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Chapter 2448: Decent

spot people look to the viceroy, Lord also look to the country.

But the general governor stood silent, his eyes behind the golden unicorn mask were extremely cold.

Huang Qian sat on the chair with Gujing’s expression on his face. No one could see his emotions, anger, sorrow, and joy, but he could tell from his silence that he didn’t believe Qiao Keting at all.

Qiao Keting was anxious and said loudly: “Is it Yash Nics?”

“Did Yash Nics slander me with you?”

“I knew it was him!”

“I am the Gentleman God of War, and he is the North Realm God of War.

” I was appointed as the deputy governor, but he was at home.”

“He has been jealous of me, and is against me everywhere, so don’t believe Yash Nics’s slander!”

Qiao Keting became more and more angry as he spoke. look around, you want to find the shadow of Ning from the scene the crowd, he angrily shouted: “? Ning, you scumbag, you do not mean to me today duel you”

“hid secretly scheming What kind of a hero?”

“You have the ability to come out now, you see if I can kill you!”

At this time, the governor said coldly: “Qiao Keting, you are enough.”

Qiao Keting turned his head and looked at the governor, anxious. He said: “General Governor, all this is Yash Nics’s ghost, he wants to harm me, you must believe me…” The

General Governor sneered, “Really?”

Qiao Keting was about to answer. Suddenly, the general governor raised his hand and took off the golden unicorn mask on his face, revealing his true face.

His face is like a crown jade, his eyes are like stars, handsome with majesty.

When Qiao Keting saw the general governor’s appearance, his body shook wildly. He blurted out: “Yash Nics?”

Everyone sitting at the scene basically knew the identity of the general governor. Therefore, it was not true that the general governor was Yash Nics. surprise.

Only a few people knew for the first time that the Chief Governor turned out to be Yash Nics. The shock of this small group of people seeing Yash Nics was no less than Qiao Keting.

Yash Nics looked at Qiao Keting indifferently: “Yes, it was me.”

“You remember that I was at the gate of the Golden Buddha Temple yesterday. I told you that I did something

wrong and praying to God to worship Buddha would not save you?” Qiao Keting didn’t dare. Looking at Yash Nics with confidence.

He got it.

He finally understood.

No wonder Yash Nics opposed him so confidently. It turned out that Yash Nics was living at home on the surface, but in fact he was like a general governor in the day.

No wonder Yash Nics said yesterday that he would have a break with him today.

He was originally wondering that he was going to be the deputy governor today, why would Yash Nics dare to fight him?

It turns out that Yash Nics is the chief governor!

His heart is sinking in despair.

He understood that today is not an inauguration at all, but a trial meeting for him.

Not only was he not regarded as a deputy governor, nor a hero, but instead he wanted to become a spy of the empire, a sinner of China, and a scum that everyone spurned.

It’s over, it’s all over.

Not only is he in danger, but the family members who used to be proud of themselves will be implicated in the future. They will no longer have the halo of the original heroes’ family members wherever they go. Instead, they will be labelled as traitors’ family members.

Qiao Keting’s body was cold, like an ice cave.

For the first time, he felt that something was more terrifying than death.

Yash Nics said coldly: “According to the national law and military regulations, you were supposed to be sent to a military court for public trial and severely punished.”

“However, thinking about your outstanding military exploits in the military, it was once in the minds of countless people. The hero.”

“It would be too shameful if you were sent to the court to be shot.”

“So, Qiao Keting, your duel with me is still valid.”

“You can choose to fight with me first, and then go to the military court .” ”

Qiao Keting looked at Yash Nics incredulously.

At this time, Yash Nics was still willing to fight him?

He understood that Yash Nics wanted him to die in a duel, not on the field.

And if he dies in a duel, then everyone is dead. It is estimated that he will not be investigated if he is a spy, and he will not be promoted. He may be able to preserve his reputation among the people and avoid the family from being labelled as a traitor family. .

Yash Nics is going to give him a decent way to die!

He looked at Yash Nics and said slowly: “Okay, I will fight you, but since you choose to fight me, I will not be merciful. I may kill you and then commit suicide.”

“So you Fight with me and be aware of being killed by me!”

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