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Chapter 2425: Let me examine you.

“It’s you again!” When

Qiao Lin saw Yash Nics, his eyes burst into flames with anger.

The eyes of everyone at the scene focused on Yash Nics.

Zhao Qing said with great interest: “Mr. Qiao Er, who is this kid and why is he so rude to you?”

Qiao Lin stared at Yash Nics hatefully and gritted his teeth: “He is Yash Nics.”

Chen rather!

In an instant, four eyes among the crowd suddenly became sharp.

They are Zhao Qing from Qinglong Zhao family, Zhu Letian from Zhuque Zhu family, Li Wendong from Xuanwu Li family, and Guo Tianxing from Qilin Guo family.

The four of them, along with Bai Yunfei of the Bai family, were merged into the five heroes of the Five Great Families of the Hidden World.

The four Zhao Qing were ordered to enter Beijing to help Qiao’s family clean up Yash Nics.

But Zhao Qing never expected that on the first day they had just arrived in the capital, Mr. Qiao Er actually met Yash Nics at the reception banquet for them.

The corner of Zhao Qing’s mouth rose slightly, and he looked at Yash Nics with a smile but a smile: “It turns out that your Excellency is Yash Nics, the famous and famous Northern War God.”

Yash Nics glanced at Zhao Qing: “Who are you, you seem to have something to me.” Opinion?”

Zhao Qing stood up and said with a smile: “I can’t talk about any opinions, but you shouldn’t have trouble with the Qiao family, nor should you be rude to Mr. Qiao Er.”

“Well, you are now willing to give Mr. Qiao Er. Pouring tea and apologizing, maybe I can help you intercede and ask Mr. Qiao Er to forgive you once.”

Xiao Yao’s face changed immediately upon hearing this.

She just wanted to say that she would pour wine and apologize to her. Don’t embarrass Yash Nics.

However, Dian Chu had already spoken before her.

“What kind of thing are you? When our marshal was killing the Quartet on the battlefield, you didn’t know where it was?”

“Only you, dare to be presumptuous in front of our marshal!”

Zhao Qing said with a deep face, “Joe.” Mr. Er, please tell Yash Nics’s dog leg, who am I?”

Qiao Lin raised his head, coughed, and then said loudly and powerfully: “Yash Nics, listen carefully. This son is called Zhao Qing. One of the five hermit families, the new generation leader of the Qinglong Zhao family.”

“And this one, is one of the five hermit families, Zhu Letian, an outstanding child of the Suzaku Zhu family.”

“This one is from the five great hermit families. One of the hermit family, the younger generation master of the Xuanwu Li family, Li Wendong.”

“As for this one, it is one of the five hermit families, Guo Tianxing, the talent of the Kirin Guo family.”

Zhao Qing, who Qiao Lin introduced , Whoever raised his face arrogantly, looked at Yash Nics with a lofty posture.

The four of them seemed to regard Yash Nics as an evil dragon, and they were regarded as brave dragon slayer youths.

Zhao Qing sneered at himself and said with a sneer: “Yash Nics, have you heard of the

little master?” Yash Nics actually nodded, “I know you four!”

Zhao Qing’s eyes lit up when they heard this. They thought that Yash Nics must know several hidden families, but they might not know their names.

After all, they are the children of the new generation, and their reputation is not as loud as those of the elders of the family.

Unexpectedly, Yash Nics would say frankly that he knew them, which made them extremely proud.

Zhao Qing tut said: “Oh, it seems that you also know the greatness of our five hidden families. You don’t pay attention to us on weekdays. You have heard of us.”

In fact, before today, Yash Nics didn’t know Zhao Qingji. Which green onion is this one?

However, today Lu Shaocong reported to him that the Special Recruitment Conference of the Military Ministry is about to be held. Yash Nics saw the list of people recommended by Qiao Keting on the recommendation list. On this long list, there are Zhao Qing, Zhu Letian, and Li Wendong. With Guo Tianxing’s name.

Yash Nics has an unforgettable skill, so I remember.

He chuckles: “I didn’t pay attention to you. I just happened to be on a list of military special recruits and saw someone recommend you.”

“I didn’t expect to meet you here.”

Qiao Lin, Zhao Qing and others, Hearing this, I was stunned.

They have not yet figured out where Yash Nics saw the recommended list of military special recruits?

Yash Nics has already said faintly: “When I saw this recommended list, I wondered how strong yours is?”

“Now it is just right. I will help the military to test the strength of the four of you first.”

“If you are four pieces of mud , Then let’s stay home, don’t come to Huohuo our national defense forces.”

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