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Chapter 2449: Battle of old and new God of War

scene everyone heard face drastic changes, Qiaoke kiosk this is the story brought to light, know that they will not have any good results, you want to be cornered, viceroy crash and burn with it!

Huang Qian frowned slightly, his eyes showing worry.

What he was worried about was about to happen after all.

Yash Nics regrets that Qiao Keting made a mistake and wants to give Qiao Keting a decent, but Qiao Keting may not appreciate it!

Qiao Keting, who was hit by the huge gap, was obviously ready to die and wanted to pull Yash Nics together!

Huang Qian almost opened his mouth to order the end of the duel.

But after opening his mouth several times, he still didn’t speak.

Now that Yash Nics has been promised, then he should trust Yash Nics and let Yash Nics play!

Huang Qian said this in his heart.

At this moment, Yash Nics and Qiao Keting, who were standing in the middle of the martial arts hall, were ready for a duel.

The commander-in-chief of the Northern Army, Greed Wolf, stepped forward and personally acted as the referee of this duel.

Everyone present is a testimony.

Like before, Yash Nics was still calm and unhurried. He looked at Qiao Keting and beckoned: “Come to fight!”

Qiao Keting met Yash Nics’s determined and warlike eyes. Suddenly, all his negative emotions were lost. All disappeared.

At this moment, there is nothing to do with honor or disgrace, but a duel between two fighters.

Since it is death, then simply enjoy the most hearty battle before you die, at least prove to these people in front of who is the strongest God of War in China.

At this point, Qiao Keting’s eyes also glowed with endless fighting spirit, and the corners of his mouth rose slightly, revealing a strange smile, and slowly said: “Okay, let’s have a good fight.”

After speaking, he lifted his foot and walked towards Yash Nics. The speed seemed to be slow, but he blinked before Yash Nics.

Raising his hand, he blasted towards Yash Nics with a punch.


punch is a measure of you.” Qiao Keting’s fist whizzed towards Yash Nics with the bad wind.

Yash Nics also raised his hand with a punch.


The two fisted, like two meteorites colliding head-on, with a loud explosion.

Where the fists hit, a ring of rippling air shock waves were generated, spreading towards the surroundings.

Everyone was affected by the shock wave, and was instantly smashed.

The elites of the military department, such as Greed Wolf, Liu Zhenping, Wei Lin, Zhao Ruolong, etc., can remain calm and unmoved.

But the gentle and gentle cabinet elders, as well as the ministers, were embarrassed, and they were overthrown to the ground by the blast wave, embarrassed.

Huang Qian was also affected by the shock wave, but Tian Weilong protected Huang Qian in front of him for the first time, steadily blocking the shock wave for Huang Gan, and at the same time in a deep voice instructed the surrounding guards: “Pay attention to protecting the lord of the country, protecting the cabinet elders and ministers. ”


The guards at the scene hurriedly protected Old Ge and the others back away to avoid being affected by the battle between Yash Nics and Qiao Keting again.

Yash Nics and Qiao Keting had a fight against each other, and the result of the fight against each other turned out to be evenly divided.

Qiao Keting sighed and said to himself: “Northern God of War, but you.”

Yash Nics said indifferently: “Gentleman God of War, don’t let me down.”

Qiao Keting said: “I will never let you down, come again.”

After that, he just said. Ready to attack again.

However, Yash Nics suddenly said: “The hall is narrow, you can’t use your hands and feet, and you don’t play happily. Go outside to fight in the martial arts field.” The

martial arts hall is the largest conference hall in the capital.

It is here that the general military leaders hold meetings and talks on weekdays. It is not only magnificent, but also wide, and it has nothing to do with narrowness.

But Yash Nics was still worried about fighting Qiao Keting here, and ruining this martial arts hall when he was able to kill.

So I directly proposed to fight outside.

Qiao Keting didn’t care, and said in a deep voice: “Playing here and playing outside is just changing the place where you died, perfecting you, and going.”

Soon, the two moved outside to the martial arts field.

Huang Qian and others also came out.

Around the martial arts field, there are densely packed tiger soldiers with guns and live ammunition. More than 2,000 fighters surrounded the martial arts field. They looked at Yash Nics and Qiao Keting in the middle of the martial arts field with complicated eyes, and they would witness the victory of the old and new gods of war. .

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