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Chapter 2447: Someone must have slandered me

soon, accompanied by all the main country, viceroy, Qiaoke pavilion, came to the Military Government of Giang Vo hall.

After entering the martial arts hall, Qiao Keting frowned slightly.

Because Jiangwu Hall was not arranged in a very festive manner, it was a bit different from the grand inauguration scene he imagined.

Huang Qian, everyone sat down one after another.

The elders of the cabinet, the 28 ministers, and a group of mainstays in the army, each took their seats in an orderly manner according to the names on their seats.

A group of well-dressed female staff swiftly brought in fragrant tea, and then quickly retreated.

Around the hall, there are majestic and majestic soldiers standing guard.

Almost everyone at the scene sat down, but Qiao Keting alone could not find a seat with his name on it.

He was a little puzzled!

This is the carelessness of the staff, leaving out his seat?

Still think that he, the deputy governor, took office today. He is the one who has attracted the attention of the audience. He also needs to take the oath of office and the inaugural speech, so he doesn’t need a chair?

In addition, Qiao Keting discovered that in addition to the guards who kept order at the scene, he and the chief governor were still standing.

Qiao Keting looked at the general governor wearing a Suzaku jersey and a unicorn mask in amazement, and thought: Could the general governor personally announce to everyone that I will take up the post of deputy governor?



After all, the chief governor is the highest officer of the military department.

At this time, when Qiao Keting looked at the governor, the governor was also looking at him.

But the next moment, the general governor turned his head and looked around at the crowd, and finally his gaze fell on the lord.

The general governor slowly spoke, and his voice came out through the kylin mask woven with gold silk: “Respected Lords, Elders, and fellow soldiers of the military department, today there is a very important thing to follow in public. Everyone announced. “The

scene is quiet, and everyone’s faces are different.

Qiao Keting was a little excited, but he didn’t notice the strange expressions of the people around him.

As the chief governor said, his gaze fell on Qiao Keting, and slowly said: “Moreover, this matter has something to do with Qiao Keting, the hero of our military department.”

Qiao Keting thought he was announcing his inauguration!

Unexpectedly, the governor said in a heavy voice: “That is Qiao Keting deliberately concealed his whereabouts for the past 20 years, and has a close relationship with the United States. Now the military has arrested a rice king agent who replaced the United States with Qiao Keting. , Colonel Jack.”

“After the military department’s interrogation, it was preliminarily confirmed that Qiao Keting had seriously violated discipline and committed extremely serious problems.”

“The Lord has agreed to withdraw Qiao Keting’s appointment as deputy governor, and handed the case to the military department. Investigate and deal with it.”

“I will handle this matter with full authority!”


Boom boom boom-

the words of the general governor, in Qiao Keting’s ears, are no less than thunderbolts in the sky.

I thought that the chief governor was going to announce his inauguration, but unexpectedly the chief governor announced that he had serious problems and wanted to investigate him.

As if he was struck by lightning, his body trembled wildly, and he looked at the general governor in disbelief.

Several of his former confidants at the scene suddenly heard what the Governor said, all of them were dumbfounded, and their faces instantly turned pale.

As for the cabinet elders, ministers, and the mainstays of the army, they couldn’t help whispering around and talking in low voices.

Qiaoke pavilion in the end is the result of storms character, although he was caught caught off hand, but he was soon forced to calm the disturbed feelings, angry and said: “slander, this is definitely the villain slander me!”

“I Qiaoke Pavilion half his military, set numerous exploits on the battlefield, even the enemy will call me a gentleman God of war. ” ”

Why you say that I am a spy rice country? ” ”

someone must have mischief! ” ”

viceroy, you have to believe me, country Lord, you have to believe me too!”

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