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Chapter 2451: Victory has been divided

“Ah -”

Qiao Keting roared, and his aura rose again.

When his aura reached the highest point, everyone felt that there was a flower in front of him, and behind Qiao Keting a phantom of the dragon’s figure appeared, followed closely, Qiao Keting’s figure suddenly moved and swept towards Yash Nics.

Qiao Keting was flushed and steaming, and when he shot towards Yash Nics, because the speed was too fast, his body brought out layers of shadows, like a flaming dragon rushing towards Yash Nics.


Qiao Keting roared, and blasted Yash Nics with a punch.

Yash Nics, who had been standing still, finally moved at this time, striding out with a punch, shocking the sky.


The fists fought, like two oncoming missiles colliding together, sending out earth-shattering explosions, shaking the mountains.

Dust flying all over the sky!

When the dust fell, Huang Qian and others were shocked to find that the place where Yash Nics and Qiao Keting stood was already a big hole.

Yash Nics and Qiao Keting stood in the center of Dakeng.

Yash Nics’s face was still calm and a little tired. Some careful people also noticed that Yash Nics had injured the back of his right hand and was a little bit bloody.

As for Qiao Keting, it looks much worse than Yash Nics.

The sleeve of Qiao Keting’s right hand is gone, revealing a strong right arm, but the right arm is also twisted into a twisted shape at this time, and it is obvious that the bones of the right arm are all broken.

Moreover, his body also returned to its original appearance, no longer flushed, and his face appeared sickly pale.

No one can see that Qiao Keting’s blood-burning runaway has ended, and it is estimated that the blood in his body has been burned out.

This also means that his life has also come to an end.

Qiao Keting’s aura disappeared, and the vitality in his eyes was constantly disappearing, and his eyes were grayed out.

He looked at Yash Nics. Yash Nics looked young and vigorous, just like the young and energetic himself in more than 20 years.

Looking at Yash Nics, he seemed to see his own past. There was a touch of nostalgia on his face, and he said weakly: “You are stronger than me, and you are in the army. It is a blessing for the people of this country, cough… …”

Qiao Keting said here, and coughed loudly, like a candle in the wind.

Qiao Keting also seemed to know that he was going to do it, and continued with difficulty: “China is now facing a huge test…You must beware of the S8 Alliance…Go and don’t let them… ”

Qiao Keting hadn’t finished speaking, the vitality in his eyes had completely disappeared, his body was tilted, and he fell to the ground and died.

Yash Nics frowned and looked at Qiao Keting’s body on the ground. What did this guy mean by these last words?

Is it good for people to die?

And what does he mean to beware of the S8 alliance? Is it that behind all of this is the Eight-Nation Alliance led by the United States?

Thinking of this, Yash Nics’s expression also became serious.

Things are more complicated than he thought. Behind the Qiao Keting incident, the driving force behind the scenes turned out to be the S8 Alliance.

At this time, Huang Qian and others all came over.

Everyone gathered around Qiao Keting’s corpse, with different expressions.

Some people feel that it is a pity for Qiao Keting, once a hero in the army, now a sinner of the country.

Some people think that Qiao Keting has a guilty death, and abandoning his family and abandoning the country is not a pity to die.

Some people are worried about whether there will be foreign forces behind this incident, and they are also worried about whether this incident will have a serious impact?

Finally, Huang Qian took the lead and asked with concern: “General Governor, are you okay?”

Yash Nics bowed slightly, “Thank you for your concern, I am okay.”

Huang Gan nodded slightly and said, “You are okay. Fortunately, you were originally responsible for Qiao Keting, so you are responsible to the end and handle the aftermath properly. In principle, you should not cause bad social impact.”

Yash Nics said: “Yes, the subordinates understand.”

Huang Gan looked at Elder Ge . The minister and others said indifferently: “Okay, let’s all go away. Note that today’s matter is confidential, and no one can disclose it to the outside.”

Everyone said in unison: “Yes!”

Soon, people who are not from the military department. , Leave in an orderly manner.

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