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Chapter 2441: can not always when the puppet

Jia, antique calligraphy.

Qiao Keting is talking on the phone with the five-star general Max of the United States on an encrypted phone.

Max reminded Qiao Keting: “Dear Joe, please don’t forget our agreement. I have sent someone to your house for the antidote for this month, but please do something as soon as possible. We will hug you. There are high expectations.”

Qiao Keting was cold, but his tone couldn’t hear the slightest joy, anger, sorrow, and joy, and calmly said: “Everything is proceeding according to my plan. In seven days, I will be the deputy governor. , Under one person in the military and above ten thousand people.”

Maxzan said: “Yes, this is a very good start. I wish us a happy cooperation, and I hope that in the near future, you can come as the Lord of China Talk to us.”

Qiao Keting said: “Goodbye!”

After that, he hung up the phone.

“Damn Miguo!”

He said fiercely, then looked at the door, and said coldly: “Come in!” The

three words “Come in!” The three words of ” Come in ” are not too loud, but they have strong penetrating power. The men standing guard in the yard can hear it.

Immediately, a slender, handsome young man came in with a suitcase.

This person is Liu Hongyu, he is Qiao Keting’s proud protégé, and Qiao Keting’s most trusted subordinate, and has always been regarded as his son by Qiao Keting.


Liu Hongyu respectfully saluted Qiao Keting.

Qiao Keting waved his hand and said, “Did you bring the temporary antidote that Max gave?”

Liu Hongyu said, “Bring it!”

After that, he opened the black suitcase in front of Qiao Keting, and quietly placed a syringe and a small bottle of medicine in it.

Qiao Keting nodded and took off his shirt, revealing his extremely strong upper body.

Liu Hongyu couldn’t help showing envy when he saw it. The teacher is already fifty, but a man who is physically stronger than thirty years old is really enviable!

However, Liu Hongyu knows that the teacher has always been very self-disciplined, eating, resting, practicing, and even cultivating sentiments. He has a fixed time every day. Moreover, the teacher basically does not drink alcohol, and never touches female sex.

Long-term abstinence, putting all the salutes on career and cultivation, coupled with the talent of defying the sky, has become the unparalleled teacher in the world today.

Liu Hongyu knew that it was impossible to achieve the teacher’s accomplishment in this life, so he could only follow the teacher, wait on the front and back, and get a little light from the teacher.

Qiao Keting glanced at Liu Hongyu and said, “I was still stunned, and gave me the antidote.”

“Yes, teacher!”

Liu Hongyu quickly picked up the syringe and took out the medicine skillfully.

Qiao Ke Ting told: “leave a little drug in the bottle, wait for the next take to find a fly in medical laboratories, so they try to crack the copy, I could not have been when Max’s puppet.”

Liu Hongyu said: “! Is”

finished , He left a little potion in the bottle, and then injected Qiao Keting as a temporary antidote.

After the injection, he packed his things and couldn’t help but worry: “Teacher, the temporary antidote Max gave you is a very precise amount. Now that it is a little bit less, will the toxins in your body be overwhelming? ? ”

Qiaoke pavilion while the action neatly put on the shirt, while confident:” the amount of antidote to too little, though a bit stifled toxins in my body, but my strength, forcibly suppressed, does not matter . ” ”

you just want to make people crack antidote as soon as possible, I do not want too long. ”

Liu Hongyu said: “Yes, disciples try their best.”

At this moment, Qiao Feng, the chief

executive of the Qiao family, heard from outside: “General?” Qiao Keting had already put on his shirt at this time, and signaled Liu Hongyu to put things away, and then coldly. “Come in.”

Qiao Feng opened the door and said respectfully: “Report to the general that things are not good.”

Qiao Keting frowned: “Let’s go, what happened again?”

Qiao Feng whispered: “Dragon, Red Phoenix, basalt, Kirin four families of four chiefs, and then to the capital, located at Villa in the hero Banquet, dinner please Ning, Ning resolve grievances with four families.”

“Chen with Code Chu went with Xiao Yao.”

“In the end, Yash Nics defeated the four great patriarchs, and also defeated Zhu Tinglei, the ancestor of the Vermilion family who appeared, and the ancestor tablets of the four hidden families all dropped to one place.”

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