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Chapter 2438: Come, I give you a defeat.

Yash Nics smiled without saying a word.

The ancestors of the Suzaku family seem to be polite, but in fact they still protect their shortcomings.

If the person who offended the four major families today was not him, but someone else, it is estimated that Zhu Tinglei would have died.

He had long decided in his heart to beat the four hidden families, and now he decided that he must give Zhu Tinglei a defeat to frighten the members of the four hidden families.

At this moment, Yash Nics’s eyes became firmer, and a rare flame of war intent ignited in the starry eyes.

He waved, and said solemnly: “Come to fight!”

Zhu Tinglei wanted to court Yash Nics to take the first shot. After all, he is an elder, and if he takes the first shot, he is suspected of bullying the junior.

But I didn’t expect Yash Nics to be so arrogant that he would beckon him to fight.

An unpleasant color flashed in his eyes, he was no longer polite, and faintly responded, and then stepped forward, raising his hand and pushing out with a palm.

“The first move, tide palm!”

This palm seemed slow but fast.

Yash Nics only felt that Zhu Tinglei’s palm was constantly zooming in front of his eyes, and it kept getting closer.

Zhu Tinglei’s palm, carrying an overwhelmingly terrifying force, invaded the world.

For a moment, I seemed to hear the sound of the waves surging, and the tidal sound of the turbulent waves hitting the shore.


The people of the four major families were all excited and excited.

Dian Chu and Xiao Yao, with their solemn expressions, did not dare to breathe, staring at Zhu Tinglei and Yash Nics closely.

Yash Nics’s fighting style is still in the military, simple and rude, simplest and most fierce.

He strode out with a punch.

This punch was unremarkable, but the air around the fist became distorted, obviously carrying terrifying power.

Fist hand to hand.


There was a thunderous sound.

The ground around the feet of the two of them shattered instantly.

The people around were even more violent waves of air generated by the blows of fists.

Yash Nics and Zhu Tinglei’s first head-to-head confrontation turned out to be evenly divided.

Zhu Tinglei’s eyes couldn’t help being surprised. Although he didn’t fully show his true skills, he also used 60% of his strength in this palm.

Even if Yash Nics used all his skills and barely caught his hand, it was still good enough.

He couldn’t help but admired: “You deserve to be called a military god, Yash Nics, you made me admire.”

“Come on again!”

“I’m going to make a second move.”

After speaking, he used seven successes. Hold a sword tactic in the right hand, put the index finger and the middle finger close together, the two fingers are the sword, and the sick finger Yash Nics.

“The second trick, the fairy is showing the way.”

Zhu Tinglei’s trick, like a sword like electricity, is too fast to be used, and hit Yash Nics’s chest.

He originally thought that this trick of the immortal could easily crush all the bones in Yash Nics’s chest, and Yash Nics would suffer serious injuries even if he did not die.

But a scene that shocked him appeared.

Although his move hit Yash Nics’s chest, the skin on Yash Nics’s chest was instantly pierced by a sharp sword, and blood suddenly appeared.

However, his finger sword pierced Yash Nics’s skin and flesh, and when it touched Yash Nics’s chest bones, it stopped abruptly, unable to break Yash Nics’s bones.

Zhu Tinglei was full of disbelief. With his strength, even if there was a steel plate in front of him, he could easily pierce it like tofu.

But couldn’t break Yash Nics’s bones?

Yash Nics was injured for the first time in the last three years.

Although it was a skin wound, it completely angered him.

The God of War was angry, and the world changed.

Yash Nics swept away Zhu Tinglei’s hand, rushed into Zhu Tinglei’s arms, his elbow hit Zhu Tinglei’s chest fiercely.


There was a muffled sound.

As strong as Zhu Tinglei, he couldn’t help sliding back more than ten meters.

He felt that his internal organs were rolling, and even a mouthful of blood poured into his throat, almost bleeding from Yash Nics’s punch.

He quickly swallowed the blood from his throat, pretending to be okay.

But there was no contempt in his heart. Yash Nics’s strength was so strong that he was afraid of it.

No way, this battle must come up with all the skills, otherwise he has more than a hundred years of fame, and he will fall here today.

He drew out the peach wood sword behind his backhand, and said in a deep voice: “Your Excellency’s strength shocked me. I would like to show my respect to Your Excellency by showing my full ability.”

Yash Nics said coldly, “Come on, I Give you a defeat.”

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