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Chapter 2423: Hu cut

this evening, Qin Ning is still to eat.

No way, his family was not in the capital, and he was too lonely to eat alone, and the teacher and his wife also told him to go over to eat. Therefore, Yash Nics has been eating dinner at Qin’s house recently as long as he is not very busy at work.

After dinner, Yash Nics was chatting with Qin Heng.

Suddenly a visitor came, who turned out to be the daughter of the Minister of Health, Xiao Yao.

It turns out that Xiao Yao used to learn brush calligraphy from Wang Yun before, and Wang Yun is considered to be Xiao Yao’s half teacher. This time Xiao Yao came to visit Wang Yun.

Qin Heng and Wang Yun were also very happy to see Xiao Yao’s arrival. Old people like to lively.

Yash Nics was a little surprised when Xiao Yao arrived.

Xiao Yao was surprised when she saw Yash Nics.

Not long after, Yash Nics offered to leave, and then left with Dianchu.

But as soon as he came out of Qin’s house, the sound of high heels came from behind, and it turned out that Xiao Yao chased him out.

“Yash Nics, wait!”

Yash Nics stopped, looked back at Xiao Yao, smiled and said: “Why, there is something else?”

Xiao Yao said a little unhappy: “Why, run when you see me, are you? Avoid me deliberately?”

Yash Nics said with a smile: “How is it possible!”

Xiao Yao said, “It’s not the best. After all, we are still friends, aren’t we?”

In fact.

When Yash Nics was studying, Xiao Yao had a crush on him, and even took the initiative to confess to him, but he declined.

Although she hadn’t seen each other for many years, Xiao Yao seemed to be unwilling to give up on him.

This is also the reason why Yash Nics has been keeping a distance from her.

Now that I heard Xiao Yao’s words, it was obvious that he couldn’t be a lover, at least he was still a friend, right?

This made Yash Nics a little relieved. He smiled and said, “Your dad is an old subordinate of Teacher Qin, and I am a teacher’s protégé. I have a good relationship with your dad. It is a year-end relationship. Naturally, I and you are friends.”

Xiao Yao nodded: “Well, since we are friends, then I will invite your friend to dinner. Long live friendship.”

Yash Nics couldn’t laugh or cry: “I has been eaten at the teacher’s house! ”

Xiao Yao said:” Then as you accompany me to eat! “No way


Yash Nics had to agree.

Soon, Yash Nics, Xiao Yao, and Dian Chu drove to a nearby restaurant called Tianshang Palace Que.

This restaurant is one of the top restaurants in Beijing.

And here is different from Zijin Pavilion. Although the Zijinge Hotel is also very famous, you can make a reservation if you have money, and you can eat on a reservation.

The Tianshang Palace Hotel is basically only open to people in the circle of the rich and powerful. It’s

not enough to eat here if you only have money. grid.

Xiao Yao regarded as the capital Yanei princess in the famous figure, she drove like ultra-running, eating must also be very particular about the hotel.

no way, life Princess, Princess disease.

Ning tall and straight, face such as Guan Yu, if the pupil of the eye Stars, extraordinary temperament.

Xiao Yao is

tall and tall , with an innate temperament of a young lady on her body. Even Dian Chu, a burly figure and a magnificent appearance. The

three of them walked into the hotel and immediately attracted a lot of attention.

The owner of the restaurant, Wang Fugui, a bloated, friendly businessman, but with a pair of mung bean eyes shining slyly.

He didn’t know Yash Nics, but

he recognized Xiao Yao at a glance. He came up and accompany him . He smiled and said, “Miss Xiao, rare guest, rare guest, would you like to have dinner with your boyfriend? ”

Yash Nics couldn’t help being a little embarrassed after hearing this!

Xiao Yao’s pretty face was also slightly red, as if annoyed and not annoyed, said: “What nonsense, prepare the best private room for us, and ask for your Yuhua Hall. ”

Wang Fugui hurriedly said: “The Yuhua Hall is booked, or Huaqing Hall.”

“Furthermore, the three of you, the Yuhua Hall is too big. You sit in a relatively empty space, and chatting is not so comfortable.”

Xiao Yao With a stern face: “I invite my friends to dinner, of course, everything is the best…”

Yash Nics said, “Xiao Yao, since it’s the same everywhere, since someone has ordered, then we will of the Yuhua Hall he said. ”

Yash Nics said, Xiao Yao naturally agreed, and immediately said to Wang Fugui: “Since my friends have said so, let’s go to Yuhua Hall.” ”

Come to the Yuhua Hall and sit down.

Xiao Yao ordered a few dishes, all of

which are delicacies from the mountains and the sea. Among them is a top-quality abalone.

Xiao Yao specifically instructed Wang Fugui: “The quality of your abalone ingredients here is good, but most chefs The cooking skills are not superb, and the ingredients cannot be made into delicious food. ”

So for this abalone, you order Li Xiangqin, the goddess of food in your restaurant, to let her come to the private room and cook for me on the spot.” ”

Li Xiangqin, the chef of the Tianshang Palace Hotel, was once rated as a five-star Michelin chef and also known as the God of Cookery.

She is best at cooking food for guests on the spot.

Many diners say that watching her cooking is very pleasing to the eye. The dishes she cooked on the spot are also extremely delicious.

Therefore, many of the top officials and noble people like to let Li Xiangqin cook one or two dishes on the spot, which is more delicious .

Wang Fugui smiled and said: “Yes, Miss Xiao. ”

After ordering the wine and food, Wang Fugui ordered the waiter to entertain Yash Nics’s few, and he retired.

But after half an hour, the pre-dinner snacks were all eaten, and a bottle of wine was also drunk, but the food was delayed. Li Xiangqin, who was in charge of the on-site cooking, also did not show up for a long time.

Xiao Yao was unhappy, and asked the waiter to ask what happened to Wang Fugui? After a

while, Wang Fugui came in sweating.

Wang Fugui explained, “Miss Xiao, I’m really sorry, the guests in Yuhua Hall suddenly said that they want our female cook, Li Xiangqin, to cook food on the spot. Li Xiangqin went to Yuhua Hall. She probably won’t be able to cook for you for the time being. ”

Xiao Yao was furious when

she heard this: “Presumptuous!” “You said that the Yuhua Hall was booked, and I chose to give it to them. That’s all.”

“But I will order first, and let Li Xiangqin come to my private room first. Cooking on the spot.”

“You dare to arrange for Li Xiangqin to cook for them, Wang Fugui, you are so bold!”

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