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Chapter 2437: Ten Tips

Zhu listen to mine the mountain like slow real fast pace, we saw him every step forward, stature will suddenly disappear, and soon appeared outside the tens of meters.

He didn’t have to walk a hundred steps before he appeared at the gate of Heroes’ Villa.

“Welcome to the ancestors!”

Zhu Yanping ignored his injuries and took all the children of the Vermilion Clan on the scene, kneeling to greet him.

The masters of the other three hidden families did not dare to neglect, all knelt down on one knee, and said in unison: “Welcome to the ancestors of the Suzaku family.”

Yash Nics frowned slightly, looking at the unpredictable Taoist Tinglei. .

Dian Chu and Xiao Yao showed fear. From the voice of Zhu Tinglei, to the appearance of Zhu Tinglei, they have realized that this Taoist Tinglei is terrifying.

In their eyes, Ting Lei Dao Ren is already strong enough to be like a monster.

Zhu Tinglei ignored Zhu Yan’s descendants, who was kneeling on the ground, and the other three hidden families.

He didn’t even glance at Yash Nics, but walked straight into the hall of the main hall, his eyes falling on the rows of shelves and the densely packed hero tablets in the hall.

Most of these hero tablets are the ancestor tablets of the five hidden families.

In the last time of war, the masters of the five great hermit families came out, went down the mountain to save the country, and finally sacrificed countless times.

For those who sacrificed, the tablets are all concentrated here, which is also called Hero Mountain Villa.

Zhu Tinglei is one hundred and fifty years old, and most of the memorial tablets here are his peers, but a few of his elders.

If no one else walked over at this time, he picked up three sticks of incense to light it, and put it on the incense burner.

Then, he slowly turned around and looked at Zhu Yanping who was kneeling on the ground coldly: “Things that are not learning or skillful, the faces of the elders of the family are all shameless by you.”

Zhu Yan Equality man knelt on the ground, did not dare to look up, let alone speak.


Tinglei’s eyes fell on Yash Nics, squinted, and said faintly: “Are you Yash Nics?” Yash Nics said calmly: “Exactly!”

Zhu Tinglei nodded: “I’ve heard that recently. There was a god of war in the army. The martial arts prospered. He killed the corpses of foreign enemies. He was hailed as the god of the army. He must be your lord?”

Yash Nics said, “I am Yash Nics, but I am not. I’m sure if I’m the military god you mentioned, because I think I’m not as good as you said.”

Zhu Tinglei said coldly: “There is ability to have ability, and excessive humility is hypocrisy.”

“I was idiotic. For some years, as an elder, you shouldn’t compete with a junior like you.”

“And you are a military god, and I shouldn’t embarrass you.”

“But you really made my Suzaku family faceless today. I have to do it with you. Learn a few tricks, don’t mind!” A

few tricks!

Xiao Yao’s pretty face became pale after hearing this.

She had heard that when Yash Nics killed the White Tiger family some time ago, she also fought against Bai Changsheng, the ancestor of the White Tiger family.

But it is said that Bai Changsheng promised only one move at the time.

Rumors say that Yash Nics barely caught it.

Now, Zhu Tinglei, who is not under the strength of Bai Changsheng, has to compete with Yash Nics, and he has to make a few moves. This is determined to kill Yash Nics!

Xiao Yao’s eyes were full of worries.

Dian Chu’s face also rarely showed sadness. He was full of confidence in Yash Nics on weekdays, but in the face of this powerful and enchanting Taoist Tinglei, he couldn’t help worrying about Yash Nics.

The happiest ones are those from the four hidden families around him.

Dian Chu defeated the eighteen masters of the Qinglong family in a row, and Yash Nics easily defeated the four patriarchs, which made the four big families faceless.

I thought that the four hermit families were going to be turned into laughingstocks, but every layer thought of the ancestors of the Suzaku family wandering away. This was to help them teach Yash Nics and save the face of the four hermit families!

Everyone looked at Yash Nics with different eyes, to see if Yash Nics had the courage to challenge?

Yash Nics was still calm, but his eyes showed seriousness for the first time. He said faintly: “China, the Earth, Hidden Dragon and Crouching Tiger, can meet such living gods as Mr. Zhu today, and Mr. Zhu has not hesitated to enlighten him. The reason for this?”

Yash Nics challenged!

Yash Nics really wanted to fight the ancestors of the Suzaku family.

Everyone at the scene showed shocked expressions, it was obvious that Yash Nics’s courage and courage were beyond their expectations.

Even Zhu Tinglei couldn’t help being a little surprised. He nodded slightly and said: “You really didn’t let me down, kid, you really have courage. If you persist under my hands, I will let you survive.”

Ten trick!

Xiao Yao’s face changed again.

Zhu Yanping was ecstatic, Yash Nics and He De, it would be good to be able to catch the ancestor’s two strokes. Ten strokes are estimated to be too dead to die, completely dead.

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