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Chapter 2440: settled

dust gradually settles, exposing a hero to the hall.

The originally magnificent hall of heroes had already collapsed in half, leaving only half of the hall stubbornly isolated in the wind.

On the shrine in front of half of the hall, the ancestor tablets of the five hidden families are densely placed.

Yash Nics and Zhu Tinglei stood face to face, not far from these ancestral tablets, less than three meters apart.

Everyone looked at Yash Nics and Zhu Tinglei, who were standing still, with suspicion.

Xiao Yao couldn’t help but whispered to Dian Chu next to him: “Who won.”

Dian Chu subconsciously wanted to say that he didn’t know, but he immediately noticed that the dagger in Yash Nics’s hand was gone, and it seemed to be put away. Standing across from Yash Nics, Zhu Tinglei had only half of the peach wood sword in his hand.

Obviously, during the battle, Zhu Tinglei’s weapon was chopped off by Yash Nics.

This discovery made Dianchu overjoyed and said in a pleasantly surprised voice: “The weapon of the ancestor of the Suzaku family is broken. If I didn’t guess wrong, the young commander won.”

Zhu Yanping was surprised when he heard this, and just wanted to refute and say no. Possibly, how could the ancestor lose to Yash Nics?

However, as if to verify that Dianchu’s guess was true, Zhu Tinglei suddenly wowed and vomited a mouthful of blood. The whole person was unsteady, and he knelt down on one knee with a plop, supporting the ground with a half wooden sword in his right hand. .

“Old ancestor…”

Zhu Yanping was shocked, and subconsciously wanted to come over with his tribe to help Zhu Tinglei.

Zhu Tinglei raised his hand and stopped the people who were about to come. He seemed to be much older at once. He raised his head, looked at Yash Nics with a wry smile, and said with a hoarse voice: “Your name, God of War, is truly worthy of the world. It is estimated that no one is your opponent.”

“It is estimated that Qiao Keting, the gentleman god of war, will be able to fight your Excellency.”

“I lost this battle. I am convinced.” The

ancestor of the Suzaku family surrendered himself.

Zhu Yanping’s face turned pale for an instant, and the faces of the rest of the major families were not much better.

Moreover, when Zhu Tinglei personally surrendered, the countless five great hermit family ancestor tablets enshrined on the shrines next to him suddenly crashed and fell one after another and fell to the ground.

Zhu Tinglei was taken aback when he saw this, and then he was ashamed and muttered to himself: “The hidden family’s reputation for thousands of years has fallen into my hands.”

People from the four major families on the scene saw that they were not caught in the fierce battle just now. The smashed ancestor tablet fell down without warning at this moment, and all of them looked terrified, and they knelt down in terror.

Yash Nics looked at the tablets scattered all over the floor, frowned slightly, and immediately stretched out again.

He looked at Zhu Tinglei and others who were kneeling all over the floor coldly, and said indifferently: “The thousand-year reputation of the hidden family is not because of your defeat. Even if you are undefeated today, your reputation may not be preserved.”


Zhu Tinglei and others looked at Yash Nics blankly.

Yash Nics said coldly: “The ancestors of your major hermit families adhered to the creed of practicing behind closed doors in the

prosperous age, and

going down the mountains to save the country in troubled times .” It’s difficult to go to the country.”

“Such heroic behaviors of elegant scholars are naturally respected by the people, and they naturally respect your families.”

Yash Nics said that, looking at Zhu Tinglei and others indifferently: “Let’s take a look at you now. Do you have the slightest appearance of a world-

famous person?” “Fame and fortune are fine.”

“With a word from the Qiao family , you will dare to be running dogs, even at the expense of human life.”

“Your deeds, your ancestors under the Nine Springs have seen you, so don’t recognize your wicked sons and grandchildren!”

Zhu Tinglei and the others, their complexions flushed, and they were inexplicably ashamed.

Yash Nics said: “Today, your four big families have lost to my head.”

“My requirement is very simple. Like the White Tiger family, you go back separately and thank you behind closed doors.

You must not enter the world and cause trouble in the heyday.” “You just agree to it. , I don’t agree. I don’t mind committing suicide to your major families and razing them to the ground.”

Zhu Tinglei looked ugly, but finally nodded and said: “My Suzaku family, I am willing to follow Mr. Yash’s orders and apologize behind closed doors. I faced the wall and thought about it.”

“Our Qinglong family is also willing to follow Mr. Yash’s orders to apologize behind closed doors.”

“Our Xuanwu family is also willing to follow Mr. Yash’s orders and apologize behind closed doors.”

“Our Kylin family is also willing to follow Mr. Yash’s orders. , Closed the door and apologize.”

Xiao Yao looked at this scene in disbelief. According to her knowledge, Yash Nics was beaten by Yash Nics to completely retreat.

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