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Chapter 2429: Probably I curse the enemy

Zhao Qing Yuan, Zhu Yan Ping, Lijun Cheng, Guo Chiang Kai-shek.

The news that the four great patriarchs of the hidden family led the family masters, and at the same time came to Beijing to celebrate the birthday of Heroes Qiao, quickly spread in the circle.

The hermit family has always had a good reputation, so the four major hermit families want to celebrate Qiao Keting’s birthday, which has pushed Qiao Keting’s reputation to a new height. The wealthy consortiums are increasingly optimistic about Qiao Keting.

There is even gossip that Qiao Keting is the next lord and governor of the country.

Qiao Keting’s old department and protégé children were all excited when they heard this gossip.

On the contrary, Qiao Keting was a little annoyed, and called his subordinate Qiao Feng, coldly questioning: “I heard that there are rumors spreading outside that I was appointed as the next lord and governor of the country?”

Qiao Feng thought this was a good thing. Yeah, why are you angry?

However, he only dared to mutter these words in his heart, and did not dare to say them.

He respectfully said: “General, but someone outside is

spreading this way, I don’t know what’s going on?” Qiao Keting asked with a solemn face: “You can check for me, is it our people are making things up? If it is, it will be punished directly in the name of spreading rumors and severely punished.”

Qiao Feng was stunned: “General, this…”

Qiao Keting said coldly: “You know that I hate Yash Nics, and you know that. If I want to kill Yash Nics,

I can do it with one hand .” “But do you know why I didn’t clean up Yash Nics by myself?”

Qiao Feng subconsciously said: “Because Yash Nics is not worthy!”

Qiao Keting said: “There is another more important thing. The reason, because I just came back, and the Lord has just entrusted an important task. Now I need to keep a low profile instead of making enemies with a high profile.”

Qiao Feng finally understood after hearing the words.

The general wanted to hide his power and bide his time, but his subordinates advertised that the general would be the next predecessor of the country and the chief governor, so that he would hate the general out of thin air.

Can the general not be angry?

Qiao Feng hurriedly said: “General, the subordinates are going to investigate. If it is our people who spread it indiscriminately, it will definitely be punished to the end.”

Qiao Keting narrowed his eyes and said slowly: “I’m afraid that it is not our people who are spreading it. But people with ulterior motives deliberately spread this kind of rumors to bring hatred to me.”

Qiao Feng was stunned: “Who has eaten the bear heart and leopard courage, dare to mess with you, the general, and live impatiently?”

Qiao Keting narrowed his eyes and said. “I suspect it is Yash Nics!”

“This guy has been against me since I came back.”

Qiao Feng smiled and said, “The general, you can rest assured, because the patriarchs of the four hidden families have already Arrived in the capital.”

“They haven’t come to see you for the time being . They said they were going to get Yash Nics’s head first.”

“After taking Yash Nics’s head, they will come to the general to celebrate your birthday tomorrow.”

Qiao Keting remained calm after hearing this. The complexion on his face eased slightly, and he said faintly: “Very good!”

In fact, there was an inexplicable worry in his heart.

He actually suspects that the person who deliberately spread rumors to add trouble to him is not Yash Nics, but the general governor.

Because from the previous Cai Ming incident, it can be seen that the general governor does not like him, the new deputy governor.

Qiao Keting looked at the globe on the desktop, stared at the Huaxia section on the globe, squinted his eyes, and thought coldly in his heart: Grand Captain, when I destroy Yash Nics and formally take the post of Deputy Captain, I will play with you.

I don’t believe me, Joe, I can’t beat you, a guy who wears a mask all day and pretends to be a ghost.

At this moment!

Yash Nics was drinking tea in the Imperial Study Room of the Lord’s Mansion, and suddenly sneezed.

Upon seeing the country’s main Wong Kin said: “viceroy, you have a cold?”

Ning smiled:. “No, it suddenly sneezed,”

“may be worried about his wife and children at home, it may be cursing my enemy Die.”

Huang Gan laughed and said: “You are the pillar of our country, the country and the people thank you, but foreign enemies are eager for you to have an accident!”

“So most of you must take care of your health! “

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