent outside will miss its Yuqing Long Zhao, Suzaku Zhu, The Xuanwu Li family, the Kirin Guo family, and the patriarchs of the four hidden families will personally lead the elite of the family to come to the capital to congratulate you on your 50th birthday.”

“Of these hidden families, which one is not a master, just send one. The master can kill Yash Nics.”

Qiao Keting nodded: “Well, that’s right, this matter is best

handled by the four hidden families.” “It is said that the ancestor of the White Tiger family last time, Bai Changsheng, Said that he only made one move against Yash Nics, but Yash Nics caught it. Bai Changsheng kept his promise and didn’t make another move. Yash Nics recovered a small life.”

“This time, Yash Nics won’t have such good luck.”

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